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  • Why can't India ever win Olympic medals (1 or 2 don't count): isn't it a national disgrace?

    It's a national disaster that India, a country of one billion people with numerous sports talents, can't win more than one or two medals in the Olympics. Even since I was a young boy growing up in Calcutta, my friends and I dreamed of an Indian rise in the sports arena, only to be thrown into gloom and despair every four years. That saga is still on, thanks to India's corrupt and inefficient political and sports administrators and rampant bossism and patriarchy. It's no jinx that India can't win Olympics medals: it's the ruling class that's responsible for it. India has no lack of talents in sports, games and athletics; even way back in the fifties and sixties, India had produced scores of individuals and teams that got many medals in field hockey, and nearly got medals in football (soccer), middle-distance running or wrestling. It's about time Indian rulers be stripped off their power and money so that they don't get to use the scant resources of a largely poor country to take the lavish trips to Olympic villages; it's time sports administrations in India be freed of political coteries and handed over to independent, honest and dedicated personalities and groups. I want to see India get rid of its stupid misuse of billions of dollars in cricket and rise as an international sports nation. Success in sports and games reflect the character of a nation's youth; India's youth must come out of its opium of Bollywood and Wall Street-dictated lifestyle and entertainment, and find some moral fiber for itself.

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  • Why is Kolkata spelt wrongly in this category?

    The old British spelling is Calcutta; the new and correct spelling would be Kolkata. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks.

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  • Why does U.S. media forget to connect the war costs with a broken economy?

    The Bush-Cheney govt. already spent nearly a trillion dollars on this horrific, brutal war. The U.S. economy is broken and in recession. Ordinary people are losing their jobs, houses and health care. However, big media like CNN (and of course, Fox) conveniently forget to show the direct connections between the two. Why?

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  • Is Barack Obama's "race in America" speech this week truly historic?

    Barack Obama's eloquent and major speech this week on race relations in America is being discussed across America. New York Times and other major media have eulogized it. Is it a speech that would leave a long-lasting mark in American history?

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  • Can the black and immigrant communties work together for race and class harmony in America?

    Barack Obama's phenomenal rise and his powerful message of race harmony and bridge-building have swayed the young Americans. However, even though their struggles are very similar, working-class Latinos have so far shown hesitation to work together with their black brothers and sisters. Could Latinos and other immigrants work together with black Americans in the coming days?

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  • Is Richardson's endorsement of Obama going to bring in the Latino votes?

    Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico today endorsed Sen. Barack Obama. Considering how popular Richardson is in the Latino community, could this be a watershed moment to sway the Hispanic-American voters in Obama's favor?

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  • Is media playing the race card against Obama?

    Wasn't the Rev. Wright episode a display of media's purposeful playing of the race card against Obama? I'd think, if the mainstream media was truly neutral, in the same breath, they'd mention the Hillary camp's "Red Phone" ad.

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