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  • My 3 week old son sneezes a lot?

    I have noticed my baby who will be 4 weeks old on Friday has always sneezes a lot threw out the day sense we got home from the hospital pretty much. He does not have snot come out or no burgers even and his eyes are not runny or red and he is healthy nothing wrong. Is it normal for them to sneeze a lot at this age? or could this be allergies?.

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  • How long should you bleed after a c section?

    I had a c section on the 22ond of February and at first it was heavey and they told me it should slow down soon and stop soon even and after about two or three days it did slow down and became light but just yesterday I started to bleed really heavy again with big blood clots coming out and also been going threw at least two pads an hour. I also had mild period like cramps last night before bed and had to take a pain med for that. Could this be my period starting already? or is this normal for a c section all most two weeks later?. Any advice on this would be great! And thank you.

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  • Can they really make you wait 42 weeks?

    My due date is this Friday and so far not to much besides small contractions here and there for the last three days and nothing big at all either and me feeling sleepy a lot is all that has been going on for me and I was checked last week and only 1cm and 80% for cervix thinned out. I go to the ob if no baby is here Friday but I am being told they can make you wait up to 42 weeks before the induce! Is this true?. My baby is already a pound over weight has been every ultra sound, I measure a 42 weeks with my belly already I am so full of extra fluid and have been so swollen in my legs, ankles, and feet for weeks now I can barley get around would they would really do this to me? It makes me nervous to think of waiting an extra two weeks!.

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  • 39 weeks pregnant what is this?

    First off sorry if this to much info but I have to explain it to get a good answer. I'm 39 weeks pregnant as of today I went to my doctor yesterday she checked my cervix and said I'm 1cm dilated and 80% thinned out last week I was pretty much the same. She said his head is right there and she can touch it with her fingers so she was poking him in the head a bit trying to get him to do something and scratch up there to get my membrane wall to thin more or water bag to break even but not much happened besides cramps. A few times yesterday when I would use the bathroom I had a mucus like discharge I have not had before kind of looks like snot it had a little bit of blood in it and was a yellowish color and today I had a lot more when I woke up and used the bathroom it has a sweet nasty smell to it as well. Is this my mucus plug? or something I should be worried about?. Thanks to everyone who reads this and answers.

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  • Numbness around my belly button?

    I am 38 weeks pregnant right now and a few weeks ago I noticed around my belly button is was feeling numb a bit and just odd when I touch it ( hard to explain sorry). I asked my doctor about it yesterday she just said "Hmmm could be nerve damage from stomach stretching?" and that was all she really had no clue honestly. Has anyone while pregnant had this happen to them or find out what causes it for real?. I know it is not concern to worry I am just curious about it is all because none of my friends or family who have had babies have this or heard of this before while pregnant and this is my first. Thanks to all that reply if I could pick everyone I would!.

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  • 38 weeks pregnant and have not lost mucus plug yet?

    I was wondering I always hear of woman's mucus plug falling out early and I am 38 weeks right now and still have had nothing happen yet. Is this normal? Will this mean labor will not come soon?. I saw a doctor last week I go once a week now and still not dilated and cervix closed getting checked again today but I feel as tho nothing is different just baby dropped a bit more is all but not much.

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  • 35 weeks pregnant and belly is measuring 42 weeks?

    Okay so I am 35 weeks pregnant right now and I had a check up today and when she measured my belly it is measuring at 42 weeks pregnant!. I have had some extra fluid a bit threw out this pregnancy and I just had a ultra sound on December 27th at the hospital and my baby is in the 70th percent tile he just weighed a lbs more then he is suppose was all but they where not very worried about anything. Today they said I must have a lot of fluid in there right now and all the way from my feet up to my knees have been swollen everyday this week as well. I had blood work taken today and they have me doing a 24 hour urine test to check for that preeclampsia you can get while pregnant I also go Tuesday for a growth ultra sound to make sure the baby is not growing to fast. MY question is is has anyone ever heard or this before or had it happen to them before? And what do they do if he is growing to fast?.

