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  • Facebook malware?

    I opened a virus link by accident a few months ago and now, every time I log into Facebook through my iPhone safari I get “high traffic alerts” which caused google and safari to provide a captcha to prove I’m not a robot and it explains I’m most likely affected by spy or malware. I clear all data and cookies and such from in the settings and have even reset all phone settings. The problem stays away for weeks and as soon as I log into Facebook in my safari, it’s starts all over. How do I get this malware off of my Facebook account? It seems to be attached to it.

    Facebook2 years ago
  • WiFi without an internet provider?

    If I live in a home that no longer has internet, is there something I can buy that can connect to my Xbox so I can still go on Xbox live? I used to have something like this that would plug into my computer for $50/month I’d have internet even though there was no WiFi in my house. I’d like something like this but big enough to support gaming

    3 AnswersXbox2 years ago
  • If I use a shared secured loan from my own savings to buy a car, is it likely to be required to have “full coverage” auto insurance?

    I know it varies per lender. Am I able to spend the loan on anything I want to no questions asked? In this case, a new car.

    7 AnswersInsurance & Registration2 years ago