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  • Looking for anyone with surname "Rumsey".?

    Want to trace name back as far as possible and find as many relatives and branches as possible. James Rumsey invented the steamboat. Gary Rumsey was an artist. Would like to know of others. Please e-mail and use Subject: Rumsey. Thank you.

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  • Why not steam-electric hybrid autos?

    Using a small steam engine, which is more efficient, cleaner and simpler than an IC engine, to run an alternator to keep the batteries charged to power the electric motors, solves the problem of short ranges for EV's. It also solves the drawbacks of straight steam power. Water tube boilers do not explode. Thermoelectrics could also generate electricity from the waste heat making it more efficient. It could also use any liquid or gaseous fuel made, reducing dependence on oil.

    The steam engine people feel steam is perfect as is, it's not, and refuse to consider a hybrid. The electric vehicle people feel EV's are perfect, they are not, and refuse to consider a hybrid. The Internal Combustion people are married to Big Oil and their hybdrids are so complex to hold down the normal IC pollution that they break down regularly. Can't afford to build one myself. Anyone interested out there?

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  • The surname is Rumsey, said to date back to a Sir Walter de Romeseigh.?

    May have connection to town of Romsey. I can trade some info on family in US. Would like to correspond with someone with family name who knows something about family history.

    4 AnswersGenealogy1 decade ago