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I work at a Daycare and I am a part time guidance councilor at a junior high school. I also specialize in cosmetology and I enjoy cooking for my family in the holidays...I love traveling and meeting and helping new people move forward. Any questions email me. :)

  • This Guy, This Girl, Its a problem, What Can I do?Pleaasee, Help me?

    Kay, So...It would be a really long story that I don't feel like typing. So Long story short

    This guy defiantly like is crazy for me, but he keeps flirting with this girl that is so much less prettier then me?...And he like asks me to do a bunch of stuff with him all the time. And I'm starting to think its just for fun, or to make me want him more?...What Can I do to make HIM want me more,...And the flirting with other guys wont work, because then he'll just go back with the other girl. Please help

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  • How Do You Save Skype SnapShots To Your Computer (HELP PLEASE)?


    I was going to make up this Sob Story on How I took a picture of my Grandma on skype before she died of getting hit by a bus. And that was the only picture I had left but, Oh Well, No one would probably answer anyway.,

    But the real reasonn Im asking is, because I want to get back a friend for all the embarressing pictures shes put on of me on facebook. And its to teach her a lesson because I'm really sick of it...Its not like any nudes or innapropriet ones, and its just her making a crazy face with no makeup on. Thanks


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  • Abuse of Arm...Problem!? Help...hurts..alot!!??!?

    Heyyy. Last night my mom came home drunk from a bar wich she usually does. Then she got upset because i spilled a huge juice bottle all over the floor. she started hitting me like she always does, no big deal i honestly dont care anymore?...And she pushed me into a stack of chairs near a stone desk. I hit the desk with my arm. Then a chair leg pierced my arm and it hurt really bad then she grabbed my arm and threw me down in the basement therefore i fell on my arm again.

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  • HELP REALLY IMPORTENT!!! ALL IPOD TOUCH SPECIALIST??!?!?!? my friend forgot her ipod touch password..and she left it at my house by accident!..i rlly want to get it unlocked for her bc its her birthday in a couple days and i wanted 2 give her a 50 DOLLAR itunes card...with the (unlocked ipod touch) i looked up online how to unlock it...and i got the answer but then you have to restore it would erase everything...would it erase everything on my ipod to?....because they are both plugged in to the same computer?...bc i have a ipod nano and she has a ipod touch but her ipod is plugged in and all her stuff is getting will mine!?!? the next time i plug it in!?!?!?

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  • what should i wear for my friday's school dance?

    Ok, so theres a dance on friday...ITs not a fancy dance, just a normal dance...And i was thinking on going to the mall on Thursday with my friends....i rlly need sum outfit ideas

    My style: I am not a priss i absaloootley hate pink!...I'm more punkish and the kinda girl tht u wouldnt wanna mess with...Dark eyeliner and black eyeshawdow kinda im not wearing a cute little frilly skirt and cowboy boots!!

    and fast....a guy who lkes me is gonna b ther and i need to llook awesome cuz i kinda like him 2!!!

    Thank you

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  • Im failing help me!!!...grasshopper specialist!?!??!?!?!?

    Its for science...and im failing sooo badly......i have lke 4 D's and 3 N's...and i despretly need failing science math and laugage arts..and the social studies teacher hates me!!!...i have a whole science paper do 2morrow....

    How are the humans and grasshoppers alike?




    Set up of legs

    Shock absorbing pads on feet


    How are humans and grasshoppers diffrent?

    Spines on legs and feet





    Mouth and Jaws


    please helppp

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    Hey! I have a really bad head ache and i also have a cough. So my head hurts bad enough already and when i cough it uses all my mussles in my head and stuff so it makes it hurt worse. It started yesturday night because i ate so much junk. And i have 2 hockey

    games tomorrow and i have to wake up at 5:30 am. And its HALLOWEEN! and im having a sleepover with all my friends and i dont wanna miss the Hockey Game, Sleepover, or most importently. HALLOWEEN! i have never missed 1 in my entire life!...please help! WHAT CAN I DO TO CURE MY HEADACHE FAST?!?!??!?! HALLOWEEN IS TOMORROW!!!!

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  • halloween question............................?

    If i had to pumpkins, that i freshly picked from my pumpkin patch. One was ab-normaly small and rotten and one was Crazy big and was smooth orange all the way around. And we were going to carve pumpkins for halloween. What if i gave you the small retarded looking one. And i took the big wounderful smooth orange one. And secretly took your pumpkin squashed it and put it in your pillow case while you wern't looking? Wich one of these would you say?

    A. Oh' Dear the mice are at it again!...

    B. I bet it was a accident its alright dude

    C. Um...Why the hell is there squashed pumpkin in my pillow?


    Happy Halloween....


