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  • Why does the mouse on my laptop lag when I hook it up to my HDTV with an HDMI cable?

    I have a Dell Laptop, and I hook it up to my Samsung HDTV with an HDMI cable to watch Netflix and other things on my computer, but the mouse lag makes it such a pain that I rarely do it because it is a huge hassle.

    I just wanted to know if there was something I could do to fix this. Everything else works fine, web pages load up just as fast as they normally do and everything else appears to work normally except for the mouse.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks7 years ago
  • Why is The Waterboy so heavily censored on cable tv?

    I'm watching The Waterboy on FX right now, and i just can't believe how unnecessarily censored it is. For example in the actual movie they call Bobby needle dick, but on tv they call him needle neck. Another example is when he visualizes the whole offense of a team singing water stinks, when in the actual movie they say water sucks. It just makes no sense to me why this movie is so censored on tv when i have seen more mature content on network tv.

    4 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • Do you think its possible that Soundgarden could be next years Superbowl halftime show?

    I was reading articles recently that think since next years Superbowl will be played in North New Jersey, there might not be a show at all. The weather will most likely be cold and there is always a chance for snow. So planning to have a flashy pop performer of the likes of Beyonce, Madonna, and the Black Eyed Peas with all the lights and complicated stages that come with them may not be the best idea if there's a possibility of bad weather. So if they have a rock group like Soundgarden, I can only imagine the stage would be more simplistic and easier to set up and dismantle

    5 AnswersRock and Pop8 years ago
  • who else hates Cheryl From Curb your Enthusiasm?

    i love this show so much, but i just cannot stand Cheryl, and was wondering if other people felt the same way as i do

    1 AnswerComedy8 years ago
  • how much is a psp 1000 worth?

    its the first generation one, and its not beat up or anything looks like its new

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • is my internet modem broken?

    when i have the modem hooked up to my computer using a usb cable it works fine, but when ever i try to hook it up to either my computer or ps3 with an ethernet cable it just won't work. heres an example when i hook it up to the ps3 it says no IP address can be found. this is becoming very frustrating for me as all i wanna do is be able to play my ps3 online but it simply won't let me do it.

    and when i've tried hooking it up to the computer with ethernet cable i have uninstalled everything pertaining the the modem before hooking up the ethernet cable and i even use the cd that came with the modem to make sure everything gets installed properly but it still won't work and it gives me the same message as the ps3 saying no ip address can be found

    1 AnswerComputer Networking9 years ago
  • how come my cable internet modem will not work with ethernet but will work with usb?

    i am trying to switch over my modem to ethernet so i can hook up a wireless router but it will not let me do it. I'm pretty sure i uninstalled the modem from my computer, hooked up the ethernet cable one end in the modem the other in the computer and the one light started blinking and the other stayed on at the ethernet port on the back of the computer. then when i put in the installation disk in, it says it cannot establish a connection between the computer and the modem. what is going wrong and how can i fix it?

    also when i failed trying to hook up the ethernet i put the usb cable back on thinking i'd have to reinstall the modem but it worked right away and i didn't even need the disc

    2 AnswersComputer Networking9 years ago
  • why does my comcast cable modem only work with usb and not ethernet?

    i keep trying to switch it over to ethernet so i can hook up a wireless modem but it doesn't work

    3 AnswersComputer Networking9 years ago
  • how can i get the piece of my sight that popped off my shotgun?

    i was target shooting my shotgun today and the piece on my sight popped off and i need to get another piece since i have no clue where it went. The sight itself does not need to be taken off the barrel and have a new one put back on. I just need the little piece that slides in it.

    2 AnswersHunting9 years ago
  • problem with facebook?

    i requested somebody like a week ago and i thought they declined my friend request but tonight they showed up on my news feed but it still says i'm not friends with her. Did she accept my request and is there just something weird going on with facebook?

    2 AnswersFacebook9 years ago
  • is it my battery that is starting to go or something else?

    after my car sits all night or for a long period of time and i go to start it, it starts rather hard and you can hear it struggling to start, but if you go to start it again like an hour or so after driving it, then it starts right up with no problem which is why i think it is the battery and not the alternator or starter but i could be wrong

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • what state or states in the USA would be the most likely to leave the union and form their own country?

    i know this isn't a major threat or anything like that just an interesting thing to think about. I think it would be texas with their huge size and population and could most likely be their own country. they were even there own country for a short amount of time in the 1800's.

    4 AnswersGovernment10 years ago
  • is this a good deal for a motorcycle?

    a 1992 suzuki gs500 for $1500, i know it is old but it only has 16,500 miles, has no damage, and everything is still in original stock condition. it looks very nice and wasn't beat to sh&%. i personally think its a pretty good deal

    5 AnswersMotorcycles10 years ago
  • are the Buell Blast and Suzuki GS500 around the same size?

    i am not asking which you think is the better bike i just want to know if they are around the same size thanks

    i know that they both have 500cc engines and that the buell's is a single cylinder while the GS has a 2 cylinder

    8 AnswersMotorcycles10 years ago
  • what all do i have to do to my two old lawnmower tractor's for a scrap yard to take them?

    i have to old lawnmower tractors that no longer work and are just taking up space in my garage and i want them out of there, so i was wondering what all i have to do besides drain all the fluids, get the tires off, and get the plastic off, and the one doesn't even have any plastic on it. so i'm just wondering if i need to do anything else to them before i scrap them

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • are ducati's good, fun, reliable bikes to own?

    i've been looking at the Ducati Monster 696 as my next bike cause i love naked bikes and this one is nice, but i'm not sure since i don't know much about ducati other then that they are italian. I also want to know if i will have to pay more to have stuff done to it at a motorcycle shop since it is italian and a more expensive bike.

    8 AnswersMotorcycles10 years ago
  • would it be easy to convert a Suzuki gs500f sport bike, into a regular 500 naked bike?

    i really like the naked one better but i found a really good deal on the sport one, and was wondering if i could do this without much problem

    2 AnswersMotorcycles10 years ago
  • Do TD bank coin exchange machines in United States, or any other bank charge to use them?

    do these machines take out a percentage of the coins as profit or do they turn 100% of the coins into cash for you. or if you know any other banks that would have this please tell me. thanks

    3 AnswersSmall Business10 years ago
  • will i get back all the money i paid into taxes or just some of it?

    I am 16 and got a job around 6 months ago. since i make under 10,000 dollars a year with this job, does that mean i get the tax money back, and if so how much. thanks

    and also i know i will have to file to get anything back so you don't have to tell me that.

    3 AnswersOther - Taxes10 years ago