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  • Change "studied" to "studying" on facebook?

    I have added my college, unlicked "graduated", and put my graduating year as "2014" but my profile still says "studied at ____". I don't graduate for another 2 years but it still says that I "studied" at my college.

    I'm super confused and annoyed... help!

    3 AnswersFacebook9 years ago
  • question about birth control?

    Alright so I've been on and off birth control for a few months now and I have gained a lot of weight. Mind you, this is for my acne which hasn't even been helping and makes my period much much worse. I've decided to go off of it and find something else, but I had a question (obviously) if I go off it, will I lose the weight that I gained?

    2 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • feeling guilty........?

    alright so my parents are out of town and i had a few of my friends over tonight (including boys) and 2 boys ended up sleeping in my moms and sisters room. the guy in my moms room was with a girl, but i know for a fact they didn't do anything. it makes me feel bad because my mom trusted me to be mature about them leaving and i feel extremely guilty. i can not fall asleep. they come home in 2 days so i have time to wash all the sheets and clean and stuff but still...

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  • i don't freaking understand the ending of inception?

    it never stops turning... but the camera cuts out before you can see if it tips over or not!!!!!!! was he dreaming or? i hate how it's not a legit ending. i want it to be clear, not open to interpretation BAHHH

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  • Hymenectomy and Sex....?

    If you're a virgin, and have had a hymenectomy... would it hurt after you've had sex still? Even though your "cherry has already popped"?

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  • question about sex....?

    Okay so this is going to seem really random and slutty but I hooked up with a kid the other night and don't remember a whole lot of the night because I was drinking. I remember some of it, but there's some parts that are fuzzy. I'm pretty sure we didn't have sex. Would I know if we did for sure? I've never had sex before so i'm not really sure. I'm kind of freaking out. I got a hymenectomy a few months ago and this is the only reason why i'm freaking out because i feel like if i did have sex i wouldn't know because i wouldn't be able to feel it. PLEASE HELP ME! i haven't gotten my period yet this month either. i think the reason for that is because i had been on birth control the 2 months prior but not this month so it messed up with my system. ahfhdsajdfkl;sa

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  • Can someone tell me what this quotes means?

    "To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer."-Ghandi

    I don't quite understand

    17 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • question about by D100 srl camera!! help!!?

    every time i load a picture on it's super grainy. i think it might be because it's so big (when i load the digitals on to my computer) but i'm not completely sure. is there a way to stop the grainy-ness? or make the image size smaller on my camera?!

    1 AnswerCameras1 decade ago
  • how does law school work?

    i'm going to be a freshman next year (in college) getting my bachelors in environmental studies of some sort.... could I go to law school after my 4 years? Or do you get a masters... then go to law school? I don't really understand it!!

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  • I know fluorescent lighting is more energy efficient but how much energy is it saving?

    What if all the fluorescent lights in a classroom were turned off, about how much money or energy would that actually save?

    6 AnswersGreen Living1 decade ago
  • is flourescent lighting in school bad?

    I'm doing research on energy efficient things our school can do to better the environment. I was wondering what information there was on flourescent lighting because I know our school uses them in our classrooms and personally I think the rooms are REALLY bright and hard to concentrate with. Especially during the days when there are windows that could easily let in a lot of natural light. Is flourescent lighting energy efficient?

    2 AnswersGreen Living1 decade ago
  • i want to save the polar bears!?

    i'm going to major in environmental studies of some sort...would this be a good major for what i want to do? what kind of job could i get? could i work for wwf?

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  • i'm going to major in....?

    liberal studies, and focus on environmental studies. is there a job with the WWF that i could get involved in with that degree?

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  • What is the song playing during hp & the half blood prince after ron wins the quidditch game?

    they're celebrating and lavender kisses ron...ha

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  • is there a certain train to take from the twin cities to bozeman montana?

    I was thinking of going out there to look at MSU and was wondering if there was a certain train i could take. I don't think anything goes directly into bozeman though : (

    4 AnswersRail1 decade ago
  • what train would i take from minneapolis/st paul, minnesota to bozeman, montana?

    i know theres a certain train that goes out there...empire or something?

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  • FREE piano sheet music...?

    i need some sheet music! for 2 songs; love, save the empty by erin mccarly and the charlie brown x-mas song...does anyone know where i would go about getting these? haha

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  • is 18 too old to start learning the guitar?

    i really want to play! and already play piano, i feel like i'm too old :( ahh haha

    5 AnswersPerforming Arts1 decade ago
  • is this weird for an 18 year old girl...?

    i've never really had a boyfriend before...just "things" with guys. i've realized i don't really want a boyfriend. yes, having a guy to text and flirt with is nice...but i honestly feel that going on dates and hanging out with guys one on one is just super awkward. just like holding hands and kissing...its just super uncomfortable for me. it stresses me out. i'm clearly not a lesbian or anything haha, i just don't like guys in a way. maybe its just because i was never close with guys before, like if they ever made a move i'd freak out and move away or just be SUPER awkward about following through. ahh help!

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