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  • What should i get for my birthday?

    I know this is the wrong catagory but nobody has been anwsering my question in the social culture catagory and im sorry.Im a girl and im turing 15 on March 15th.I already have a iphone and ipad.i want a hamster and i did have one 2 years ago but he lived till 3 years. is there anything else but a hamster or clothes ideas? i also am having a small 15 to 20 people party and was also wondering is there any good party themes or ideas also.thank you for you anwsers :).

  • What should i get for my birthday?

    Im turning 15 and im a girl and i dont know what to get for my birthday coming up on March 15th.I already have a iphone and ipad.I want a hamster i had one in the passed but that was 4 years ago and lived for a long time.I dont want a big party just my family and close friends and,if somebody can think of more ideas to get thank you. p.s if someone can think of party themes for the party also that would be great.hope everyone on yahoo anwsers is doing well.

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  • Why dont people comment or like all my status i put on facebook?

    i was one of the first people in school to get a facebook a few years ago and i have less friends then the popular people in school im not a nerd and im not popular im average. when i put some good quotes funny pictures or sayings and cute pictures i never get a comment or a like only my parents give me a like.its just not time i got a like and when i looked back at my status 5 mins later the like was gone.i never be mean or cyber bully in real life in funny caring nice and happy. i know its valentines day but only too of my friends gave me something everyone else go so many roses chocolates and nice things from the boys. everyone also liked the popular kids statuses and i never get any.thanks for your anwsers.

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  • What should i get my dad and mom for valentines day?

    should i get chocolates roses teddybears i dont know.they come home in 45 mins what should i get them for valentines day?

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  • My birthday is coming up and i want a puppy?

    i am going to turn 15 next month and im a responcible dog owner with my family dog we do everything for him and keep him happy but he sometimes gets sad so thats why i want a dog so it can teach me to be more responcible and my family dog is sometimes sad.i am responciple but they sometimes cant trust me but that happens to people all the is my reasons 1..i looked up the bread and reseached it (maltese). 2. my dog should have a friend. 3. i help my family dog and clean some parts of the house. 4. i can sell my ipad and my brother would sell his kindle fire so we can buy the puppy but my mom will not allow it but i think a actual dog is better then a dumb electronic. we have the money buy selling them but i dont know how to tell her i wanted a second dog ever since i was 10. my brother would love the dog to because he is willing to sell the kindle. the kindle is fine to sell but its the ipad my mom said it costed more money. i understand and i research everday since i was 13 and i know all about malteses actually not spoiled my dad and mom devorced and the best thing i got in the past 2 years was the ipad 2.i did alot of work for the past 6 months and my brother wants it to but my moms problem is if we dont walk it. i will before school after school dbefore dinner and before bed that is the same as i walk my family friend and i will train it thats how wrtrainned her dogs and my dog. it only took 3 days to potty train them all and about 2 months to tech then tricks and commands. i know its different for each dog on the level of trainning but we did 3 already. thank you for your anwsers and im sorry if this is so long.

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  • My toe has been hurting for awhile?

    i stubed my toe really bad 2 months ago and it hurt for a week and it still hurts. should i go to the doctor im 14 and when told my mom she said to not worry about it but, isnt my bones still growing.thanks for your anwsers.

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  • Why is people not helping me anwser my questions?

    nobody anwsered my past 3 questions i had what should i do? i know this is the wrong catagory to post this but i dont know what to do.

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  • How much for four tv boxes for verizon fios?

    my family and i are switching to fios tomarrow we want the tv,phone,and internet for the family room,one for my daughter,one for my son, and one for me and my boyfriend. we usually get it for the family room and my boyfriend and i. would it be extra if we switch to fios and get four tv boxes? thanks for your anwsers :)

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  • Why is my moms boyfriend mean to me?

    my mom and him live together in her house and when i came back from school today i knocked and the door in my moms room and it was unlocked which i dident know and i saw my moms boyfriend shirtless with my mom in there.Then he yelled at me and made me cry and said mean things about my dad which came out of random.My mom just did nothing just watching and he cursed at me. My moms boyfriend is a doctor and they make good money and is that the only reason why my mom likes him but my mom is paying most of the bills and does all the food making and that not nice.i dont know because sometimes i feel like my mom is unhappy but sometimes she is happy.he also teases me about my crush and me.he does the same thing to my brother to. thanks for your anwsers.

