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I'm not afrad of being honest and giving my oppinnion, I try to see the bright side of every situation, and I also wish you all lots of happiness! =*£L3!R@*=

  • What can I do to save my friendship?

    To make a long story short, I had a really good friend but we've recently drifted away, mostly because I figured out that se was always putting me down and making me feel like crap... anyways.

    The point is, while we were still pretty close, I introduced her to some of my friends, and she became great friends with them too! But lately our "mutual" friends have been ignoring me quite a bit and I can't help but think she has something to do with it.

    One of my friends, let's call him Joe, has been seeing her a lot, I know that for a fact. It's his choice, I don't mind, but I DO mind that he never told me about it. I don't even know the extent of their relationship. It just bothers me that he would suddently hide things from me and stop talking to me when we used to be really good friends!

    I really want to save our friendship, what should I do?

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  • If you were an animal, what would you be? Why?

    Just a fun question, easy points! Let's see who is the most original... I'll choose a best answer! Have fun!

    As for me, I'd probably be a parrot. For obvious reasons. hahaha...

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  • Has anyone else had a pretty big surgery at a young age?

    Before I turned 18, I had a huge cyst in my abdomen, and it was so big they had to remove it by surgery and I satyed in the hospital for a week. I'm well over it now, and I didin't end up having cancer or anything, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and wanted to share it...

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  • What to do about nozy parents and an un-oficially broken friendship?

    Me and my (former) best friend have sort of parted ways. A little incident, graduation, both our changing personalities... well we don't really hang out anymore, which I'm fine with. A little happy, even. But what gets annoying are my parents always asking me why I won't invite her to this, or "why dont you ask (HER) to come with us?" and I'm trying to give them the hint, but they don't take it. And the thing is, if I tell them clean and clear, theyll question me all bout it and gossip and such... grr. Other problem, my brother is best friends with hers, and both our parents are friends, and they WILL talk, and the regression of our friendship isnt really official, even though we havent spoken in a month (its the summer holidays, after all) but I really want to avoid another fight, and her telling me im talking about her behind her back... but I also want my parents to stop bugging me about it. What do I do?

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  • Que faire de mes cheveux?

    Mes cheveux mesurent environs 70cm si pas plus. Je les aime longs, mais en même temps, j'ai toujours voulu les conner pour un de ces programmes qui fait de perruques pour les femmes atteintes de cancer. Mais juste à l'idée de me séparer de mes cheveux, je panique. Je suis prète à le faire, mais je n,ai aucune idéd de quelle coupe de cheveux courts m'irait bien! Je ne veut pas prendre le risque de me retrouver avec une coupe de cheveux qui ne me fait pas du tout! À l'aide!

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  • Que faire si on aime le chum de sa meilleure amie?

    Bien, moi et deux de mes meilleures amies semblons avoir un faible pour le chum de mon autre meilleura amie. Je sais qu'il n'est pas interressé à aucune de nous, et je ne voudrais pour rien au monde les séparer. Comment puis-je igorer mes sentiments?

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  • Le chum de ma meilleure amie semble l'avoir changée.?

    Ma meilleure amie sort avec ce gars super depuis environs 8 mois, et ils sont le couple parfait. Ils se respectent, ne s'abusent pas et les adultes les adorent. Par contre, depuis, j'ai l'impression de ne plus la connaître. Peut-être c'est parce qu.elle passe de moins en moins de temps avec moi et semble m'ignorer... Je ne veut pas qu'ils cassent, car ils sont bien ensemble, mais je suis tannée d'essayer d'agir comme si de rien n'étais. J'ai l'impression de ne plus être aussi importante ou digne d'attentiuon à ses yeux. Le problème, c'est que je lui ai déja dit, et nous nous sommes "réconciliées" car elle a promis de faire plus attention à moi. Mais rien ne semble avoir changé depuis! Je n'ai aucune idée quoi faire. Je vous en supplie, dites-moi ce que vous en pensez!

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