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  • Will this fit in my car?

    I'm wanting to get a Sunshine Radian xtsl for my daughter. She's about to hit the max weight for RFing in her Evenflo Triumph. We have a 2004 4door Nissan Maxima. Can anyone tell me if this carseat will fit RFing in my car?

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  • I reallyyyyy need some help.?

    I need help finding a name for our baby. We just found out we are pregnant, and my husband deploys next month and more then likely won't be home in time for the birth. We need to find a name that we both love before then.

    Our last name is Kilby.

    If it's a boy, the middle name will be Joseph.

    It can't start with an A, B, C, K or M.

    Big sister's name is Aaralynn. (AIR-uh-lin)

    We like unusual and different.

    Please help us. Thank you!!

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  • What does your name list look like?

    What does your name list look like? Or what is your favorite name?

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  • What do you think of these?

    I'm trying to start our name list. So would you mind rating my names and making some suggestions? Our last name is Kilby (KIL-be), Thanks.

    Kyler Logan

    Grayson Abel

    Grayson Elliot

    Jayce Cooper

    Griffin Levik

    Griffin Lachlan

    Gavin Joseph

    Talon Joseph

    Morgan Jacquelyn

    Delaney Ryan

    Farrah Piper

    Farrah Danielle

    Harper *can't think of a middle name*

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  • Boy names that start with N.?

    I need an unusual boy names that start with N that would sound nice with the middle name Joseph. And if you can think of any other unusual names that sound good with Joseph, please add those too.

    *Note: Using Joseph as a first name is a no go.*

    19 AnswersBaby Names10 years ago
  • Help me with my list please?

    DH has pretty much shot down my entire name list. :( I starred the names he liked and added a few comments.

    Abel Grayson Kilby - He doesn't like Abel

    *Kyler Logan Kilby*

    Lance Cooper Kilby - He said it reminds him of Lance Corporal.

    Griffin Sirus Kilby - He doesn't like Sirus

    Harper Brooklyn Kilby

    Morgan Jacquelyn Kilby

    *Delaney Ryan Kilby*

    Farrah Leigh Kilby - He doesn't like Leigh.

    We have a two year old daughter named Aaralynn Dakota Kilby. If you can either give me some new names or combos that would be great. Thanks.

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  • Should have been a hooah.....?

    Does anyone know what the name of the YouTube video is where it's four Marines in the desert singing about the Army? They sing, I should've been a Hooah then say something the Army as easier then the Marines. It's so funny. And I can't find it.

    **I'm not wanting to start a branch debate. I just want to find the video.**

    Thank you.

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  • Is it possible that I could ovulate right away?

    My husband and I decided to start trying for another baby. I was on birth control pills. I stopped taking them 8 days before my "period pills". Is it possible that I can ovulate right away? Or will I ovulate 14 days after the start of my period like your "supposed"?

    3 AnswersTrying to Conceive10 years ago
  • A sibling for Aaralynn.?

    We are currently TTC #2. I need some more names to add to our list. We have a few combos and some single names. Will you let me know what ones you like and suggest some more please?

    Our last name is Kilby (Kil-be).


    Abel Grayson

    Kyler Logan





    Delaney Ryan

    Harper Brooklyn



    7 AnswersBaby Names10 years ago
  • Sell me on your diet supplement.?

    I'm thinking of trying DecaSlim. They have a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. But I want to know what everyone else uses and likes. Also is there anything you recommend staying away from?


    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness10 years ago
  • Help!! My dog ate a.......?

    Shatterproof Christmas ornament. It was one of the mini one. It's about the size of a 25 cent gumball. What should I do?

    5 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • How do I fix my toilet? Help please!?

    My hall bathroom toilet won't flush right. When I flush it it just fills ALL the way up and then slowly drains out. It takes like 30-40 minutes to drain. The toilet paper doesn't go down either. It just sticks to the sides of the bowl. Anyone have any advice? I'd rather not call a plumber if I don't have to.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • Rate my name list please.?

    Rate My List.

    Abel Grayson Kilby

    Kyler Logan Kilby

    Lance Cooper Kilby

    Griffin Sirus Kilby

    Harper Brooklyn Kilby

    Morgan Jacquelyn Kilby

    Delaney Ryan Kilby

    Farrah Leigh Kilby

    The first names are set in stone, but you can suggest new middle names.

    12 AnswersBaby Names10 years ago
  • Cranberry Pancakes. Help?

    My family loves pancakes with add ins. Is there a way to use cranberry sauce to make cranberry pancakes? Anyone with a recipe?


    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes10 years ago
  • Help, I need more names.?

    I need boy and girl names. My husband and I like different names, but not crazy names. Just different enough that in school they don't have to go by their first name and last initial. We have a few names but would like a big list.

    Girl first names:



    Girl middle names:




    Boy first names:




    Boy middle names:



    Our last name is Kilby. (Kil-be) Feel free to make names out of our names and to make new names.

    Thank you.

    13 AnswersBaby Names10 years ago
  • Help with charting please.?

    I have no idea where to start. I've heard that you take your temperture and you enter it into the online chart and it tells you when your ovulating. Can someone please help me? What's the best site?

    1 AnswerTrying to Conceive10 years ago
  • Can I use this vacuum?

    Can I use the Bissell 3 in 1 vac with Resolve Deep Clean powder? It's a smallish vacuum, but it has a good amount of power. I just want to make sure I can use my vacuum before I go out and buy the powder.

    Thank you.

    1 AnswerCleaning & Laundry10 years ago
  • I could really use some help.?

    I need help finding middle names for the girl names:








    And the boy name Talon.

    And I need a first name for the middle name Camden (boy).

    Also if you want to suggest more names that would be great too, my husband keeps shooting down all my boy names.

    Their last name will be Kilby.(Kil-be)


    8 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • Wireless internet router.?

    I'm slightly clueless about this. Will this router work with this laptop?



    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • On base vs off base housing.?

    My husband is more than likely getting stationed at MCAS Beaufort. I wanted to know what are some of the differences with living on base vs living off base? What are things you liked about living on base, or off base? And what are some of things you disliked?


    4 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago