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  • Just graduated college this past May, where should I move to?

    I am 22 years old, with a bachelors degree in business with concentrations in marketing and management. I still currently hold a job as a breakfast server at a bed and breakfast because I have yet to fully look for a real full-time job. That is because I want to move away, so incredibly badly. I commuted to college and have lived in this town my whole life (it s in Western Massachusetts). As much as people say it s beautiful here, the town I live in has sucked the life out of many people and the lack of jobs is incredible. I hate the winter season and have always wanted to live somewhere beautiful and warm since I was a kid. I d love to live near a beach and preferably in a town which isn t too crazy. I certainly like a lot of things to do and people around, but I don t think I d ever like a place like Miami, for example. Any suggestions on great places to move to? I m looking for warm weather or mild seasons, close to a beach, affordable living, good job market, and a lot of things to do (shopping, restaurants, cafes, museums, outdoor recreation) anything! I do have a boyfriend who works in construction, in the office field, who would likely relocate with me so an area with jobs for him as well would be ideal. Thanks!!!

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  • Should I consider moving with my boyfriend and my good friend?

    We re all in our early 20s and recent college grads. Me and my good friend desperately want to move out of our current state and somewhere warmer and nicer! We were talking about it for a while and now she s pretty serious about moving somewhere with me. However, I have a boyfriend. One who I ve been with for over 5 years. He s open to moving with me but I m just not sure when he ll be "ready". Here s the dilemma... 1. Should I consider moving with just my friend and then my boyfriend can eventually follow? 2. If my boyfriend did decide to join, how would it be living with my boyfriend and my good friend, 3. Should I just tell my friend I think it s better if me and my boyfriend live alone?

    Personally, I don t mind living with the two of them. I just don t know how the outcome would be. I m a little insecure about my boyfriend living under the same roof as another girl, but I trust him. I d love to live with just my boyfriend! But I also think it d be nice and fun to have my friend there too. Especially for such a big change and exciting time in life. I just don t know what s realistic, what s right, and what I should consider. Obviously no one on here knows me personally or my boyfriend or my friend. But I d like people s inputs. Thanks!!

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  • How is a FMM form supposed to be filled out?

    I have already entered Mexico and am leaving to go back to the US soon. I have the bottom portion of my FMM form still which I know I need to leave Mexico. However, I ve been told different things on how it was supposed to be filled out. I have the flight information as the flight number I took to get into Mexico. But people say it s supposed to be the flight you re taking home. Which is right? Should I leave it as is? Or try to change it to the flight number I m taking home? Thanks!

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  • Do I need the credit card used to book the resort on hand when checking in/out?

    So my boyfriend and I are staying at a resort in Cancun which we booked through Expedia. The payment was on my parent's card, since it was a graduation gift... therefore I'm not paying for it. My concern is needing the credit card used to book the resort on hand when checking in/out. I obviously will not have the card, since it's not mine nor would the names match up. Will this be an issue or will I not need that form of payment with me? And if so, what should I do about it?... Thanks in advance!!

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  • Should I continue being a vegetarian when I'm craving meat often? (Details)?

    So I have been an on and off pescatarian for about a year. I would be full vegetarian, then have just fish, then go back to meat, then back to pescatarian. I just wasn't sure what to do. I haven't had red meat in probably 2 years however. I originally went vegetarian, kind of by mistake, I slowly stopped eating meat unintentionally. Then once I realized how little I was eating I started looking up vegetarianism and decided to do it and allow fish in my diet on occasion. I do not have dairy either, simply because my body doesn't react well to it.

    I cut out meat for two main reasons... The harm animals endure for our consumption of their meat and also the fear of the horomones and harmful chemicals that could be added to animals.

    When I did go back to meat, I'd usually have a bit and then not like it very much. I realized I was lot more picky with meat and I also could only eat small portions. So I thought I just shouldn't eat it anymore. But so often I feel like I'm lacking so much! I crave meat often. I also hate the baggage of going out or to get together and being so limited to what I can eat, if anything. I just don't know what I should do. Anyone been in the same boat? Suggestions to beat these cravings? Should I just incorporate small amounts of organic meat? Help!

    (I eat relatively healthy, and take vitamins and supplements - B6, B12, maca root, and vitamin D)

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  • Which GoPro should I purchase?

