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  • How to lose weight with autism/sensitivity to taste?

    My girlfriend is concerned about her weight and body image. The problem is that she is on the autism spectrum and this makes losing weight a lot more complicated. She is an extremely picky eater because she has a hyper-sensitive sense of taste and she really doesn't like many healthy foods because they cause her a lot of distress. She is also scared of trying new things and changing her routine. Currently she does not have a lot of mental energy to do these things either because of underlying depressive symptoms. Are there any autistic people who have managed this? Doe you have any tips?

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  • Help! I've got an important audition and my S.A.D is getting in the way!?

    It's less than a month until this year's round of drama school auditions. I'm applying for RADA, LAMDA and GSMD. I need to learn four speeches because they all want different things and I know three out of four off by heart. The problem is that because of the time of year, my S.A.D has come back and had zapped all of my energy. I really want this but I cannot find an ounce of energy to rehearse and perfect my performance. It has become a vicious cycle and I'm getting more and more stressed and angry at myself because this is the big one I've been waiting for all year and I'm nowhere near ready to go. I've no idea how to get out of this toxic cycle. I know it's down to me but yelling at myself to do it isn't working. I'm actually having nightmares about being there and not knowing my lines now. Help!

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  • Is this weird?

    Kind of a light hearted one, but is it weird that I have a bit of a crush of Jim Morrison even though he's dead?

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  • Any good takeaways open on Christmas Day in London?

    Going away for Christmas. Will be getting takeaway, can't afford to book a table at a restaurant as I'm on a budget and I'm going by myself anyway for some peace. Indian or Chinese will do. Nothing special.

    London2 years ago
  • Are Guildhall School of Music and Drama really nasty during auditions?

    I've applied for three drama schools this year in order of preference:

    1. RADA

    2. Guildhall

    3. LAMDA

    Guildhall is a really good school and I would be happy to study there if I were to be offered a place. But I'm absolutely bricking it. I've heard a few stories saying that the are horrible to you when you audition. There was an entire YouTube video of a girl who went in and they gave her a hard time for having a regional accent (she was from Yorkshire I think, somewhere northern), laughed at her and were generally very rude and stuck up u.til eventually she just walked out because they had made her so uncomfortable. She herself didn't state that it was Guildhall specifically, but the people in the comments said they had the same experience at this particular school. I have heard a couple of people say they really enjoyed their audition there too. So I just wanted to hear some experiences from you guys and if it's true at all.

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  • Need to find a cheap but good Chinese takeaway open on Christmas Day in Dublin?

    Christmas is usually a bad time for me so I'm thinking of spending Christmas Eve - Boxing Day in Dublin. I know a lot of things are closed on the day but I was wondering if there are any good Chinese takeaways open for Christmas dinner? Nothing fancy, just your standard take out you'd get on a weekend. Also are there any pubs open?


    1 AnswerChristmas3 years ago