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  • What type of food should my mom make tonight?

    shes a really good cook but i dont know what she can make tonight we havent decided yet. thanks for your anwsers :)

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  • Why does my dog hump my moms boyfriend?

    He is a bearded collie he is neutered but does he do it for attention or something. We give him so much love everday and walk him alot everyday.I dont know why he would do this and im 14 but he doesnt do that to me or my little brother.Thank you for your anwsers. :)

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  • Why is my little brother so mean to me?

    im 14 and i act nice and never get into fights but my 11 year old brother like wants to be nasty,curses,and hits me.its like he wants to start up with me. he takes photos and videos of me when im sleeping too. my parents think its me that start everything but they say that your old enough bla bla bla etc... but all i fo is tell him to stop in a firm voice but he never listens and does the it was not me act and im tired of it.what should i do and my brother is ADHD but i dont think it makes a difference unless it does please tell me. thanks for your anwsers!!!

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  • Is a maltese the right dog for me?

    im 14 turning 15 on march 15th and there is a fifty fifty chance i might get a puppy for my birthday.Im very responcible and helpful etc. my school day is from 7:30 to 2:30 and i wakeup at 6:00 so i would walk it before and after school and before dinner and before bed. i did my research for 3 months now for the right dog so please tell me is a maltese right for me. thanks for your anwsers. :)

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  • What should i do when im board on a school day?

    i finnish my homework every day around 5:00 or 6:30 but i get so board i usually dont hangout with my friends on school days so,what should i do. all i use is the tv and computer. thanks for your anwsers! :) im 14 just to let you know so people wont say that im to young to be on here but im not.

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  • Jobs for my dad.please help me!?

    Im 14 and my dad got layer off from his union job that paid him 25 to 30 dollars an hour and was a crossing guard in plant that recycles stuff. He's been looking for a job ever since he got layed off in 2010 and is searching and can't find anything. My dad and moms house is also getting foreclosed sometime at the end of this year maybe August or September. So my dad needs a high paid job. My mom is currently living in my dad and moms house and my dad I living in my grandparents house. There devorced. We live half and half at both the house with my mom and my dad at my grandparents. If anybody knows a good job for my dad it will be appreciated. My dad is a nice hardworking man. He had thyroid cancer last february and got over it but it can come back maybe but I doubt it.the doctors doubt it to. I know we are in a bad time to get jobs though. All i need is for our family to be better so we can soon get a appartment eventually.Sorry this was so long and I was telling my life story about my parents. Thanks for your anwsers.

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  • What food should I give my dog for his birthday today?

    Im 14 and its my dogs birthday what food should I give him? I don't want to give him his doggy trees because I want to give him something better because my doggy deserves it for being a good boy.I will deffinatly give him tons of love and attention today. Thanks for your anwsers! :)

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  • What should my mom make for dinner tonight?

    Im 14 and everyday or we sometimes have the same things like pasta,salad,pizza,and chicken. But does anyone know of food that's good that my mom can make for dinner? If possible can you give the recipe and ingredients too. Thank you for your answers :)

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  • Where is a good place for my mom and boyfriend to go on a vacation in March.?

    Im 14 and my mom said Hawaii, Las Vegas, and the Bahamas but I'm just helping them to think of a good place to go for about a week and relax. We live in New York. And is there any other good places to go? Thanks for your anwsers. :)

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  • What should I get my dog for his 6th birthday?

    I don't know what to get him I want to get him some toys and love for his birthday. Do you know what else I should get him.I love him so much but I want to get him stuff to so he can play and enjoy for his birthday. Thank you for your answers. :)

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