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  • Found out a guy I was sexually active with lied about his age, should I be as angry as I am?

    I'm 22, he told me he was 30 (multiple times) but it turns out he's almost 36. We were just good friends who sometimes had sex.

    I feel like I've been slapped in the face, lied to to get into my pants and just overall disgusted. I don't have any issues with age gaps, but 14 years!!!! Is insane for me, it makes me want cry knowing it happened. Am I overreacting or is it fine for me to feel this way?

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  • Idea's for something fun after my uni graduation?

    I'm open to any ideas.. I live in Australia so thinking of buying a camper van and going off for a few months before seeking work.

    I've been working full time along with a full time study load for 4 years so I'm really badly wanting it to be fun, and last a while

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  • Struggling to help my horses itch?

    I live in a humid part of Australia, we've just had 3 weeks of rain and now every type of bitey fly is out and hungry.

    My TB is rugged, fly sprayed daily, has garlic in his daily feed along with linseed oil.. But he's still itchy :( I've been washing him in medicated shampoo and am now at a loss with what else to do?

    My quarter horse receives the same treatment and is totally fine.

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  • How to recover from your horses death?

    I feel it s silly to still be upset - I m 22, I only had him 6 months and he was put to sleep 2 months ago. But he was only 15 and I took such good care of him, but in the end nothing could help him - he was an ex race horse and all the racing he did caused a heart murmur.

    I have a new horse now, who is lovely too, in an equal but different way. But I still cry over Max multiple times a week :( I don t know what to do!

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  • How many horses did you go through till you found the right one?

    I'm so over it! I feel like a lot of people selling on horses aren't genuine and it can be so dangerous. It's just so upsetting..

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  • Name ideas for my grey gelding?

    He's a 17hh Thoroughbred, very sweet and cuddly

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  • Can I ask someone I m seeing this question?

    I m 22, he s 31, we ve been seeing each other for about 2 months. He s open to telling people he likes me and that he s seeing me, he refers to me as his friend in stranger situations.We see each other a few times a week and i have no reason to believe he s seeing anyone else. he s also affectionate in public.

    I d like him to not be seeing other people, is it too soon to ask if he is? I m not pushing for a relationship at the moment, but I strongly dislike sharing someone I m with.

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  • Have feelings for my friend with benefits :(?

    I'm 21 and he's 27, been friends for 8 months, sleeping together for 6. I caught feelings ages ago and so did he but he says he doesn't date.

    I stay over most nights but often it's not sexual.

    It makes me feel so sad to think about not seeing him anymore but should i not be?

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  • Rate my lifestyle 1 - 10 or comment?

    21yro female

    lives with mum and brother

    works 30 hours a week in a gambling club

    full time uni (40hour week) student in criminology

    has 2 horses, 2 cats and a dog

    single but has a friend with benefits

    owns a 4wd

    average day is:

    wake up at 9, leave benefits house at 10 to go ride the horses, home to study till 3pm, work then more study after, back to friend with benefits house repeat. days off are the same but i'd study from morning till late at night with a few breaks

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  • would you continue this?

    I'm 21, been sleeping with a 27yro for 6 months. We're just good friends who sleep together. He's started sleeping with another girl but says he still really wants to continue with me. We've spoken about how we each have a little crush on each other but there's no strong feels there and he's also not interested in relationships anyway.

    I feel like it's quite disgusting to sleep with someone who's sleeping with another, but I'm leaving the state next year so don't want serious. Also, i hate sex with most peoplle but sex with him is amazing and i'm comfortable.. thoughts?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • Found the perfect horse but currently slightly lame..?

    He's exactly what im looking for; a 15yro extremely quiet beginners horse. Price is low, he's taught others to ride, been out to see him multiple times and each time he's perfect.

    I had a vet check on him and she picked up he's very slightly lame in his left front due to a soft frog. It has been raining a lot and has gone on for a while so she said it may just be that he's had no where dry to stand for a few weeks and then got taken on a bigger than he's used to ride the day prior to the vet check.. but obviously it may not be that either, would you risk it?

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  • Friends with benefits help?

    im 21 and he's 27, started out as just friends till he kissed me quite soon into the friendship.

    We never spoke about what the other was looking for or wanting, all i knew was he was:

    non stop messaging me when i went away for 2 weeks,

    adamant about picking me up from the airport and ditching his friends from another state to do so.

    kissing me on the doorstep when i was leaving

    i was hanging out with him and all his mates, he'd be all cute with me infront of them and also infront of strangers

    he fixed my car and helped train my horse

    plus more

    then i brought up valentines day and he said that he had feelings for me but didn't do relationships. i said that's fine, but i didn't want to be sleeping with someone who's sleeping with someone else. he's not though. anyways he said he wasn't down for valentines day.

    on valentines day i was working and he brought in a mass bunch of roses, chocolates and a teddy holding a heart. that night at his he lit a candle and slept with me even though he works crazy long hours during the week so we never have sex till the weekend.

    it's just weird? that he wants nothing but is so relationshipy too

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • is it time to put my cat to sleep?

    She turns 19 this month so she's only awake for about half an hour per day.

    She has no bladder control and so has to live in the bathroom almost always. *Her old owners kept her as a breeding machine making her birth 42 kittens which has caused this, she's been to 3 vets and nothing helps so please no hate comments, i've tried to help her with it*.

    She's only interested in coming out of her bathroom for a few mins before wanting to go back in to sleep again.

    She sleeps so long and deep she'll wet herself and keep sleeping in it.

    She get UTI's all the time, maybe 6 times per year, i take her to the vet each time where she stays the night. *this again is from all the birthings weakening her muscles and letting bacteria in*

    I dont want her to die, i've had her for 12 years and even writing this makes me tear up but i'm worried that she's not enjoying life at all. The vet says she's not in physical pain but i'm worried that she wouldn't be happy at all

    10 AnswersCats3 years ago
  • Does he like me?

    Known him for 4 months, during this time ive been out for dinner with both him alone and also he and his friends, slept over his house 7 times but not always had sex, went swimming with him and his friends and he held me in the water in front of them all, done a bunch more stuff too. Also his friend made a comment of: now i know why he likes you, youre broken. He teases me a lot and messages me all the time but has never once said anything feelings related to me.. im 21 and he's 27.

    Singles & Dating3 years ago
  • Cheap tasty vegan meal ideas?

    I'm not fussy, but preferably easy and quick :)

    14 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan3 years ago
  • Send to trainer or not bother?

    had my 6yro QH x gelding for a year, bought him as a beginner horse which he isn't. He's thrown me and also thrown an excellent rider who now refuses to work with him. I can send him to a trainer for 4 weeks costing $1500 which is a lot for my uni lifestyle but my big question is; is it worth it? as a beginner will i be able to handle a horse who's freshly re-broken??

    Not open to selling him - i'll keep him rideable or not

    5 AnswersHorses3 years ago
  • Said i could never get an abortion and he stopped talking to me?

    I'm not pregnant, and he and I aren't having sex although i know he'd like us to be. He asked me my views on abortion and i said i believe it's fine for people to do it, but i never could. He went on to question me and after my explanation wont talk to me.. all i said was that it's not something i could do. why is that such a problem seeing im NOT PREGNANT!! He's 27 and i'm 21

    2 AnswersPregnancy3 years ago