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  • Why do Muslims and Christians feel that it is their right or responsibility to....?

    tell Jews how they should practice Judaism.Why they feel the need to tell Jews who is and who isnt a true Jew and require Jews to forever define what kind of Judaism practiced.

    3 AnswersIsrael4 years ago
  • What do you think about Abbas's address to the arab league?

    He requested that the arabs bomb "terrorist cells" in Gaza, just like they did in Yemen.

    2 AnswersIsrael6 years ago
  • How do French people about?

    the fact that only about 2 weeks ago your government put forward a decree to recognise a Palestinian state? And just this week thousands of Palestinians took to the streets burning French flags.

    1 AnswerOther - France6 years ago
  • Where is all the crazed media coverage?

    Where are all the Muslims yelling and screaming in the streets of London and Paris about the poor treatment of the Egypt?Egypt is stealing land from the Palestinians, blowing up thousands of homes and the world is quiet.

    Do you agree with what Egypt is doing?

    The silence is deafening.

    12 AnswersIsrael6 years ago
  • Is anyone else on this site feeling saddened?

    I for one, just feel sad about what is happening. I know many of you will just start with the hate speech again, arent you sick of it yet?

    I just read a message from a young man living in Gaza, who is scared and stated how sad he is. He also stated that many in Gaza are well aware of Hamas's tactics and how they are risking all of their lives for their own egos and lust to stay in power, He said that almost everyone he knows there wants Hamas out, but everyone is too afraid of them to do anything.

    Rockets into Israel will not solve anything, and whilst i do believe Israel has the right to retaliate, unfortunately i dont think this offensive will solve anything either. It wont stop the evil that lives there, and until Hamas is out, this is just going to happen over and over again.

    10 AnswersIsrael6 years ago
  • CBS2 60 minutes has just aired a piece about Nazi archives just made public.?

    Up until now the archives were kept secret by Germany, but have now been made pubic. They contain more than 17 million files, including names, photographs, dates of capture and dates of death. Thats 17 million people they killed and kept records of. Horrific!

    And to all those who say the numbers are not correct, in fact there were closer to 8 million jews in these files, not 6 million as originally estimated.

    Still say the holocaust didnt happen??

    6 AnswersIsrael6 years ago
  • Is Hamas taking a leaf out of Arafat's book?

    So there are 50,000 Palestinians in Gaza who are now on strike because Hamas has not paid them for 3 months. They are accusing Hamas leaders of pocketing millions for their own benefit, just like Arafat did, siphoning off funds and hiding it in overseas bank accounts instead of paying them.

    I wonder how long until those in the West Bank will be disenchanted too?

    3 AnswersIsrael6 years ago
  • I own several watches, some cheap some not so cheap.?

    For the past year all of them have stopped at one time or another. I have replaced batteries, but they keep stopping and then starting again some hours or days later. Sometimes when i am wearing them sometimes not.

    If it were one watch, then i would surmise it was faulty but it has happened to all of them.

    Is there any spiritual meaning to this?

    3 AnswersMythology & Folklore7 years ago
  • More about friendships...can you help?

    I know this isnt about marriage, but there are always some great answers here and would be interested to know what you think.

    I have always prided myself on being a good friend. Being there for friends when they need me or ask for my help, in good and bad times.In cant help but have them in mind when i know they are hurting or have a problem and genuinely care. However when the tables were turned ( both of my parents got cancer at the same time and died not far apart and i was caring for them), not one of them was there.

    What i have also noticed over the years is this. If i call my friends and organise to do something, they almost always say yes and we go out and do things or meet up and have fun. BUT, if they have something on they almost never call me and invite me too.Whats that about?

    Someone told me i value friendships too highly. Is that possible? I find that many people demand a good friend but wont give what they demand. From what i can tell, and from my experience over 50 years this is not just the people i choose to be friends with but i would say about 95% of people.

    What do you think?

    3 AnswersMarriage & Divorce7 years ago
  • Can any of you now deny the truth?

    A senior member of Abbas' party Abbas Zaki,has been filmed and then loaded onto the Palestinian Media watch. He said " Any US brokered deal with Israel is just the first stage of Israel's demise.Our organisation's goal is to destroy Israel in stages and any agreement made with Israel will just be the first stage in eradicating Israel altogether."

    So much for the Palestinians wanting peace. Israel would have to be ridiculously stupid to negotiate anything with these people.

    7 AnswersIsrael7 years ago
  • How many of you have seen?

    the French Film "The Intouchables?"It is the highest grossing French Film of all time, based on a true story and really brilliant. So good in fact that they are going to make an American version of it. I implore you to watch the French version first.

    1 AnswerMovies7 years ago
  • Why is this section a competition to see who is right and who is wrong?

    Seems to me that your religious beliefs should be your own personal relationship with god ( or not if you dont believe... thats a belief system too).

    Isnt it time we spent less time trying to convince everyone who doesnt believe the same as us, and more time concentrating on our own actions within our beliefs. At the end of the day not even one of us really knows the "truth". There is so much humans dont know, all we can do is find what works best for each of us and what makes the best sense to each of us. To say we DO know the truth is the epitome of not only arrogance, but stupidity.

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • Negotiation means both parties conceding?

    or giving up something. Israel is freeing Palestinian prisoners and will give up land ( just like they did in Gaza). What will the Palestinians give up?

    If the Palestinians dont give up anything then it cant be called a negotiation.

    14 AnswersIsrael7 years ago
  • Pro Palestinians can you explain why?

    the head negotiator for the Palestinians.....Dr Mohammed Shtayyeh has a facebook page that belies the intention of any negotiation other than NO Israel.

    His facebook page shows a map devoid of ANY Israel and states that Palestine will be the entirety of Gaza, The West Bank and Israel.

    This being the case why would Israel want to negotiate?

    13 AnswersIsrael7 years ago
  • Hypothetical question. So, once the Palestinians had Gaza they insisted that ALL jews leave and Abbas?

    has stated that once the west bank is part of a Palestinian state he will insist that ALL jews leave or be kicked out too.

    Why then would it not be fair for all Palestinians be required to leave Israel at the same time?

    I understand that some of you may say that those jews in the west bank that are new settlers should leave.... however not ALL the jews in the west bank are new settlers. What about the thousands who have lived there since before 1948?

    4 AnswersIsrael7 years ago
  • How do i deal with this?

    I live on the west coast of Australia and my brother lives on the east coast.

    His son lives near me, so for the last 15 years about once every six weeks he comes to my city and stays with me at my house.

    My brother and his son are now my ONLY surviving family as our parents and grandparents have passed away.

    I get very upset most times when he comes here as he makes arrangements to go out with old friends ( some of which i know), and doesnt invite me to come. Or he finds ridiculous reasons to go out.... like oh, i need to buy a light globe and take it home with me.

    I have tried discussing this with him. Telling him that we are now such a small family and it would be nice to spend some time together and how hurt i feel. A friend of mine suggested that i make my own arrangements and just go out myself... which of course i can do.... but then i wouldnt even see him in between the comings and goings.

    Am i silly to feel hurt, and should i keep letting him stay with me?

    On the rare occasion i go to his city to visit him, he cannot do enough for me, taking me out and showing me around and organising fun things for us to do. ( this is maybe once every 2 or 3 years).

    Its gotten to the stage where i have nightmares about him coming.

    3 AnswersFamily8 years ago
  • What ancient Palestinian landmarks or religious sites?

    exist in Israel?

    Im talking about pre Islam and Pre Judaism, because the Palestinians are always saying how they were there before jews.

    14 AnswersIsrael8 years ago