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  • What would be a good inexpensive "treat" to include with my B2B direct mail packages?

    I have a new startup, we make short online videos that function like informational advertisements and use really sophisticated tools to promote the videos so that potential customers actually watch them.

    I want to start sending brochures to companies in our target market segments (mostly mid sized local businesses and start ups) and I thought it might be a good idea to attatch something with the brochure to entice people at the office to look at what I send them.

    I know that pharmaceutical sales reps do something like this, bringing coffee and breakfast for doctors when they make sales visits.

    What would be a good thing to send in my case? Hint: A lot of the people opening the mail will be women, but not all of them.

  • How do I market to startups?

    I'm with a very early stage start up myself. We create marketing videos for businesses and then promote them on YouTube (with 20 second clips as paid in-stream ads) and we also promote on social media.

    At this point we're going after small businesses with advertising budgets in the thousands, but a lot of more developed start ups seem to have a need for what we do (because I go to their sites and find videos similar to what we do, whether they're promoted or not, all the time.

    I've been cold calling start ups, and what I'm finding is that it's so hard to get a hold of someone who can actually make a decision, or make the case for us to the CEO etc.

    I really want to get these guys too, because I live in LA, and there are hundreds of start ups here that would be ideal customers if I could just get a hold of the right person .

    So what's the best way to get in touch with a start up of say 10 or so employees, and who do you think would be the best type of person to talk to.

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  • Have girls become significantly more picky in the last 10 years or so?

    I feel like they have. It used to be that if a guy made a lot of money, he could pretty much have his pick of women, but nowadays women not only don't depend on men financially, but are doing just as well if not better than even the above average guy.

    There might be other reasons too, but I think women might be pickier these days. What do you think?

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  • Do all big drug dealers get their start robbing another drug dealer?

    You hear it in every song, it's in every movie. Is it pretty much how you get started, or do people actually come up getting fronted and just growing their money?

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  • What does it mean if a girl says she doesn't like guys with 6 packs?

    I just recently conquered one of my long time fitness goals, I got a 6 pack.

    Unfortunately, almost simultaneously, I found out there's a strong contingent of women who actually dislike guys with 6 packs (just based on the 6 pack).

    I know a contingent of girls who all feel this way, they're interested mostly in guys who don't have ripped abs and would prefer a guy without ripped abs. (which is a step further than saying "I don't care if he has a 6 pack or not")

    I'd say these girls are in the minority, but definitely not rare, and certainly less rare than a guy who has an equivalent point of view (i.e. I don't like girls with big boobs)

    Why do some girls not like guys with 6 packs? Is it that they're assuming all guys with 6 packs are "douches" like a 6 pack comes with a stereotype?

    Or is it something else (which is what I'm most curious to find out)?

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  • If I'm flirting with a girl, is it a good idea to compliment what she's wearing?

    Or does this make you look soft because only girls are supposed to talk about clothes.

    If I was going to compliment what a girl is wearing or how she looks in it how should I go about doing it, especially if she's wearing something really revealing, showing a lot of cleavage, or it's like a bikini or something?

    Also, can I compliment a girls makeup, or nails or something like that if it's particularly fancy?

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  • When attracting girls, what do guys do to compensate if they don't think they're very smart?

    It's kind of like how a physically unattractive guy will either go to the gym a lot, or try to be the life of a party.

    Intelligence is important too though. Lets say a not particularly smart guy is interested in a hot girl. Besides keeping his body in tip top shape (which every guy has to do nowadays) what kind of angle would a guy who's not the brightest take?

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  • Is it common for people to develop coping mechanisms after an unexpected pregnancy?

    I find that when people have a kid that isn't planned, especially if it's very inconvenient, they tend to develop some perspectives that would have been unusual before (i.e. my kid is the best thing that happened to me, people who lived like how I used to are bad people, I love being a mom, etc.)

    How much of it is people falling in love with their kid and completely changing their perspective on life (like how adults do when they fall in love with eachother)

    And how much of it is just realizing a part of themselves is officially dead, and emotionally coping with it via denial, safety obsession, anxious avoidance, etc.

