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I'm a California girl who likes american football (Go Broncos!) and baseball (Go Dodgers!). I love to watch Big Brother, Survivor, Kid Nation, CSI, House, Bones, ER, Numbers, and Chuck. I like to give advise to those who need it and I also like to participate in P&S. I'm also pretty savvy in the Microsoft Office Programs. Have a great day!!!

  • What is a good theme for a theme party?

    I'm having a party next Friday and thinking about making it a theme party. This is for adults.

    Need some ideas!!!

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  • Where can I find Hello Kitty paper?

    I am having a Hello Kitty themed bridal shower for my best friend. (It may sound silly but she is obsessed!)

    I am looking for invitations. I am willing to make them myself if I can find the right paper.

    Online or in-store (Modesto, CA) is fine with me.


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  • Room decorating Ideas and/or websites?

    I have a friend who is in a room where 2 of walls are vaulted. We are stuck in a decorating rut and don't know what to do. Can you please give me some ideas or some good websites that might have some ideas.

    FYI: She does not want to paint the room. The walls that are not vaulted are light blue and the vaulted walls are white.

    Thanks in advance!!! :)

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  • BB9: Who is going to "hook up" first?

    As you all know this season of Big Brother has a whole new twist... BB paired all the guests together as "soulmates".

    So which pair do you think is going to go "under the covers" first?

    In case you don't remember who the pairs are:








    Jason/Sharon were evicted already.

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  • What would you do... (rumors in the workplace)?

    I just found out that there is a rumor going around my workplace that me and another guy that works here are going out. I work in a place that is mainly men but the office staff is mostly women, it the women that started the rumor. I usually eat lunch with the guys because most of the girls that I work with either don't take a lunch away from their desk or they've always given me the cold shoulder. I've always been a very socialble person and that's why i hang out with a wide variety of people. What would you do in this situation? Would you change your routine and stop eating lunch with the guys or not change? O BTW the other girls who started this don't know i know.

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  • MS Access 2003?

    I'm creating a table in MS Access and i would like to have Access number each of my records automatically each time i create a new record. I would also like to start at a particular number.

    If this doesn't make any since please tell me and I'll try to clarify.

    Also, I am pretty savvy with computers so just tell me where it is and i can find it.

    THX in advance!!!

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  • BB8 USA: What is FotH?

    I've seen it on many message boards and spoiler sites. otH has to be "of the House" but what does the F stand for?

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  • I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!?

    Ive been talking 2 this guy I met @ a club 4 a month & half now. Weve talked almost everyday since, but only gone on 1 date cuz he lives 30 min. away. He was supposed to come 2 some of parties w/ me, ncldg my own bday kick-back & he flaked out each time, about 5x. Then, rite after my bday, he txt & said he "just didn't want 2 do this rite now" and since i'm not head over heals for him i just left it alone. A week ltr he txt me wanting 2 explain what happend & get back w/me, so i did & we started talking again. It's been a couple weeks since then so I invited him with me house-sitting and he came over. B4 he came over he would talk about what he would do to me when we're together and how he would 'please' me and as soon as he came over we did "it", then he was done and starting playing on my friends PS3 ALL nite & it seemed he didn't want 2 do anything else w/me. & when he went 2 bed w/me he had his back 2 me all nite & didn't want 2 touch me. Whats goin on w/him? I need ur advice!!!

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  • Where can I see pics of the BB8/USA players in their bunny suits?

    I didn't get to watch BB8 last night but I've read the recap. I want to see pics of the players.

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  • What's the best girl song?

    What is the best song that has "girl power"?!?

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  • What'd you think...?

    Should California close down all state juvenile justice facilities and send all youthful offenders back to the county jails in the counties where the crime was committed? This question is in response to the new law that politicians are trying to pass (AB1655). This law would close all of California's Juvenile State Facilities and send all the youthful offenders back to their counties to the Juvenile Halls.

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  • Californians...?

    Should California close down all state juvenile justice facilities and send all youthful offenders back to the county jails in the counties where the crime was committed?

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