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I am not very knowledgeable on a large array of different subjects.Although,the little I am aware of.I don't mind sharing besides that is the best.WAY to learn from experience being your best teacher.REMEMBER to be wise in decisions you make.Because-it worked for me really doesn't mean it will work for you.Timing,location,actions and ect...Are all key factors to consider when expecting results.I am not A lawyer don't claim to be,Therefore,"I AM NOT INCRIMINATING MYSELF". NOR,HAVE I REQUESTED ANY FEES.If you know something don't keep it in make some friends.BE AWARE,everyone will not be friendly.It wouldn't matter what you did or how you carried it out(actions).If no one was out to hurt others.This would be a pleasant world-being I wrote that share the love.Eventually,good will prevail over evil.Don't keep good knowledge spread it abroad.I'll be praying you do,so on that note I'M OUT.