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  • Would this be a successful business?

    I've got this idea for a business. A pawn shop/ liquor store situated in the ghetto with me operating it behind a layer of bullet proof glass. People would come and sell their stuff and they would go right next door to buy liquor. I would then get rid of their stuff quickly by putting it up on craigslist. How's that for an idea?

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  • You might be a nihilist if...?

    We are not something 'in' nature but an inseparable and integral part of it. A person's genetics and upbringing determine his behavior in life. Man is completely a product of his environment. Free will is a persistent illusion caused by ignorance of the underlying causes that determine our actions. We are not special, no better or worse than ants crawling along a sidewalk. Man denies the reality of death by harboring delusions of immortality. We have no priveleged place in the universe. We are here entirely by chance and our existence is balanced on the edge of a knife. Get over it and get used it. This is life.


  • What exactly is Spinoza's God?

    I'm somewhat familiar with the concept of Spinoza's God but I've gotten mixed interpretations of it. I've heard Spinoza identify God with Nature but at the same time denied God as being synonymous with the universe. His reasoning was that Nature has two sides, Natura Naturans (the active, self-causing, creative aspect of nature) and Natura Naturata (the passive, effected, created aspect of nature). God is Natura Naturans and the universe is Natura Naturata. So it sounds like 'God' is the eternal, infinite, animating 'force' behind the universe, which is quite different than saying God is the universe. Any thoughts as to which interpretation is most likely the case Spinoza held?

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  • Are the laws of nature the 'DNA' of the universe?

    I recently looked into Lee Smolin's Fecund Universe theory and it basically states that the big bang was a white hole formed by a black hole in an older parent universe. A universe reproduces by forming black holes which creates baby universes with each of them having slightly different physical constants. Just as the DNA of an organism determines what kind of organism it will become, so do the inherited physical constants determine what kind of universe will be produced and only universes having physical constants permitting the existence of black holes will be able to reproduce. So Natural selection would apply at the cosmic scale of sorts. Why hasn't this theory caught on with the scientific community and does it contradict any known laws of physics?

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  • Can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

    I'm trying to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. I'm a 5'10 21 year old male weighing 170lbs. If I go on a diet of 1800 calories a day while taking protein shakes at the same time (two shakes a day 540 of my 1800 calories) while doing weight training, will I lose fat and build muscle at the same time?

    p.s. I also take a multivitamin each day to help.

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  • Why doesn't Cecil know any white magic? (Final Fantasy IV: After Years)?

    I'm playing through the Complete Collection version of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years on the PSP and I'm to the part where I just got Cecil as a playable character. I just landed on the moon and realized he can't use any white magic because he doesn't know any and he's level 40! By that level he should know all the white magic he can learn and he doesn't know a single spell. I checked his abilities and it does indeed have white magic as one of them. Can anyone shed any light on this issue?

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