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I'm 16, a sophomore in high school, I love anime, reading, writing (stories and poetry), drawing, watching funny movies, and animals. I'm currently learning French and would love to learn Japanese. I'm just on here to help people and spread my opinion, and maybe get some answers to things that confuse me.

  • Roasting pecans for a pecan pie?

    I have a recipe for baking pecan pie from a class I was taking, so I thought I'd bake one for Thanksgiving to help my mom out. The recipe calls for toasted pecans, but has no recipe for actually toasting them. Does anyone know one?

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  • Why do women freak out over spiders but men play it cool?

    I know this isn't always the case, but why is it that women tend to get all freaked out (myself included, of course), but men usually could care less and will kill them without too much concern? Is there some sort of reason, or is it just the way things are?

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  • What to put on a job resume?

    I'm trying to apply for a job at a local video store, but they're only accepting resumes, and I have no idea what to put on it. Any suggestions or advice?

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  • Need a poem for a school project?

    I am doing a school project in which I must record myself reading a poem and then do a video based on it. It needs to be realistic (as I need to film it all today and had few resources available for really fancy things) and school appropriate. Please, no song lyrics, no emo poems, and nothing extremely long. Thank you!

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  • Need to select a poem for a school project. Suggestions welcome.?

    I am doing a school project in which I must record myself reading a poem and then do a video based on it. It needs to be realistic (as I need to film it all today and had few resources available for really fancy things) and school appropriate. Please, no song lyrics, no emo poems, and nothing extremely long. Thank you!

    4 AnswersPoetry1 decade ago
  • What would be the best song to put a video about shoes to?

    For a Multimedia project, so school appropriate. A little cursing is ok.

    Name and artist please, and a link to a video would be nice

    Thanks! :)

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  • What degree do you have to get to become a paleontologist?

    What degree is required exactly to become a paleontologist? Are there any schools in Washington state that have such degrees?

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  • Can someone please look over this and make sure it makes sense? It's in French.?

    I have to write a eulogy for Vercingétorix for a class. Can someone who knows French well please look over this and make sure I got all my tenses right and such? Thanks.

    Vercingétorix a été un héroïque chef de Gaule. Il a dirigé les guierriers contre les legions romane. Il a voulu liberate pour les Gaulois. Et Jules César, le meutrier, il a capturé Vercingétorix et est fait le chef un prisonnier! Vercingétorix sera exécuté, mais il a été un martyr pour les français, et li ne sera pas oublier.

    This is what I wanted it to say:

    Vercingétorix was a heroic chief of Gaul. Il directed warriors against the Roman legions. He wanted liberty for the Gauls. And Julius Caesar, the murderer, he captured Vercingétorix et made the chief his prisoner! Vercingétorix was executed, but he was a martyr for the French, and he will not be forgotten.

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  • What is paloma?

    I've heard mention of it in a couple of songs. What is it?

    9 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Having trouble getting programs uninstalled on my computer it uses windows vista?

    My computer is fairly new and came with windows vista installed on it, and it also came with the HP games console. I use the HP games fairly regularly, but I can't find the games I download to uninstall them. If I hover my cursor over the programs on the start menu it tells me the file location but when I open up the folder where they're supposed to be they're not in there. I've also tried opening up the list where you can uninstall programs but they're not on that either. It's like they don't even exist! They're taking up a lot of space on my computer and I'm fairly desperate to get them off at this point. Does anyone have any clue as to how to get them off? I would really really appreciate it!

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  • Need help with a school project if you are a fan of fantasy please read?

    As part of a school project, I need people to fill out a survey I created. This is only for people who enjoy reading fantasy books, so if you don't enjoy the genre please don't fill it out. Thank you to anyone who completes it.

    Fantasy Book Survey

    My name is Sid. I created this survey for a school project, and for a school project only. Names will not be asked for, nor will any private information. These results will only be used in class. Please fill out all required fields.



    * Education Level:

    *Field of Study (current career or aspiring career):

    *Non-required field

    1. Why do you enjoy reading fantasy?

    2. What do you look for when you’re trying to find a new book?

    3. What is your favorite fantasy book/series (name and author please)?

    4. Why is it your favorite?

    Thank you for completing the survey.

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  • Does anyone know the lyrics to this song?

    Does anyone know the lyrics to the song "Steve the Egg" from Dave the Barbarian?

    12 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • Help with French homework please?

    Could someone please translate these sentences for me? I would be very grateful!

    Tous les voyageurs montaient en voiture munis de quoi?

    Qu'est-ce qu'on partageait?

    Comment est-ce que les passagers faisaient connaissance?

    8 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • Having some major pain, want to know if it's something to worry about?

    I keep getting a sharp pain in my chest, towards the right side, like someone's stuck a knife in me. It only hurts about once every ten-twenty minutes, and seems to intensify when I lean over. Also, slight pain in my joints on my right arm, but I'm pretty sure that pain is being caused by a medical condition I already have. If anyone could tell me what's wrong or if it's serious enough that I should go to the emergency room, I'd be very grateful.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • Can anyone tell me what the name of this song is?

    Youtube thumbnail

    a warning: if anyone is in the middle of watching the anime scrapped princess, this video contains spoilers for the series.

    if anyone recognizes the background music for this, could you please tell me the name and artist? thanks.

    2 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Have you ever had a near-death experience?

    I've had two. The scariest one was when I was out in the woods behind a family friend's house with her daughter and my little sister. We were several hundred yards away from the house, playing in an old barn, when I heard a puma growl. All I could think about were all those horror stories of people who were killed by pumas. The weird part about it was that I was ready to kill myself if it meant saving the girls. Luckily, I kept calm enough to walk back to the house as fast as i could with the girls in front of me because the growl had come from behind us. we all ended up ok. in the end, i'm not positive if we were ever in any danger, but i'm pretty sure it was a close call.

    what about all you people out there? ever had an experience where you just barely escaped with your life, or at least felt like you could have died?

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  • How do you beat someone at chess when they can predict your next move?

    I asked this in my science class and got some pretty funny answers.

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  • How to make fake elf ears?

    For Halloween, me and a friend are going as characters from WoW. she's going as a night-elf, and I'm going as a troll. how can we make, cheaply at home, some realistic pointy ears?

    6 AnswersHalloween1 decade ago
  • Biology Project?

    I have a biology project that I'm having trouble researching. I have to present a diagram and short explanation of a pig and a pigeon's integumentary system. Any links or facts that anyone has would be very much appreciated.

    2 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • Girls, a laundry problem?

    What's a good way to get blood out of underwear? My dad is the laundry expert in my house, and I'm embarrassed to ask him.

    13 AnswersCleaning & Laundry1 decade ago