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  • My mother passed away 9/2/07 and her spouse has taken over her estate that she did not leave to him what to do?

    Hes been having party's at her house and to make matters worse we have two censorship children that she was raising from her sister and he has taken full control over them.. my mother never put his name on anything she purchased because he ALWAYS cheated on her but she stayed in the marriage because of the kids... CPS has been called on him and we've been investigated on allegations he molested a child 10 yrs ago... now the DA has told me he is going in front of a grand jury for sexual assault I have no idea where to start to get my mothers things back or the kids... he has another woman that lives in my moms house mother was in a wreck that caused her death and the court settled 25,000 we had to sign a paper from his lawyer that said that we agree to settle in that amount and now he is gonna spend the money for a lawyer to fight his charges!!!! Im really needing help!!!

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  • Can a non custodial parent take a child to the doctor for complete hair loss for more than 2 years?

    Our daughter lost her hair 2 years ago and her mother will not give us an update on her condition. The other kids explain she hasn't been to the doctor in about a year. We took her to our family physician while she was here and he stated that she had multiple things wrong with her and could possibly have leukemia. Her mother found out and said we have no rights at all to the kids. We pay child support but we have no legal court order on visitation. Can I be procesuted.

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