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  • Legal question about embezzlement.?

    My wife and co-worker work for the public school system in Oklahoma. They are doing a series of fundraisers to benefit a group of kids for a competition out of state.

    They purchased various snack items that they have been selling after school for the past few weeks. The initial start-up money was their own personal money. After a day or so of selling they were able to pay themselves back.

    As the products have sold out they have been using the profit money to purchase more to sell. They have kept receipts showing purchases from profit as well as personal.

    No money has ever been deposited or withdrawn from any bank account, personal or school fund. There was an issue with a different fundraiser that they were not a part of and where the money went from that event. Questions have been asked about how to handle the situation and they were informed today that what they have been doing is a form of embezzlement.

    Is It?

    I have searched all over the web at varying definitions and types of embezzlement and they all seem to be agreeable on the point that the money in their possession must have been used for personal use to be considered embezzlement. Furthermore, The money never was actually in a school fund which suggests that the fundraiser is still going on and they have every right to use the funds to purchase products to continue it.

    Please help if you can!


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  • Need help with steering problem on suburban.?

    I have a 99 GMC Suburban. 4x4. Has recently started steering oddly. You know how you sort of "turn" the wheel when you are driving straight to keep the vehicle in line. Sometimes more than others depending on your alignment. My alignment is fine but my truck does need a little guidance. Recently I have noticed that when I slightly turn the wheel it feels as though the steering catches and gives a much harder turn than anticipated. Goes either way, left or right. Has led to some pretty tense moments on the road as it can go away at times only to return when I least expect it. Any ideas? Thanks!

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