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  • Does anyone else think that Yahoo has really screwed up Answers with the new format?

    It seems that everything Yahoo does to try to improve is a step backwards. No wonder Google has taken the lead!

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • What do you think of Yahoo questions?

    I keep looking at the questions being asked on this site and it seems to me that just about all of them could be answered with a simple google search. With that being said, why are we wasting our time to look up and answer questions when the person asking the question is too lazy to do it themselves? And, what percent of the questions asked have any relevence, IE I just saw a question wanting to know how much stuff cost in NYC? How in the world can anyone answer that. And, why does Yahoo allow those kind of questions to be posted.

    6 AnswersYahoo Answers9 years ago
  • Has anyone had any luck getting a room upgrade at Hedonism II?

    Due to cost, I booked the gardenview room on the prude side. This will be my 4th trip to Hedo. Has anyone had any success getting upgraded? Thanks for your input.

    2 AnswersJamaica9 years ago
  • Does anyone else think that Yahoo Answers is a waste?

    I would bet that 90% of the questions asked on this site could be easily answered themselves by doing a simple search on the internet with Yahoo or Google. Yet, the same questions appear over and over again. How far is it? and What should I eat? are two of the annoying questions on here. Are people too lazy to actually look up something themselves? Or is this simply a playground for kids?

    8 AnswersYahoo Answers9 years ago
  • question about Club Ambiance in Jamaica?

    I am considering a trip to Club Ambiance next week. As a single male I am wondering if this would be a good choice. It looks like it would be a pretty good party place but thought it may not be much fun if there were no other singles there. I have read all the reviews on Trip Advisor and other sites but there is no mention of the "single" aspect of the resort. I would appreciate your responses and any advise you may want to share. Thanks

    4 AnswersJamaica10 years ago
  • What do you think is the most rediculous question you have seen on Answers?

    How many times have you seen, Denny's or IHOP, McDonalds or Burger King? Should I move here or there? How far is it to? Over and over again! What should I get for lunch? What do you think?

    6 AnswersYahoo Answers10 years ago
  • I am looking for an outside bar in Houston that allows smoking?

    I will be traveling to downtown Houston this weekend and would like to find a bar that permits smoking. I was hoping that there would be an outside bar close to the convention center. Thanks!

    4 AnswersHouston1 decade ago
  • Caliente Resort Tampa information?

    I am planning a visit to this resort on a Sunday and Monday March 28 and 29. One, will there be many people there on a Sunday evening, is the entire resort including the sports bar nude, and will there be any swingers visiting? And, is it worth it to stay again on Monday night? Thanks!

    3 AnswersOther - United States1 decade ago
  • Why are so many people here obsessed with Subway?

    II seems that there are more questions here regarding Subway than about anything else. Maybe Yahoo should put in a special category just for Subway. What is really interesting is the number of redundant questions. It would be different if Subway was at least decent. Their product is junk. The quality is horrible. And they even smell bad.

    21 AnswersFast Food1 decade ago