    So, I really want a GoPro for my vacation to Cancun this summer! And I am getting really overwhelmed with information. I don t know which to get with all of the different options. If I had a ton of money to spend, I d obviously go with the newest, but that isn t the case. I would not like to spend any more than $200, maybe not even $150... Because I know I will want to buy accessories. I plan on using it throughout the days, so a good battery life is important. We re probably going snorkeling so good underwater image quality is important. I love photography, and have a DSLR camera... but I want to venture with action video, so something good quality, but cheap and accessible! I was originally thinking the original Hero, then was considering the newer Hero Session... Or maybe a Hero3? I have no idea you guys! Please help me figure this out. Information overload over here haha.

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  • What is this lump on my dogs neck?

    I was petting my dog as he was sleeping next to me, and I felt a small lump on his neck/chin area. I took a closer look and it s a weird lump under the skin. I first thought maybe it was a tick under the skin, but I m not sure what that looks like or how to remove it if it were. I attached a picture, slightly bad picture but you can see the lump. Can someone let me know what this could be, or what I should do?

    He s a 14 year old, Rat Terrier.

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  • How do I deal with a mother with depression, OCD, and anxiety?

    This question is a bit deeper than most. Since I was a child my mom has had metal disorders. I always noticed, but they never affected me as directly as they have been lately. For the past few years my mom has developed a new found obsession over, well, me. It's my skin. She is constantly worrying about the quality of my skin. Yes, the skin on my face. Not the quality of my life or my overall happiness, but my skin. She's scheduled me dermatologist meetings, constantly asking me how my skin is, if it's better or if it's worse. I can't buy any new product for my face without her unnecessary input. It's hard to go into detail here, but just know it's been going on for a few years, some moments much worse than others. She's become a person I can't stand to be around, she makes me anxious and miserable. She's such a negative person it's like she eats away at my soul. Mind you, I am 21 years old about to finish college. I commute so I live at home still, but I just NEED to move out. How can I deal with this until I can get out of this house? And how can I make things better in any way overall? She's mom, I'm supposed to love her to death, but I can't stand to even be around her anymore. What can I do? What can she do? She was going to therapy but I don't think she is anymore. It's gotten to the point where I think I need some therapy... Help. I feel like I'm tearing apart, I feel like I'm not the person I want to be because of all of this.

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  • Is this considered animal neglect & can I report it?

    My next door neighbor apparently has a dog, to which I did not even know which already seems strange. For a few weeks when I am home during the day I d hear whining and barking. I was never sure where it was coming from, so I ignored it. Today I heard enough, I went outside to look around and found a dog in my neighbors yard in their fenced in area. He s tied up on a short leash and hardly has room to roam, he has a bowl of water. He whines and barks every ten minutes, there s a small dog house but he s a big dog. The fenced in area has some random debree (large plastic sheets, toys, plastic baskets, etc.) not ideal for a dog I don t think. There is some shade from a tree, but it s 80 degrees out, sunny and humid. I got home at 12 today and have been hearing this since I stepped into my house, he s had to be outside for well over 3+ hours. My heart breaks every time I hear him whining, I want to go over and keep him company so he knows it s okay. What should I do? Am I over exaggerating? Should I make a call? Help!

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  • My new internship for the fall is not getting back to me? What should I do?

    So I took an internship with a local business a few months ago before the summer started. We had two interviews and they told me at the second interview that I got the internship. So we had some email communication back and forth letting them know what my schedule was like and I asked them a few questions for my internship form I needed for school. A few months later, a month before the fall semester starts, I emailed them again. Letting them know my internship was confirmed for credits and I asked what my hours would possibly look like and if I d be working weekends... This is important to me because I would like to still keep my current job that pays me. So they said they d get back to me. About a week or so later, I emailed someone else involved with the internship to ask the same questions, it s been almost two weeks again and I still have not heard back. What should I do?

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  • How can I and should I ask my professor for extra credit and a higher grade?

    So I am currently in an online college course and doing okay in it. I am struggling to do well on the tests but it's hard when all the class is, is tests every week on 3 chapters with 50 questions, and some discussions and assignments, that's it. I am trying to teach myself everything. I currently have an 87 in the course, I know that isn't horrible but I currently hold a 4.0 and do not want to jeopardize that. The thing is, there aren't many students in the course (5-6) and he's already sent out a notice saying people are not keeping up with the tests and assignments. For example, a discussion due almost a week ago has one response, from me. So I'm asking, can I ask my professor for extra credit or a higher grade simply because I seem to be the only one who actually cares and is putting in the time and effort into this course? I do not think it's fair if I get my GPA dropped for trying my hardest in the course, when all the other students aren't even doing the work.

