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Connor's Momma :)

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Hey Everyone my name is Colleen, my hubby and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy this past August! :) He is def our pride and joy!!

  • Had my baby by c-section a week and half early...?

    So my baby was due Aug 12th. Had him Aug,1st, ended up having a c-section being he was stuck in my pelvic bone..anyways I still haven't gotten my period yet, shouldn't I have gotten it by now???

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  • 3 month old possibly already teething?...?

    Yesterday my little man turned 3 months, and he was having quite the day- I have been noticing that he has been drooling a lot more lately, just not acting himself- usually he is very content, only cries when he needs a bottle or a diaper change, well not yesterday...i tried everything (diaper change, bottle, putting him in his swing, holding him like he loves to be held, tummy time, burping him- nothing was doing the trick- he would be really fussy- noticed he was trying to chew on his fingers although he wasnt hungry. Finally he had fallen asleep and took like a 15 min. cat nap- was he just overly tired? I cant see or feel any teeth coming in but he just wasnt himself at all!

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  • wondering what i should do....starting to feel like real labor pains?

    So im 38 weeks pregnant as of today, and last night at work I started having very bad back pain and pressure with period like cramping every 10 mins.....was the same pretty much through the night and right now it feels as if its closer together. I had called and left a message for my doctor so waiting to hear back on if I should go in or not. He hadnt checked me for dilation at my 37 week appt, but it just feels like alots changed since then- My next appt isint until this coming Thursday. Im sure its just the pressure maybe of the baby dropping??? I really dont know.

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  • What color eyes will my little love have?

    I have blue eyes ( so does my mom, dad, sister, and brother).....My husband has brown eyes along with his biological father, & sister.....his mom and brother both have blue.

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  • How early did you go into labor?

    Tomorrow I will be 37 1/2 weeks pregnant, its a boy! :) We have everything ready to go by the door incase he decides to make and early arrival! How early did you go into labor?? Im so anxious and just want to meet my little man!

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  • 36 weeks almost 37 pregnant and had sex last night....?

    Well I'll be 37 weeks pregnant on Monday, and last night husband and I had sex.....this morning I went to the bathroom sorry tmi i know, and there when i wiped there was a couple red tiny spots of blood on the tissue. Im planning on calling my doc as soon as the day progresses being its only 6:20 in the morning but was freaking out and needed an answer to what is going on. Could of it came from having sex? or is it something else?? Afterwards I was having the normal braxton hicks contractions and right now as im sitting here he is pretty active.

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  • 36wks pregnant tomorrow, is this i sign of labor coming?

    Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant, & I have an appt tomorrow as well. For the past couple days I have been having diarrhea and some tightening in my stomach along with lower back pain. I do have a stressful job and the past two days have been very hectic.... I try not to do much lifting but when working in a nursing home its kinda hard to avoid that. Tomorrow at my appt they are planning on seeing if I have dilated, and also see which way our baby is laying.... does this sound like it could be preterm labor?? He's been very active as well, thank good ness! Im gonna miss that part of being pregnant when he's no longer in me!

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  • What are the chances of a baby surviving at 35 weeks?

    Im 35 weeks pregnant, and have been just paranoid that he would end up coming early! Whats the survival rate?

    10 AnswersPregnancy9 years ago
  • ? about the mucus plug..?

    How do you know when you lose your mucus plug?

    3 AnswersPregnancy9 years ago
  • 33 weeks pregnant, and wondering about a certin feeling...?

    Im 33 weeks pregnant, and sometimes it feels like there's a little heartbeat...idk if this is making sense, but wondering if its my baby having the hiccups??! Every now and then I feel it, just wondering what it may be?

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  • Can doing to many glucose tests be harmful to the baby?

    I had 3 done.....1 hour one, one 3 hour one (which didnt go well...ended up getting sick) so then they had me do another one but only 2 hour. Just worried it might have affected the baby ..... sorry might be a stupid question I just dont know.

    2 AnswersPregnancy9 years ago
  • I have a question about the glucose test.....?

    So Im 28 1/2 weeks pregnant, and I took the first hour part of the glucose test....well today i was suppose to fast for 12 hours and then take the 3 hour glucose test. Well I got about half ways through it, and ended up throwing up because of being so hungry and the 2 blood draws and also the fact that the stuff they make you drink is nasty! I have to start it all over again tomorrow, what can i do to not get such an upset stomach over it?! Really dont wanna do it over but have to.

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  • Mommies to be, what are you doing for your first Mother's day?

    Are you planning on celebrating this year as your first Mommas Day ?! Im almost 27 weeks pregnant (will be on Monday), and we are def making this year our first Mother's and Father's day!

    7 AnswersPregnancy9 years ago
  • When does the 3rd Trimester Start?

    What week is it? 27th or 28th? I keep seeing different answers everywhere!! Im 26 weeks now!

    4 AnswersPregnancy9 years ago
  • 26 weeks tomorrw....last week baby was 2 lbs....?

    We had an ultrasound last tuesday, and our little man was weighing in at 2lbs exactly, is this a normal good weight for right now?!

    1 AnswerNewborn & Baby9 years ago
  • What do you think of our baby boy name? .....?

    Im 25 weeks pregnant, & we are going with Connor Jacob :)

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  • Had 20 week ultrasound appt....results came back this morning....please help!?

    So my husband and I went in for our 20 week ultrasound appt last Monday. I got the results of it back today and my doctor told me that everything was growing good although from what he could tell it looked as if our little boy has fluid around his lungs. We had set up an appt down in the cities to get a Level 2 ultrasound done to see whats really going on with him. Im so scared something is going to happen to him and our appt isint until Tuesday morning! Has anyone else gone through this?? Is there anything they can do to get rid of the fluid??

    1 AnswerPregnancy9 years ago
  • Has anyone ever tried/heard of the pin & thread trick while pregnant?.....?

    So today at work we tried this on 15 of our residents and 6 of the nurses & myself being im 20 weeks pregnant on monday....its where you put it over your wrist and it tells you if you had miscarriages/ how many kids you will end up having etc....It had showed that i had miscarried and then it said that it was a girl. we never knew what it was going to end up being cause i was 9 weeks at that time....then it said im having another girl (meaning this pregnancy) then a boy and another girl...then it stopped! We find out on Monday if we are having a boy or girl so we will see if its true!!!....When we did it on someone else that didnt have any kids it didnt do anything! So crazy!

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  • Husband and I have our 20 week gender ultrasound coming up!!! ....?

    So my Husband and I will be finding out the gender of our lil sweet pea in 5 days! ( This coming Monday), besides the fact of them looking too see if its a boy or girl, what else will all be involved? ( Meaning what will they all take a look at to make sure baby is growing properly?! )

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  • 18 weeks pregnant....wondering about heartbeat?

    is a heartbeat from 145-150 a good heartbeat for me being this far along?

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