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I'm 17, and on my way to a career as a Firefighter-Paramedic. I'm starting off as an EMT and moving toward my Paramedic license, but truly can't wait to join the Fire Service. I love helping people and this site is a great way to see how we can all be a community and help each other. :)

  • Firefighters and police officers: Why do you do it?

    I've been asked more times than I can count why I want to do this job; why risk your own life for someone you don't even know? Why go into a career where you're constantly involved in the worst twenty minutes of someone's life? Why deal with the academy, and the drills, and the superiors that aren't doing the job for the right reasons and treat you and your crew like pawns in a board game?

    Well... I know my answer; but something in my mind just really wants to know from those of you out there who are doing this work shift in and shift out, why do /you/ do it? What about fighting fires, or treating a shooting victim, or working the beat, makes you so passionate about the job that you do?

    This question goes out to all first responders. Police officers, SWAT teams, EMTs and paramedics, firefighters, all of you. Why do you do it?

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  • Comic Books... Where to start?

    I've never read any comics before, but I really want to start, I think it'd be awesome - I was just curious, for a new comics reader, where should I start? I'm really interested in the classic Superhero/Justice League type comics :3 Just wasn't sure which authors or titles were the best place to start.. Thanks guys :)

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  • What other words can I use to replace "said"?

    I'm a novelist, and I've always found myself to be an action/dialogue writer, more than over-the-top descriptions and things of that nature. That being said, my biggest challenge has always been to find other ways to end a quotation (i.e. "This is ridiculous," he muttered.)

    These are the ones I use regularly, if you could help me find other words to use, I'd be crazy grateful!!

    (p.s. I write in present tense)

    says, breathes, whispers, mutters, murmurs, mumbles, cries, shouts, huffs, grumbles, groans, chuckles, laughs, scoffs, whimpers, states, commands, tells...

    That's all I can think of, thanks for your help guys! :)

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  • How Can I Fight Writer's Block?

    I've been a writer as long as I can remember, but my motivation is always dreadfully low. I have a novel I've been working on for about six months, and I'm really happy with where it's gone thus far, but I'm having a hard time coming up with fillers between events and legitimate dialogue for my characters that doesn't come across as cheesy or unrelated to the plot. How do I continue writing without being affected by writer's block?

    Thank you so much for your help! :)

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