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  • Are you more inclined to dislike someone because of the team(s) they root for?

    Such as if you're a Yankees fan, will you find it harder to be friendly with a Red Sox fan because of their allegiance? Red Sox fans, same question, but in reverse.

    I only ask this because I find it weird that you could dislike someone simply because of the team they root for. Now, if they act like jerks, that's a different story.

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  • What's your criteria for "best" fans?

    I ask this because I've repeatedly seen people ask which team has the best fans. To me, best is a very subjective term. When you talk about a team's fan base, what criteria are you using to justify that they're the "best?" Is it the number of fans? Is it their behavior toward their home team? Is it their behavior toward opposing teams? Is it how many fans they attract on the road? Is it their knowledge of the game? Do celebrity fans play a role?

    So tell me, Yahoo! Answers folks. Give me your criteria and then tell me who you think has the best fans. Take it seriously, please, but have fun.

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  • How much does perception of a team's fan base have on your like/dislike of a team?

    I ask this question because there have been a lot of people talking about liking or disliking certain teams because they don't like its fans. You may have met a fan of a certain team and he/she came off like a jerk or a know-it-all or just ruined your game-watching experience. Or maybe he/she was kind, had a knowledge of the game or helped you navigate your way through a stadium. So tell me, in percentage (10%, 50%), how much a team's fans have affected how you view the team.

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  • How would you feel if your favorite team's rival went out of business?

    Just asking for giggles here. Here's an example: Say you're a Yankees fan (like me) and the Red Sox find themselves in major financial problems that will force the team to go out of business at the end of the season. What would be your reaction be? Would you laugh or be happy that your longtime rival is no longer existence? Or would you be upset knowing that a major opponent won't be around to test your team anymore? As for me, I wouldn't want to see it. Rivalry is what helps make sports what it is.

    So, what's your thoughts?

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  • Now that it's over, what's your thoughts on the Yankees-Angels series?

    OK, the Yankees and Angels split the 4-game series (which I thought they would, by the way. And yes, I know the Angels didn't have Torii Hunter and Vlad Guerrero today.).. So, what does this make you think of either team, from a true analysis standpoint, for the rest of the season? For me, the split should give the Yanks some confidence as they hit the road that they can hang with the best of the American League.

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  • Has anyone ever convinced you to switch teams?

    Just putting it out there, mostly because of all the questions about who people should root for and the recent complaints from people claiming to be Red Sox fans who are pondering leaving because of Manny Ramirez being traded.

    I've always rooted for my hometown (New York) teams and will NEVER switch. But I'm interested to know if anyone has ever stared rooting for one team and then been convinced to root for a different squad. If you did switch, what was the clincher and were you totally satisfied with your choice?

    Start it up, folks.

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  • Do you care if your team is hated?

    There's so much talk about teams being the most loved or most hated. I'm a Yankees fan and when I was a kid, it used to bug me that so many people hated the Yankees. Now, I gladly accept it. You know why? Because when your team is hated by other teams fans, that means they're probably doing something good. Like winning. Remember what Reggie Jackson said: "They don't boo nobodies."

    So tell me, Yahoo folks. Do you like it or hate it that your team is hated? Would you like your team to be more hated than liked? Let's hear it.

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  • Give me a comparison: What's it like to root for your favorite team?

    I was going to do this as a general sports question, but I'll point it out to the baseball fans. Give me some form of comparison for what's it like to root for your favorite team.

    Use this format:

    Rooting for the (team here) is like (experience here). Then elaborate on why.

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  • Can you be friends with fans of a rival team?

    I'm a Yankees fan and I have friends who are Red Sox fans. But seeing some people online these days, it seems like some folks can't be friends with people who root for a rival squad, let alone associate with them unless it's work-related. So is it hard for you to be friends with people who root for teams you loathe?

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