  • Social Media internship with my current job at a Bed & Breakfast?

    So I've had my current job at a Bed & Breakfast for a year now, as a server. I asked my boss about possibly developing an internship doing social media for then because I am in college, majoring in Marketing and I want to get experience in different areas. I scheduled a meeting with one of the inn's owners to discuss this as a possibility... I'm going in there a little knowledgeable. I know a lot about social media, but not for business. I am the one who came up with this idea for an internship so I feel as if I should go in there with a pretty good idea of what we should do and such. They have a Facebook, but I think they need to expand their social media reach and update more. Anyone who has done anything with social media for business have any suggestions? Should I go in with a plan? Help...

  • Boyfriend might go skydiving without me?

    So I've wanted to go skydiving for probably as long as I knew what it was. I talked to my boyfriend about it for years and we said how we want to go together. I think it'd be so fun, but we just haven't gotten around to planning it out yet. My boyfriend is off at college, and they are taking a skydiving trip coming up soon. He texted me saying his friend asked him to go, so he was thinking about it. I couldn't help but express a sort of anger. Is it wrong of me to be upset and mad if he were to choose to go skydiving with this friend of his instead of me, even when he knows it's something I've wanted to do with him for the longest time. Is it even wrong that I'm mad he even considered it in the first place?

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  • I've been in a relationship for almost four years now, how do I know if it's right?

    I have been with my current boyfriend since high school, I've had other minor relationships before him but he's my first SERIOUS relationship (as you can tell by length of dating). I love him, I know I do. Just sometimes I have those "what if" thoughts, or wonder if he's the right guy. I want to know if it's normal to think those thoughts and still be in love with someone or if it's not so normal... The thought of leaving him or him leaving me makes me so incredibly sad. I picture a life with him, but at the same time that scares me. I can't tell if I'm more scared of just the idea of getting older and creating my own life, or if it's of a future with him. I truly feel I only get these thoughts and feelings when I am PMSing, which is strange, so it might be hormonal crazy thoughts, I hope aren't real. On most other days when I am not pmsing, I picture myself marrying him and having a life with him. I can get irritated with him, think things he do are annoying, and so on, but what relationship (friends, family, etc.) don't get this way with each other? Basically, I am just asking am I normal to get thoughts and feelings like I get? And is it possible to not feel strongly toward your boyfriend just when you are pmsing? Thanks!

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  • A successful career and happy future seem so far out of reach to me, what am I to do? (please read details)?

    So I am a junior in college, planning to graduate in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and possibly in management as well. As I grow closer to graduating, I still cannot see a future for myself. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I just started my major, since I just got my associate's degree in liberal arts, to get the core courses out of the way and try to figure out what I really wanted to do. Since I just started my major, I'm feeling a bit intimidated for the future. It's just that I wish I had some sort of vision or goals of what I wanted to do! I feel like so many people know exactly what it is that they want to get a career and job doing after school, whether it happens or not is a different story but at least they have a plan. Me on the other hand, I just am going along for the ride I guess. I think I'm just simple and that makes it more difficult, because I just want a job I love, money to live comfortably, live in a nice house with my boyfriend (hopefully husband at some point) and have a family. I have no goals to be this huge marketing manager making 100,000 a year... I just want a happy future.

    Basically, what I am asking on here is how do I feel better about my future? I am just truly terrified not knowing where I want to go... Has anyone been in the same boat and things have worked out well? Or what have you done? I want peoples' stories! I want to know what others have done.

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  • I feel so incredibly alone and down, how do I overcome these feelings? (More details, please answer)?

