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  • if a medical abortion fails...?

    i'm doing research for my health occupations class on the topic of abortions.

    i have read that if a medical abortion fails, the woman will need a surgical abortion.

    my question is, if the medical abortion fails, does the surgical abortion cost extra? or is it kind of a courtesy service?

    if you could site your information it would be much appreciated!

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  • lots of sex, clear semen?

    My boyfriend and i went on a sex binge friday and saturday. we probably had sex about 5 times each day, give or take a couple. i noticed that the first time he came, his semen was white, as you would expect. but the more we had sex, and the more times he came, his semen was getting clearer and clearer until it looked like (this might sound odd but its a good visual...) used bath water. clear, but not crystal clear. i've researched it and got a ton of different answers.

    does it mean that he was still ejaculating but there was less and less sperm in his semen? was the amount of sperm the same compared to the white semen? your answer will help a lot!

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  • somebody that can identify spiders?

    i live in oregon and when i was outside i saw an odd spider above my garage door. its like nothing ive ever seen!!

    it had the body like an earwig, long and skinny with the little pincher things at the end but had long thicker legs like a wolf spider. it was a little bigger than a quarter size, i would say. it was a lightish brown but i didnt get a picture of it. im terrified of spiders so i just threw rocks at it lol

    but if someone could help me with this it would be great. im curious since ive never seen it before and i wanna know if theyre common and if theyre harmful at all.

    oh and if it helps, the two front legs seemed to attach right at the sides of where its "face" would be. like someone pulled the body back a little. i can only describe it as, when u scrunch ur shoulders up around ur neck and u look like u have no neck i guess.

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  • anyone that lives in oregon.?

    so i heard about this haunted corn maze in junction city and i wanted to go with all my friends. its about an hour from where i live, which isnt bad, and it sounded like fun. but the price ended up being 15 dollars. if all my friends that wanted to go and i went to this, it would cost us $150 combined. and i think thats a bit pricey.

    so i googled and searched and looked, but all the places i came up with are either too far away (portland) or dont seem any good (nightmare factory in salem)

    so if anyone that lives in oregon has gone to a haunted house or corn maze or festival for halloween that was good and pretty cheap i would love to know. please dont search stuff and just list off random places that u find online, ive probably heard of it cuz i looked for hours.

    i live in Sweet Home oregon so it would really help if it was under an hour and a half away. THANKS GUYS!!!

    1 AnswerAmusement Parks1 decade ago
  • primer alternatives? are there any?

    heyy so i have a makeup question.

    ive heard of primers and primer potions for face and lid and i was wondering if theres anything i can use that will give the same affect. something like lotion or a different makeup? i cant go to mac or anything like that so if i can get it at walmart, that would be fantastic.


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  • girls could i get ur opinion?

    so my boyfriend and i had sex last night. we used a condom but it broke (he didnt ejaculate) but he said there was precum in it when it broke. i know precum has sperm in it so i got a little worried and im going to get the Plan B pill tomorrow and get on birth control this weekend. i know i shouldve been on birth control in the first place but things happened before my appointment.

    i want to know the chances of getting pregnant from precum and how effective the pill is two days later. please, no rude comments about how im irresponsible and how i shouldnt need to use this pill. theres a reason the pill was made and i dont need negativity right now. thank u:)

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  • when i go to the coraline website it wont load!!?

    when i go to the coraline website i get the initial page where it has the three DVD options. but when i click the "enter site" tab at the top, the screen just goes black and nothin shows up!! i dont have a crappy computer or connection, my friend has a really slow computer and it worked on hers. why wont it work?? its starting to piss me off!

    if theres anything i can do, just let me know:)

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