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  • Horrible headaches 1st (normal) day after working graveyard?

    Monday - go to bed 5pm; work 10pm-8am.

    Tuesday - go to bed 9am-1pm; get up/do business/work out/chores between 2-5pm go back to bed 5pm; work 10pm-8am.

    Wednesday-Thursday (same as Tuesday)

    Friday - go to bed just like the other days, except sleep all night with the family instead of going to bed at 5pm I will go to bed at 8pm.

    Saturday, about 10am a HORRID headache sets in that lasts AAALLLL day. I try to integrate into the rest of the world for 3 days but i feel like crappola most of the time, as most days. I seem to function great at night. I feel healthy all the time, and have lots of energy, but functioning during the day even 25 years before *ever* working a graveyard, I just have no energy.

    How can I "beat" this headache? And can anyone else explain anything about this phenomenon?

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  • How do I teach my toddler to come when he is called?

    He will take trash to the garbage 95% of the time when asked.

    He will pick up toys, by their name.

    He will stack pieces of wood that we chop.

    However when we say, "Joseph, come here." He acts like I'm speaking a foreign language. He goes every other way but to us. He's 19 months old - what are some techniques I can use?

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  • Dog Medication Question - Cost of Bowel/Bladder meds?

    My dog has control issues of her bladder and bowel, due to old age. Before we fork over half a paycheck or more for a vet visit, we need to know if it is even feasable to purchase the meds they recommend or make the inevitable "other choice" which I really don't want to think about. In every other way her health is good, but they say the bowels and bladder area always the first to go from what I have been reading. What have you paid and do the meds actually help? How do you buy meds online, since the ads on TV say it's cheaper? Do they have to have a vet's perscription? Any advice in this area would be great.

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  • What parenting advice did you find to be NOT TRUE or totally NOT REALISTIC?

    I feel like a lot of the advice that books and magazines give is misleading, and makes people think they are bad parents when they are really not. What "standard advice" do you really disagree with?

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  • Do you think....?

    That what is predicted in Revalation, about how there is going to be required a mark in the forearm or center of the forhead that you will not be able to buy and sell without? Do you realize they already have created this product (the "Veri-Chip") and mainstream media has discussed it (Newsweek magazine), and it specifically says it will be implanted in the forearm, as a way to hold all your medical records and be used like a debit card? It'll be a product marketed for your "safety."

    Do you believe that in our lifetime a loaf of bread will cost a year's wages?

    I do believe this stuff is happening. Are you doing anything to prepare, such as start a food storage? Would you want a Veri-Chip? Have you read much about this?

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  • You know what someone should invent, as far as carseats?

    With gas prices the way they are, lots of people are going back to smaller cars. We have one son and want more kids. And the back seat has three seat belts, but holds a max of two carseats. Someone ought to invent a double or triple carseat to bridge that unused gap, so THREE kids can actually sit in the back. Especially now that booster seats are required up until age twelve. That is an awful long time to bear a gas-guzzling van, and such a seat could possibly be made very safe, with modifications to the original car's seat by the manufacturer. Would you buy such an item? How could we get the carseat manufacturers to create such an item?

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  • Do you think.... (about breastfeeding)?

    I see how women blast each other here on yanswers for their "choice" not to breastfeed, on another y question ("I'm not a breastfeeding nazi but..."), however, I found a lot of women answered that they tried really hard to breastfeed and deeply desired to, but were unable to make it come together. I had this experience. If you think about it, what is the rule you hear regarding a mammal and it's young? You leave them alone, and you DON'T DISTURB THEM otherwise they will abandon their young. I see that happening in the breastfeeding relationship because in the hospital you are NOT left alone. Especially if you have a c-section - there is a long separation, or if your baby is in the NICU, or you have a big family that insists on visiting constantly. Once the doc's get their way and start giving formula it's nearly impossible to get them off the bottle. I think these are all factors that contribute to the failure of breastfeeding. What do you think?

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  • 11 mo. old fever question?

    My son is 11 months and has had a 102 fever on and off for 3 days. He's been really tired. Dr. says it's probably related to teething. I've had some friends say yes that happened to their kids too with teething, and some say they've never heard of such a thing. He's eating and generally happy, just kind of lethargic and sleeping a LOT. There is no congestion, rash, runny nose, change in bowel habits... nothing. Also the fever is not constant - it goes down to normal about half the day. Your thoughts?

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  • Why don't some people care about their financial future?

    I am trying hard to understand why anyone wouldn't want to plan for their future? Do you think it's because they've never been broke and hungry, so therefore don't think it can happen to them? Do they think they will always be able to depend on the government or relatives to bail them out?

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  • CPS Problem!!!!!!!!!?

    We are trying to help our neighbors - they are great parents!!! But CPS won't stay out of their life!! They had two cases, which were both closed. They were called in by the neighborhood old biddy who won't stay out of anyone's business (she has called every agency on each one of the other 6 families at least once - all cases closed because no evidence, agencies found nothing wrong). However, the parents made a mistake and signed a paper at the school giving CPS the right to come in and interview their child alone, because they were trying to be compliant... which we now understand is one of the worst things you can do. Can they now recind this? Now they actually have to pull their child out of public school for fear that CPS will come and interview their 3-year old by himself, with no parents and no attourney present. How can they reverse the CPS invasion in their life?

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  • Potty Training 4 kids - one bathroom - HELP!?

    So how exactly does this work? I'm babysitting my friend's 3 boys and one girl, ages 4, 3, 3, and 15 months. When one wants to go, of course they all do! A little potty doesn't work because the others all crowd in the bathroom and dump it over, and my baby (7 mo.) climbs on top of it and can topple into the bathtub. The girl (15 mo.) sits on there too long and her brothers end up wetting their pants (the twins, but the main issue w/4 year old is overnights. Need some tips here!!

    6 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • CRAIGSLIST LOVERS! List the amazing scores you bought or got for free.?

    We bought our house off craigslist, one of our dogs, crib, baby clothes, free windows, a car, a dirt bike, a FREE $1000 water softener, 3 ovens, 2 dryers, a washer (all free), several antique computers, 2 or 3 housecleaning jobs, free stroller.... oh man I love craigslist!! We're the poster child for craigslist success stories!

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  • I have a VW van that constantly overheats?

    Ok - I know diddly squat about cars, but I have a 1971 VW camper van that when you run the thing, even in cold weather, and then shut it down - it has to COMPLETELY cool down before it will start again - sometimes 20 minutes to 2 hrs. later. What is the problem?

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  • Why does my Geo squeek?

    I have a 1995 Geo Metro that squeals really loud when I start it, and keeps squeeling until the car is warmed up a bit - like about 5 minutes after I start it. It's really loud! What is wrong with my car?

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  • Is it fair to teach kids not to cuss if parents cuss.... a lot!?

    How do I handle this? The four kids I babysat have been taught by their dad that cussing and flipping people off is funny!! (Ages 4, and 3 yr. old twins). Seriously! I mean, these are loved kids - not abused or anything, but i'm wondering if it's right for me to discipline them for something they've been taught is ok. Someone has been (probably their grandparents) because they know that flipping someone off for example is a "bad word" and they spend the whole day yesterday saying "What the heck" and then "What the He**." It really bothers me because when we go out in public they tell people to f*$% off and also use the b-word. They of course get time-outs/spanks from me... but then I got to thinking, is this fair to them? How do I handle this? (Dad is NOT going to change, but mom is trying to be better about the cussing.)

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  • How was your Thanksgiving? What was the funniest thing that happened?

    Funniest answer wins best answer!!!

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