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  • What to do about swelling?

    Hello, I am 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant right now. I know there is going to be some swelling in my ankles and legs which is normal but lately here it is just getting worse and worse the farther along I ago and the more and more uncomfortable I get everyday. Now my feet and ankles swell up so bad even just from sitting around or barley walking around much because that makes it worse of course. What are some things I can do besides putting my feet up?, Is it normal to swell so much even?. I appreciate any advice thank you.

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  • 34 weeks pregnant and not sure whats causing this pain?

    So for the last few days I have been getting really sore in stomach area now today just to walk around is hurting me it hurts down below in my pelvis area and on both my sides. It hurts to bend over, or to sit down it feels like I have to lift my stomach up just to sit or using the bathroom sitting on the toilet is not easy and getting back up hurts sometimes and when Im laying down and move to different sides it hurts. I know he is face down and everything he has been for a few weeks already I had an ultra sound done that showed this and I have had braxton hicks here and there this last few weeks as well but I was in the hospital yesterday with the stomach bug going around and they checked and im closed and not dilated at all so what could be causing this? Just the pressure from his weight down there maybe? If so what can you do to try and get him to move around so it hurts less?. Thanks for your advice.

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  • Cramps at 33 weeks pregnant?

    I am 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant right now I know cramps can be common threw out pregnancy I have had my fair share of them here and there but this was different and thought I would ask about it and see what may be causing it. Yesterday evening around 5 I started to feel like I had to poop really bad but when i tried to it hurt very bad to push so I stopped and went and sat down for a bit to see if it would go away and about 15 minutes later it did go away so I figured maybe just gas. Well an hour later I felt mild cramps coming on like the ones right before a period and got lots of pressure feeling down below I could barley walk for about 10 or 15 minutes and just say down again for a bit til it was gone. I had to go to to work around 7 I work at a place where I stand a lot but am able to sit if needed well after about 20 minutes there I got really bad cramps and my stomach got all tight feeling and I had to keep sitting down at least every 10 mins or so to help ease the pain this went on for the whole night on and off and i did go poop eventually so it can not be anything with that either. Today i feel better but still when i walk around I feel some cramps and that pressure feeling really bad sitting down is not as bad at all so Im wondering could he be on a nerve maybe? I have had leg cramps and that because of that a lot lately but not the cramping and pressure feeling tho any advice would be great thank you!. Sorry so long.

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  • 32 weeks pregnant having a sharp pain in lower belly on left side?

    This started a couple days ago I would just be walking and be fine and then feel a sharp pain in my lower stomach on the left side it feels like someone pinching me and then it would go away and threw out the day at random times would just happen and then go away again so I thought it was a pulling pain or something and let it go. Well it seems to be getting more worse and now it is even while Im sitting or laying down all tho it is still worse when I walk around of course. I have an ultra sound tomorrow so I just wanted to ask people on here if this happened to them at all and what this may be?. Thank you.

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  • Who should I trust? Doctor or my pharmacy technician?

    So as of today I am 31 weeks pregnant, I have had a really bad cough that started a couple days ago and is only getting worse and a runny nose as well. I saw my doctor yesterday she said she thinks it may be a viral infection going around right now so she gave me some amoxicillin to take for two weeks and a list of over the counter meds that are safe to take while pregnant. At the drug store I talked to the pharmacy and showed them the list and they said benadryl which was on my list was not okay at all to take while in your Third trimester and not to do it!. Then it had Robitussin dm for cough that i wanted to get and they said that one is iffy there is no research yet on if it can harm a baby or not and to use at your own choice. So i got the tussin dm and took half a dose in hopes of sleeping better last night it helped a bit too. I am worried about who to trust here tho has anyone had this happen before? and been sick and taken meds like this while pregnant?.

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  • How bad is it to sleep on back while pregnant?