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  • _HaLlOwEeN_CoStUme_>HELP<_what would the spirit of halloween look like?!?!?!?!?

    Hi, Halloween is only like...a week away. And i know what i wanna be. I was thinking the spirit of hallowee...But i have nooo idea what to wear for that. I searched it on google and i got nothing. I looked at the Halloween spirit stores online and there was nothing. I really need something purple, orange, or black. Or something in the range of halloween colors. Wich cuts out pink, and any other brights. I was thinking like, i could where purple and black striped tights and a black poofy skirt. And hang some halloween stuff off my costume. Or i could just tie-die a sheet with purple, orange, and black....I don't know about you but that sounds pretty lame....SO...therefore...HELP ME!!!...i was also thinking i could get stuff from hot topic.

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  • how 2 stop constant crying of a 3 year old?

    Hello. I have a 3 year old little girl that will NOT stop crying. I have tried everything warm milk rocking cuddling. I left her alone and after a hour of crying she stopped then started rolling around and screaming bloody murder in her crib. The neighbors must be worried and might call the police. I don't no what to do I have a 5 year old and 8 year old. I had exsperience before but this one won't stop!!

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    This question might seem weird but i need u 2 answer! I'm partly african american and partly spanish! And i dont get sunburn at all...well easily! I saided in the sun 4 about 2 hours yesturday and i didnt get a sunburn...i need a sunburn bc my sunburns turn into tans...and i need a is there any lke special oil or something tht will bake me?!?! 2 get a really bad sunburn! i desperatly need 1!!!!

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    PLEASE ANSWERS!!!!!! omg! so i got a cast on my leg and its up 2 my knee!!! i first got 1 that wasn't water proof so the plaster stuff was really thick and heavy duty! i cracked that 1 and had to take it off cuz i got a marker stuck in it!....ok so i got a new one this was water proof and sense it has all the padding because of the bubble rap! so they put less bandages around it! so i walk with my little gay-*** boot on my foot that makes me look like a duck and its 4 sizes to big for me!!! and i hear it every once in a goes crack crack crack and it keeps getting chipped! i tryed crutches it still doesn't work it moves around to much because the cast and the boot is WAY to big! then i put hockey tape around it so it wouldn't get dirty or crack even more then it worked it seemed like it worked really good! i just barley tried to pull it off it ripped almost half the bottom of the cast off and now its all sticky i need help! my mom was all ready pissed when i had 2 get my 2nd cast help and fast! i need a way so my cast won't crack!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • How is soda made??????

    Ya, im doing a project 4 school and im doing it on Soda and how to make it and where is it made and where is it most popular....SO i need the ingredeients to make any soda of your choice and i also need the history for soda and like when it was i need all the facts u got!!! so over flow yahoo answers with ur super suicide soda facts!!!

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    Ya, hey i need help on my clothes for my first middle school dance on friday its stressing!!! And i have a leg cast on that almost touches my knee! None of my jeans can fit over it! and all i have left is sweat pants and a really Fancy skirt! i need help and i can't wear like funky tights only if i cut them and i dont think i can go 2 the mall this late HELP!!! NOTHING TO WEAR!!! oh and its not SEMI FORMAL!!! HELP ME QUICK!!!

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  • Does anybody know any websites where i can watch T.V online without it getting fuzzy?

    I know some similar questions have been asked but i went on alllllllll....i mean like all of the sights they have requested and there all fuzzy and you can't even see the faces and there mouths don't match the words!!!! its SO annoying that's the worst thing ever hearing T.V but not seeing it HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

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  • How do you say " My name is" in madagascar? aka malagasy?

    WEll we need it for a project and we looked up madagascar names and we need to know how to say my name is...... in malagasy so answer quick we need it b4 school ends!!!

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  • What is the Mc.donalds Mc.nuggets made out of?

    i herd tht it made out of like chicken that can't lay eggs any more? but lke give detail of like? idk give so answers ppl!!!

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  • Does the country Madagascar have a valuable mineral?

    we are doing a African

    project at our school and i have a partner and we need a answer!!!!!!! so do it quick before we have to go to lunch so hurry up

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    SORRY THE REASON WHY THIS QUESTION IS ON BEAUTY AND STYLE IS BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE THE MOST PEOPLE ANSWER QUESTIONS...............JUST TA LET U NO!!!!OK? so i was just woundering who r ur 3 top people that u think that are going to be in last 3? its for a school project i have to do that data thing...well mine i think r going 2 be.....lil rounds, Anoop and that girl with the really pritty blonde hair with tattos all down her arm i think her names megan she was on a wild card!!!! well anyways plz answer this was do 3 days ago

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