    I am 20 years old and in college. I feel no matter what path I've chosen it's been the wrong one. I went away to college for a semester, was completely miserable. So I came home to commute to school and still feel miserable (not as bad). My boyfriend is away at school so I only see him on occasional weekends. When my boyfriend isn't around I feel like I have absolutely no one, probably because it's true. I have my parents and grandparents, that's all. My one good friend is away at school, she doesn't have many friends either, just does school and work but I can't see her since she's 3 hours away. My old best friend goes to the same college as me but I never see her, it hurts me so much because she still means so much to me but she hardly wants anything to do with me. She'd rather hang out with her boyfriend and other friends, even when one of those friends has treated me so horribly in the past. When my boyfriend is off at school he has a big group of friends he's always doing stuff with. I think it just gets to me that everyone who means something to me is off doing their own thing and have people to surround them, and I'm just here on Yahoo! Answers complaining about my problems. I don't know what to do to make me feel better about this. I can't make friends easily, I'm not antisocial or anything, I'm just not one to go out of my way to make friends. I'd rather have no friends than fake friends. How do I feel better about all of this? Suggestions? Experience?

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  • Boyfriend is away at school, is it okay that I get jealous when girls are around? (more details given)?

    So my boyfriend and I are both in college, but I commute to class from home and my boyfriend lives at school about two hours away. We've been together for over three years now. He has a group of guy friends who most of them live with him in a townhouse and a few other guys hang as well. But I always get jealous when I know there are girls around... Especially this one girl, who is ALWAYS there. It's just her and she hangs with the guys all the time. I think it bothers me because, A. my boyfriend told me how he hugged her and he felt bad about it (a tight side hug around the waist), and B. because when I went to that college for a semester that used to be me, hanging with the guys all the time. I feel replaced and I feel threatened. Is it wrong for me to get annoyed and jealous that she is always there? Should I just let this all go? How do I get over these feelings of jealousy and annoyance? Ughhh. Help please.

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  • Want to mix up my hair but I'm a little scared and now sure what I should do. Should I try ombre?

    So I've never really done too much to my hair. I have never dyed it, I've only used sun in on occasion to keep it light. I have really long hair, and have always been scared to cut it shorter. I recently had it cut in long layers with the v-shape which I love, it was honestly the biggest change I've done. Now, I'm just bored and want something new and exciting but not REALLY drastic. So I was thinking of doing an ombre look. I've never really wanted to dye my hair nor do I really want to now. But I think ombre can give me a change that I am looking for, and only my ends will really be dyed correct? Basically I'm asking if ombre will be a good idea for me and what type of dying it entails. I have naturally dirty blonde hair. My roots are darker than the rest of my hair already which is why I was hoping a blonde ombre wouldn't cause too much damage and my roots could remain untouched. Help, advice.

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  • Why do I feel so down all of a sudden? I feel as if I could give up on everything.?

    So I just started my junior year at a college 30 minutes away, which I am commuting to. My boyfriend went back off to college two hours away where he has been for the past three years. And ever since I started up classes and my boyfriend left, I have been ABSOLUTELY miserable. I could cry at the drop of a pin. I should be used to my boyfriend being gone by now, but this is just weird. I feel so lonely and I feel like I do nothing with my life. I'm terrified that I'm not going to succeed in college nor after college, or make any friends. Besides my boyfriend and all his friends (who are with him at school), I feel like I don't have many people I click with and can hangout with... Sometimes I question if I should have went away to school with my boyfriend (I was there for a semester as a freshman, but came home) but I don't know if that was the best choice either. I know if my boyfriend were home I would be perfectly content.. I'd still probably be worried about future career stuff but content otherwise. I just don't know what to do with myself. My boyfriend is off at school, claims he misses me, but I know he's with friends, having a good time overall. While I am so completely down and never doing a thing. This is no one's fault but my own, but I don't know why I feel this way and am not different. I don't know what I am overall asking, just for advice perhaps...

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  • Why do I always feel so tired and fatigued?

    I am a 20 year old female, I work around 25-30 hours a week. I wake up at 5:30am on my work days and work only until around 12pm. I typically go to bed around 11pm on work days giving me about 6.5 hours of sleep... But I've been becoming more and more tired causing me to sleep sooner, yet I still feel just as tired if not worse. I don't work long enough to feel this way. I should have energy to do after work, but I do not. I find myself irritable. I have little to no interest in sex anymore. I have no desires to be active. I just want to stay inside and relax or sleep. This just isn't me and I don't like it. For years, I think I've had troubles with fatigue but it seems to be getting worse as I age. I'm too young to feel so out of it! What could this be? How can I try to change it? Just any suggestions would be grand. Is it me or is something else causing this?

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