    Im 28 weeks and 4 days pregnant right now and was told by my doctor to try and sleep on my sides only because it is better for me and my baby. I always wake up on my back it is still comfortable to me to sleep that way and no matter how hard I try I wake up that way everyday. My baby is always up higher in my stomach by my ribs and when I do wake up I tend to stretch and it makes my stomach sore and hurt for a bit a little. Is this okay? Will is cause harm to my baby to sleep on my back so much? and if so what can I do to stop it?.

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  • Higher fluid level for being 27 weeks?

    Iam 27 weeks pregnant today and was told when they measured my belly that it is a bit higher then it should be right now and was told the last time I had a ultra sound on the 13th that my fluids are a bit higher then they should be and to keep an eye on it. The doctor told me today they will pay more attention to it from now on and that it could be the sign of infections or something more and it is to early to tell that yet. Has anyone ever had this happen before? and what happened?. Thank you

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  • Does this mean I will end up with Gestational Diabetes ?

    I had an ultra sound today I am 25 weeks and 3 days right now and they said my baby boy is 2lbs and 8 ounces right now which is a bit bigger then average and to be checked out for gestational Diabetes when I am 28 weeks a long which I already have an appotment to do this month already. Has anyone been told this and then everything was okay? I would really like smaller baby but of course as long as he is healthy I do not care. Just wanted to see if anyone has been told this before but everything turned out fine. Thanks

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  • IS this normal for pregnancy?

    I am 23 weeks exact today and I have noticed that my breasts have not hurt or been sore or tender in a few weeks now. It is all most like they just stopped doing what they are suppose to do when you are pregnant and they hurt me really bad for the first couple of months or so and even for awhile after that they where still tender and some what sore to touch but now nothing!. I have always been rather small in that are an A cup does that have anything to do with it maybe?. They did grow a bit maybe to a B cup right now nothing to big tho and the color did change but that is about it. Was just wondering if this is okay I plan to try and breast feed when my baby is born so this has me worried it may effect that.

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  • What size clothes to buy for a baby?

    I will be having my first baby in a few months and we just found out our baby is a Boy! so we bought a few outfits today for him and I got mostly 3 Month's because I heard newborn size does not last long at all really because they grow so fast but what do you all recommend?.

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  • Cyst in baby's brain?

    I am all most 21 weeks will be tomorrow. I had an ultra sound done today for what they call a survey to check on the baby and tell you the sex. I found out I am having a boy so yay to that! :-). But they looked inside his head and she said he has a cyst on the right side of his brain and that she has seen it before and it will probably just go away in time and cause no issues at all and for me not to really worry about it but they have to send me to a hospital for another ultra sound to double check it out. Has anyone had this happen before? Should I be worried?.

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  • What name do you like better?

    I find out today if I have a boy or a girl I already have a boys name ready ( the dad picked it out). But I am stuck between two names for a girl so thought I would just see what people think about them and get some ideas.

    Sophia or Audrey? Middle name Kay or Ann? I may go with Ann my mom's name for the middle name Kay is the dad's mom's middle name but I may lean more towards my mom tho not sure yet.

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  • Is this a sinus infection?

    About 6 years ago I had to have brain surgery done to remove a tumor from my patuitary gland area they went in threw my nasal cavity and broke my sinus wall when they did this. Every since then I have not had a normal cold I do get a stuffy nose even a runny nose at times when I am sick but it does not last very long. I have had issues where every once in awhile I get lots of pressure in my nose pretty bad and it causes headaches and then I feel like I have to blow my nose can even hear stuff in there but nothing comes out no matter how hard I blow!. For days now this has been going on with me and just yesterday (I am sorry this may be tmi and be pretty gross but I have to explain it) I have had bug dark green chunks ( looks like pieces of a green bell pepper) come out of my nose when I blow. I had a lot come out and now my nose feels normal today like nothing happened!. What are these big chunks? Are they normal? Should I be worried? Or maybe just a side effect to my surgery? Or a sinus infection? I really would like some advice if anyone has any clue what this. Thank you!. Oh and I am pregnant right now so I can not take any meds for it so any other things I can do to help when this occurs again would be great!.

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