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  • i just had mirena iud removed how long after removal will the side effect i got during it go away?

    i had my iud up in nov. 06 and i had sever cramping and bleeding from the beginning until now i just had it removed tuesday 2 years after insertion i had side effect with the use which included

    54lb in weight gain

    sever acne

    pelvic and lower back pain

    numbness and tingling in the arms and legs sever migraine problems

    i was wondering how long after having the mirena iud removed will my body (with help of diet and exercise) go back to normal?

    will the side effect i got during use ever go away?

    please don't say call your doctor. my symptoms and side effects began shortly after insertion and my doctor didn't want to admit it was causing me side effects.

    i went online to get side effect information and i have about 75% of them .

    please i need all the advise i can get.

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  • i just received a call from my doctor they found abnormal cells (maybe cervical cancer) please help I'm scare?

    i am 20 years old and i had a pap done a couple of weeks ago. my doctor called me and informed me that my test came back showing abnormal cells, she said she was not 100% sure but she found signs of cancer. she didn't specify where or what type but she is sending me to the cancer clinic for a follow up and more tests. I'm really scared and I'm not sure what to do or think i have a few questions if anyone can help......

    ive been having symptoms that include:

    irregular bleeding

    swelling in my abdominal area

    sharp shooting pain

    dizzy and nauseous

    that last time i had a pap was 2 years ago when i had my iud put in

    but if it is cancer what are the chances of me having a baby later?

    if a hysterectomy is needed, would it be safe for me to have a child before the hysterectomy is done?

    any advise from anyone here with any knowledge on cervical or other type of cancers affecting the female reproductive system????

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