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  • Hard disk read failure on computer?

    How do I fix this. I have an older laptop which does not have a cd drive. When I start it up it says: hard disk read failure, no bootable devices, strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for set up utility. Hitting F1 displays the same message. I know I need to reinstall Windows according to this:

    But I don't have a cd drive so......I don't know how to do that.

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  • What kind of colleges will I be able to get into? (name some)?

    So I don't have a very helpful guidance counselor. I am a junior in high school this year and I take 4 AP and honors classes, normal math, and orcestra. Freshman year I did very poorly (gpa was 2.7), sophomore year I did much better and raised my gpa to a 3.5. This year I'm defnitely aiming to bring it up to atleast a 3.8.

    For ECs,

    In orcestra I will be first chair this year and next year.

    I participate in a youth group.

    I have been part of a charity club since freshman year and plan to run for a leadership position when I'm a senior.

    I won a state award for a piece of literature this year.

    and this summer I plan to volenteer abroad working in an orphanage.

    I know my extra curriculars aren't as stacked as they should be for a top school as well as the fact that I don't do sports, and my gpa is average, but if I do very well on the SATS can I hope for something higher than a state school?

    Also, can you name I school I might be able to get into?

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  • Does Colorado College have a bad reputation?

    Today I told my mom that I wanted to look at Colorado College as my top choice school, but she immediately put me down and said it had a reputation as a school for "rich flunkies who couldn't get in anywhere better." Is this true?

    I was attracted to the college for the block plan, beautiful location, and generally hearing good things about the education and people. I take AP and honors classes with about a 3.5 gpa and have a love of the outdoors so I thought it would be a good fit.

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  • Typed in email address wrong when signing up fpr an account and now can't access account. Help?

    I must have typed in gmaik or .con or something by accident. The site requres you to sign in using your email address.What should I do?

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  • How would you describe this color to a hair stylist?

    I'm not a fan of Lindsay Lohan but I loved her natural hair color.

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  • Will I have any chance at these colleges?

    I screwed up my freshman year. REALLY bad, I'm talking about a 2.2 GPA....yeah.

    Anyways, I am a sophomore now and working really hard, I've mostly A's this year and B+s in math and English. I have a 3.6 gpa unweighted and a 3.9 weighted. I know its still not high enough for were I want to go to college.

    I am taking honors English, history, and Latin and advanced math and biology.

    Next year I am taking AP Lit, history, and Latin; honors chemistry; and advanced math. I already have 55 hours of volunteering and I am working on a housing project 5 weeks this summer. As for extra curricular activities, I play the piano and the trumpet in the school band (I will be receiving a leadership position next year), play on the soccer team, and I am part of the student action club.

    The schools I am interested in are: Pomona College (reach, first choice), Oberlin, Skidmore, Ithaca, or McGill ( super reach). I also have safety schools picked out but I really want to make it at one of these. Sorry that was really long.

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  • Why am I so sad about seniors graduating?

    I am a sophomore in high school but this year have become friends with a quite a few seniors and juniors, and whenever I think about them graduating I feel really sad. Its like, I don't want to be a senior because once I am finally old enough they will all already in college and all the underclassmen are so young. I don't know.

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  • Will I look stupid wearing this out and about?

    As a normal shirt with a white nike hat just while doing errands and stuff? I own these shirts to work out in but I like how they feel.

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  • Can you gain weight by over indulging one day?

    I had a LOT of sweets today. Normally I have about 1500 cals of healthy food but today I had about 3000. I went for a 30 minute jog in the morning but that was before I had all that junk food. I feel really gross, how much weight did I gain today? :(

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  • What is so bad about letting your cat outside?

    First let me clarify:

    I live on a very safe island with a low population. There are no busy roads, and when there are cars in tourist season they have to drive really slow because of all the stupid.

    I know there's concern about people who steal cats and try to poison them, but honestly I'm positive there has been no kind of incident like this where I live.

    I don't see what is wrong with keeping my cat outside. There's no wild animals that would hurt him. Whats wrong with this?

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  • Why do I feel this way?

    So there was this guy I met last Thursday (a friend of a friend) and ever since I met him I've had this weird feeling in my stomach and can't stop thinking about him.....why? I wasn't attracted to him in person.

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  • Can I skip honors and go straight from advanced to AP?

    Hi, I'm a junior in high school and right now I'm taking math at the advanced level, but we do all the same stuff as honors, we are just like a week behind them! I want to take AP next year so I won't have to take introductory courses in college, but do you think it is a bad idea to skip a difficulty level?

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  • I Over indulged on junk food for a whole week!?

    I can't seem to help myself, I got really weird cravings this weeks (like a pregnant woman but its impossible for me to be pregnant because I'm a virgin) and I consumed about 500 extra calories per day! I didn't exercise either because I was feeling sick. How can I go back to my normal diet without these cravings and how long will it take to lose the wieght I must have gained?

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  • Christmas vs. Hanukkah?

    My mom is Jewish and my Dad is Christian so my family celebrates both the holidays. I'm currently in a friendly argument with my sister about which holiday is more fun. What are you opinions?

    (Please don't call me racist or whatever because I celebrate both these holidays and I know that they are of different religions and yadda yadda, its all in the name of fun.)

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  • Is it bad to use sparknotes if...?

    I read them along with the text, after every chapter I compare my notes with the sparknotes and make sure I am understanding everything? I use them in addition to the book, not in replacement of so will my teacher get mad?

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  • How do you feel about dog breeding?

    What's you opinion about this?

    I think that people get purbreds as only a status symbol or because they want puppies. Its a shame that shelter dogs are so overlooked because some of them are such great dogs! I also understand that some breeders are very experienced, but I just don't agree with breeding.

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  • My best friend gets everything, how do I stop being jealous?

    She's way prettier than I am and all the guys like her, but she's kind of shallow and wouldn't consider to give them the time of day, she gets better grades and recognitions, is a varsity athlete, etc.

    I feel bad being so jealous of her, but its hard to hear her talk about all these things when she doesn't realize how lucky she is.

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  • How can i remember advanced language to use in an in school essay?

    I have to write one for an application tomorrow in under 60 minutes, and my vocabulary is always too simple!

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  • Help, Firefox keeps opening everything I click in a new window!?

    Also whenever I click the address bar it highlights where I click and is hard to move around. But most importantly how to I stop firefox from opening EVERYTHING in new windows? I already have the options turned to using tabs but it still uses windows.

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