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  • How to make money selling fish in Alaska (Fairbanks)(Anchorage)?

    I was wondering... I have a very large casting net, wade gear, and all the equipment I would need to clean and store fish. Those massive rivers have loads and loads of all types of salmon and other various fish life. I know I can catch 100 at least a day with the cast net. So... how would I sell them and where.


    I have a CDL and Oil and Gas experience but not the slightest clue where and what the most reliable jobs are. Im renting a small dry cabin in Fairbanks and need to find ways to self sustain. Via employment or selling fish/games maybe? Help me out.

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  • How do I get an entry level job on gas/ oil wells.?

    I live in wheeling WV and there are tons and tons and tons of well droplets working around this area from all over. I live super close to pa and oh. I need to find out.

    1. What kind of requirements for entry level job.

    2. Where to apply and how?

    3. Do I need any certificates or pre training on my own?

    4. Who do I contact about getting the training and how to be directed to job openings.

    Any help?

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  • Intestinal pain with no end?

    I have stomach/ intestinal pain right in the center. Comes around every five minutes and lasts ten seconds. Very sharp pain then dissolves and returns. A little history... I had an appendectomy 2 years ago. Also I just moved back from Mexico after living there one and a half years. Tried eating tons of veggies along with coffee intake and several several ounces of water with no poo movement and my urine smells awful. No insurance yet and looking for fast answers. Had this for about five months and getting worse. Need details maybe for herbal teas, non painful colon detox, or just general to your proper knowledge diagnostic and or possible diseases it could be. Not sure if parasites can cause this amount of pain or what. Please help and be respectful as this is frightening me as the days pass with the pain growing.

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • How do I find my birth parents?

    I am 23 years old now. I have already went to college, lived in another country, and joined the US Navy. I chased my dream as a musician all the way to Mexico City from nothing and I feel I need to know what my background was. I want to know if I am Russian, English, German. I want to know if my father was a great song writer or a pill addict. I want to know if my mother was a broadway dancer or a stripper. I have accomplished so much at 23 and I feel I need to know... why me? Is there any information out there without going through the lawyers and the money? I know, I know.. probably not. Even if so, what are the steps. Don't tell me it is impossible or make some crazy rude joke. It is a bit of a sensitive subject. And though I may not know you, can see you, or will ever meet you. Please have some "internet" respect and give me some good advice. If not, please go answer some other questions. Thanks for any input.

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  • How and where can I sign up to work/ volunteer overseas so I can travel and learn other cultures.?

    I heard about house sitting and couch surfing and things like that. But I want to be able to work. I want to do things like go to Europe and work on farms and go to live with tribes and really experience other cultures so I can stop consuming this bull turkey news and racism that the American society feeds to me. I'm 23. I live in Mexico City right now. I don't have much money. How can I go about this. And please respond only if you truly know, don't just google an answer for me, you think I haven't done that myself??? Come on people, I need some help!

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  • Pinched nerve in lower back, and out of my country...?

    Ok... So I live in Mexico City. No health insurance because everyone pays in cash here at the time of the visit to the doctor. I am an American. I have a pinched nerve caused by a bulging disk in my lower back. The pain goes from my lower right side of my back all the way to my foot. I can not sleep, crap, sit, stand, nothing. It is the worst pain I have ever felt. What can I do? Should I go back to America for a surgery? Or will the pain just go away on it's own eventually? I have had the pain for 2 years and it gradually gets worse as it comes and goes. I need some really good ideas here. Oh, and I can not stretch because the nerve hurts 10 times worse when I do. Is there ANYTHING I CAN DO!!!????

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  • Why am I sick all the time and how do I stop it. I moved to Mexico City from the USA 3 weeks ago?

    I am always really sick. After every meal, even after I drink bottled water I have diaria, and I literally **** out water. Anything I eat or drink, it is a disaster. How long does it take to adjust to the food and what the hell can I do to stop these stomach problems!!!

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