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  • Help with solving proportions (algebra)?

    I've been trying to find a simple explanation online regarding what to do in a case such as mine, but the videos or instructions don't really help. I would really appreciate someone explaining how to solve a proportion like this : x+4/2 = x-6/5.

    Thank you in advance.

    2 AnswersMathematics7 years ago
  • Ideas for a creative representation of the Holocaust?

    For my English class, we're required to create a project representing the Holocaust. Some examples were a pile of glasses which represented the personal objects the victims had taken away from them, a collage of images and butterflies... Things like that.

    Do you have any ideas which I could build off of? I'm completely stumped.

    2 AnswersHistory8 years ago
  • The idiocy that is iTunes is requiring that I answer security questions- which I made 2 years ago!?

    I made the answer to these stupid questions years ago, now I can't download anything because I don't remember the answers. I've been trying to fix it for the past 30 mins. What do you recommend I do?

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers8 years ago
  • What is "I'm just a dumb bunny, nobody loves me" from?

    I want to say the Peter Rabbit stories, but I'm not sure... I used to watch it as a young child, and I recall it being pretty old. I am not talking about some stupid rap song -_-.

    Please help me out. Thank you

    1 AnswerMovies8 years ago
  • How do these types of compounds exist in nature?

    Ionic, metallic, and covalent.

    "For example, metals exist as tightly bound lattice structures."

    1 AnswerChemistry8 years ago
  • Which is the lesser of two evils(Hermit Crabs)?

    I have two hermit crabs currently, and I am looking to add one more of the little guys to my tank. However, I've been faced with an issue. The two places I can purchase a crab both have serious health issues. Here's what I mean:

    Petco: Crabs have a large tank, proper humidity and heat. They've got both freshwater and saltwater deep enough to walk right into. All are very active and lively....However, all of the crabs are in painted shells.

    Petsmart: The crabs have natural shells. That's pretty much the only positive thing I can say about this living environment... The humidity is DESERT level, and they have no way to walk into their water(which is only freshwater, by the way.) It is a tiny dish that is covered by a sponge, so they have no way of regulating moisture in their shells. They hang around the tank, barely alive. It's absolutely heart breaking.

    I would think about adopting from another owner, but seeing as it is snowing here, I'd be worried about whether they survive the trip.

    So anyway, what do you guys think? Is it better to buy one of the poor Petsmart crabs, or buy a Petco crab and hope it switches to a new shell?

    2 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • Hermit Crab- Molting or Dead? Please help..?

    I just came home to find my hermit crab on half way out of his shell inside of a coconut shell, on the surface. He has eco-earth substrate, which is deep enough for him... How can I tell if he is actually dead?

    He doesn't smell "fishy" as a dead crab is described as.

    He is in a tank with 2 other crab, who don't sleep in the coconut... They spend most of their time in the moss pit. Should I separate him? I don't want to stress him out.

    3 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • Ideas on how to make a second floor for my crabitat?

    I want to make a loft of sort for my hermit crabs without spending the money on overpriced items from pet stores. So do any of you creative yahoo people have any ideas? :)

    Thank you.

    3 AnswersReptiles9 years ago
  • Ipod disabled for 22,191,201 minutes?!?!?

    That's what it says... Can I fix it?

    3 AnswersProgramming & Design9 years ago
  • Need help thinking of something to buy at Gander Mt?

    I got a $100 dollar gift card to gander mountain. I don't know what to buy! This spring I'll be doing some serious camping and also at a campground :P I'm having a mental block for what I need... Soo does anyone have any ideas for what I might need? Thanks...

    3 AnswersCamping9 years ago
  • How can I get another sim to cheat on his wife with me? SIMS3?

    Without adding him to my family... He has a son and wife. I want to have an affair with him >;)

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • Please answer! Sims teens pregnancy and school?

    Is there a way to make teen sim not have to go school in Sims 3? Thanks yall

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • Atheist dating [what you think?]?

    If you were religious, would you date an atheist?

    If you're atheist, would you date a religious person?

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • What do you Guys think about girls that are kinda tall?

    So do you think its weird for a girl to be kind of tall? Like 5' 7"?

    Because I like tall guys.... Do guys like short girls?

    Just wondering ;)

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Who is the guy who plays guitar for Taylor Swift?

    Whats his name? Thankyouu

    2 AnswersCountry9 years ago
  • Why does everybody hate this name?

    I read that everone hates the name Aidan. I don't think its bad...

    Also, what do you think of when you hear Alanna ( Pronounced Ah- lan-na NOT A-lay-na)

    Thanks :)

    14 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • What color/ type of shoes to wear with black and white dress?

    So I'm going to a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday. My dress comes right above my knees and its mosty black with a white... trim thing at the top ( I'm not a fashion person). What color shoes/ what type of shoes do I wear? I'm 5'4" ish and I don't really want to wear heals because I'm taller than most of my friends... So anything would help :) Thanks

    Also, what color nails?

    5 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • Was my Facebook hacked?

    Nobody can write on my wall and I can't see posts on some pages. Could I be hacked and what can I do?

    1 AnswerFacebook9 years ago
  • PLEASE give me answers? I didn't get any last time!?

    My friends bat mitvah is it a week and I don't have a dress. I don't like dressing up at all. So please help me. I'm athletic and not too girly (but not a full on tom-boy). Can somebody please give me links to some dresses?

    - Not too short

    -Not strapless (If possible)

    -Not pink :)

    Thank you!!

    6 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • Questions about the Sims 3 for my phone?

    1 How do I unlock the pawn shop?

    2 Are there any codes/ cheats/ glitches?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games9 years ago