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  • What Hardware and skills do I need to become a dj?

    Hi i'm 14, I'm very interested in Electronic and Dubstep type music. I'd like to be able to make that kind of music. I'm good with computers and I have used editing software before such as Adobe After Affects. But I've never used any music production software and neither have I used any Dj Boards or Hardware. I'm thinking about getting the Traktor Mk2 maschine board. And hopefully I can get good enough eventually to make that type of music. I've heard a lot of good reviews about the maschine. So, What other hardware would I need to be able to create that kind of music? And whats some good software that I could use. Would I be able to make electronic music with the maschine? Would it be easy for me to learn how to use it and the basics? And maybe later own I could get a Dj Board with the Jog wheels and everything. I can't get every thing all at one time money is tight. But anyway here is the link for the Maschine Mk2. Thanks.

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  • Help Me With Being A YouTube Partner.?

    Hi, i was thinking on Being a YouTube Partner. I would like to make money off my Gaming videos. I was wanting to know if i was to make a let's play Videos or Glitching Tutorial's or just montages in general would i have to have some type of proof of some sort? I may sound Stupid on this but i would like alot of info on how this works and how i could make money without having to get into alot of crap. Thanks.

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  • Audio Spam in Garrys Mod 13?

    Im wanting to be able to play music through my PC while playing garrys mod and spam it through my mic. but every time i do in cuts the audio out and there is no setting for that so help me please

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  • Find a trusted website that sells this product.?

    Hi, there is a mother board i am wanting to buy but i can't find anybody who sells it. if you will try to find a website that sells this mother board Amazon Would be Great. here is the link i did not find a way to purchase it through the website and i have looked for it but i cant tell if it is the right one or not. Thanks.

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