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  • Barely scratched skin now scarred?

    My leg was itchy so I scratched it a few times. Now the skin is darker than my normal skin color. I'm not sure it this darker skin will naturally go away. What's wrong? How do I make the scar /darkened skin go away?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions7 years ago
  • nose piercing skin growing inside?

    i got a nostril piercing about 1mo ago. I noticed skin growing around the base of my piercing inside of my nose. the jewelry the piercing studio put in is surgical steel and is a flat back labret stud. it doesn't hurt or anything. it doesn't have any pus in it. what do you think this is? Will it get worse? if not Ill just leave it but if you guys think otherwise please let me know!

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  • oxidation-reduction reaction? (redox)?

    Decide whether each chemical reaction in the table is an oxidation-reduction ("redox") reaction. if the reaction is a redox reaction, write down the formula of the reducing agent and the oxidizing agent for the reaction.

    Na₂Co₃ + H₃PO₄ → Na₂HPO₄ + CO₂ + H₂O

    2Fe + 3NiCl₂ → 2FeCl₃ + 3Ni

    3O₂ + 4Fe → 2Fe₂O₃

    2 AnswersChemistry9 years ago
  • Help with chemical formula! Cr(OH)x?

    An unknown compound has the following chemical formula:


    where x stands for a whole number.

    Measurements also show that a certain sample of the unknown compound contains 3.7 mols of oxygen and 1.22 of chromium.

    Write the complete chemical formula for the unknown compound.

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  • Calculate volume in mL?

    calculate the volume in mL of 1.27mol/L nickel (II) chloride solution that contains 435.mml of nickel (II) chloride (NiCl₂). Round your answer to 3 significant digits.

    2 AnswersChemistry9 years ago
  • Pain in shin, ankle, knee?

    I recently started lacrosse and thats where things started to go down hill for me. Well first i had knee pain on the inside of my knee (the medial collateral ligament) then it started to go away. When i started the season my knee hurt again and i started wearing a brace. the pain went away but almost immediatlely after my shin hurt in the same leg (left). then i got hit with a lacrosse ball in my right shin (it left no bruise but caused swelling) and all of the sudden i had shin pain- it hurt like shin splints and now both shins hurt during and after practice or whenever i have to bend my knee- going down stairs is torture because when i bend my knee a pain goes up to my shins. I noticed if after practice i have been sitting for a while my ankles stiffen up too. Lastly! i was bending down to grab something on the floor (i bent my knees all the way) then my ankle just gave out and i got a sharp pain on the inside of my ankle and up the inside of my leg. It hurt so bad but it died down after about 1 min. or so. Every time i bend my knee (therefore causing my ankle to do all the work) it hurts- not as sharp but its about 1/4 the pain of the first time. i dont know whats wrong! Are all of them connected in some way?

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  • 5 feet tall. about 95 lbs. need to loose about 10 lbs. how?

    Ok so i am pretty short but am sorta chubby looking . i dont work out much. i do volleyball one a week for 1.5 hours. then shop over the weekend :). I wanna loose some lbs. im worried if i eat too much i will get fat, and too less, i will gain because of starvation mode. what is the right amount of calories for me?

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  • convince to get a naval piercing?

    HEY. i am 16 right now. born in december. dont u think i am old enough to get a belly button ring. they are so cute! not goth or hott. i want mine t be cute. my mom wont let me get one! and how do i persuade her to let me get one now. and not next year. but now. lol im so demanding but i have been waiting forever it seems :) any ideas on how to convince?

    4 AnswersOther - Skin & Body1 decade ago
  • Carrer in film making. Depends on salary and if am involved with actors?

    I want to be a producer or something in the film industry. Do the producers interact w/ the actors on a daily basis? I want a job that pays enough for me to live very comfortably single (Don't want to depend on a man). Is it hard to be successful in the industry? And on average how much money would i make per year if i were in between successful and a complete failure?

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  • Shave teeth?

    My teeth are straight across and dull.... i want my two front teeth to be a bit bigger. How much will it cost to pay to shave the two teeth to the side of my 2 front teeth?

    This is how my teeth are:

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