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  • What do you say a to an overweight/thickish girl to turn her on (especially if she's insecure)?

    I like thick curvy women, but I find a lot of them are kind of insecure about their bodies

    I know it's important to let a girl know you find her body attractive, sexy, whatever before you hook up with her.

    But, I feel like a girls body is a touchy subject if she's anything less than skinny.

    What can I tell a thick/chubby but beautifuly proportioned and pretty faced girl, to convince her I think she's sexy?

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  • How important is the fear of being an old guy who never gets laid to a guys decision to get married?

    I feel like a major reason why guys get married is because they think having a wife is the only way they MIGHT reliably get laid when they're old, or that the girl they'll never be able to attract a girl who's as attractive as the girl they're about to marry (although if they could they'd totally go for it).

    How much truth is there to this? (because there's no way any guy will admit this in real life)

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  • How aware are women of the ways they test men who show interest / get attached to them?

    This is otherwise known as a ****-test. Look it up if you want.

    I know that women find a guy who seems pretty dominant and strong (which is what most women want) they'll keep giving him little verbal tests and evaluating his reaction. These happen in relationships too.

    To what extent are women aware that other women do this and to what extent are women aware that they do this themselves?

    2 AnswersGender Studies7 years ago
  • Do men really get more attractive with age?

    Maybe this was true in the past but does this still hold up?

    Let's even assume here that a guy who's in really good shape stays in really good shape through his 40s and even 50s. Let's also assume he either maintains his current level of wealth or increases it.

    Is he still going to be as attractive to women say from 20-50?

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  • Do women secretly want to have power over the men they get in relationships with?

    People have this idea of women, that they're these completely pure and innocent creatures, that they can do no wrong and that they just don't have it in them to be authoritarian or dominance-seeking.

    However, when I look at the friendships that ADULT women have with other women though over the last 15 years I've been paying attention, I find that they're just as likely to be manipulative, dominance-seeking, authoritarian and downright ruthless as men.

    I also see women in relationships with men, taking advantage of them basically through guilt (i.e. telling a boyfriend they're a great person, and then revoking great person status when she doesn't get what she wants...or accusing them of being a bad boyfriend because he's not letting her run his life in some way)

    Sometimes I feel like it's not really the trivial little things that they fight their boyfriends over, but instead they're just trying to "smite" their boyfriend's resistance to their attempt at establishing or displaying dominance somehow (usually in a really subversive way, because most women can't physically dominate their boyfriends)

    So is it some type of dominance they want...(because I see women seeking dominance among female friends)?

    And if not, why are relationships with men different

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  • How do I get a function with a for loop and a rolling sum to only print/return the last result?

    So here's what I've got in python

    n = [3, 5, 7]

    def total(n):

    ...count = 0

    ........for i in range(0,len(n)):

    ........count += n[i]

    ........return count


    when I run it with list 'n' I get




    [Finished in 0.0s]

    I guess it prints every time it iterates through the list. How do I get it to only print the last result (which is 15 in this case?)

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design7 years ago
  • Can you remember any popular fiction books, movies or TV series that concerned the conflict in N. Ireland?

    Particularly something more modern, where the conflict was pretty central to the narrative and characters?

    3 AnswersOther - Ireland7 years ago
  • Why did Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatolla Khomeni have a falling out?

    What was the story with that? Is it simply related to what he's done while in office (specifically what) or was it something between the two that existed before?

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  • If you took menstruation out of the equation do women have it easier than men today?

    I'm also talking about in developed countries, not places where women aren't allowed to work and get raped all the time without recourse.

    I'm thining there are more women in the workforce than men, it's easier for women to get dates etc. and if a woman got into real trouble financial or otherwise, it's a lot easier for them to get help (men are expected to just deal with it themselves more often, they don't attract much pity.

    What do you think?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • How do women "test" men they're interested in when they're flirting or on a date.?

    By test I mean say something or do something and then evaluate the guy (i.e. for masculinity or intelligence etc.) based on his response.

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago