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I have 2 children and a wonderful husband. I work as a dentist for my living.

  • I found out that my 11 year old daughter is watching porn, what should I do?

    Recently my computer broke down, so I used my daughter's instead. When I found the site I wanted, my mouse accidentally opened up the history tab. At first, I wanted to close it ( I'm not one of those snoopy mothers) but then, I saw a porn site listed in the "webpages viewed frequently" list. It turns out that she's been going to the porn site (very mature things...) every day for over 2 months!

    What should I do? I will talk to her and put on more advanced parental controls, but should I punish her?

    34 AnswersGrade-Schooler10 years ago
  • Cheating Husband!!!!!!!!?

    I just found out yesterday that my husband's cheating on me! He's seeing another women! I don't know what to do to him!!!!!!!!!!!!Divorce immediately? or get super mad at him and the other women???????Help!

    19 AnswersMarriage & Divorce10 years ago