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I am a professional cyclist who still has 2 years of high school to go. I also compete semi-professionally in road races and for my school team in cross country and track. Skimboarding is another hobby.

  • How difficult will getting back into running after smoking be?

    I very recently quit smoking, which I had been doing for 2 years, and would like to get back into running. I ran varsity track and xc in high school, and then just sat on my *** after my senior season was over. I'm still fairly physically fit, only about 20lbs heavier than my old running weight, and still feel strong. I smoked about a pack a day for 2 years, but even so I never wheeze after climbing stairs (thankfully). What I'm not sure about will be my endurance and how long it'll take to get back to running five miles with no issues. Eventually I'd like to compete again. Has anyone else gone through this firsthand, either you, a friend, someone you've coached? I know all about Bill Rodgers and all the other famous running ex-smokers, but I'd like personal answers more, thank you.

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  • How do I convert to Judaism?

    The Presbyterian church and Christianity isn't really cutting it for me anymore, and I'll probably drop it once I go to college. However, I'd like to convert to Judaism, and I'd just like to know how easy or hard it is.

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  • Skimboarding St. Simons Island, GA last week of December?

    I've skimmed the island before, and I know the good spots on East Beach, but I've only been there in the summer. Does anyone know how good the beach is for skimming during the last week of December?

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  • Any info on Texas A&M's Petroleum Engineering program?

    I live in Michigan, and none of the in-state schools offer Petroleum Engineering. Of all the programs I've looked at, Texas A&M's is the most appealing. Does anyone have some deep info on the program? By deep info, I don't mean costs, test scores and GPA, those aren't an issue. I want to know what the professors and facilities are like, how old the books and teaching implements are, the basic workload, etc. Thank you

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  • How do I build an altitude tent?

    I know it seems weird, but the pros in the Nike Distance project do it. Galen Rupp lives in one in his basement. I want to build one and see if it works, does anyone know how to build one?

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