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I live in Canada. I love sports, music and politics; as well as watching TV.

  • What are the literary devices in "I too Sing America"?

    I need to know what literary devices are in the poem "I Too Sing America" by Langston Hughes (symbolism, metaphors etc.). Any help is greatly appreciated, I understand the poem but its a bit hard to tell whats literal and whats not. Here is a link to the peom

    Again thanks.

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  • What European Football Leagues Are the Best?

    I know this kinda impossible to answer, but I want your personal opinion. Last season was the first that I really watched any domestic football. I watched the Premier League and Serie A exclusively because they were (and still are) available as part of the satellite package that I have, without having to pay anymore. This season I think I might spend a bit more to get some of the other European leagues, here is my opinion on them and I want yours.

    1) Premier League - Man United is my favourite team and has been since I started watching club football in 2006 after the World Cup. So I won't stop watching it no matter what.

    2) Serie A - As I said before I can watch 2 games a week for free anyway. However as of right now it seems to be the more boring, defensive league of the top ones. Roma is my second favourite team though.

    3) Bundesliga - The channel that carries it here in Canada is on free preview this month. I've watched a few matches so far and while I don't know as many of the players as I do in other leagues, it seems to be very exciting football. I believe it also has more Canadians than any other European league (with the exception of the Premier League and Football League maybe). Of all of the leagues I'm asking about its the one that I want to know most about from anyone who follows it closely.

    4) La Liga - I know it has the best player in the World (Messi) and the second best (Cristiano Ronaldo) and two of the best teams ever, but I can't find myself interested in it except for the two times a season that Barcelona plays Real Madrid. It doesn't help that its games are all played in the afternoon here (primetime in Spain), and I usually like to watch football in the morning because I have other things to do in the afternoon.

    So basically I just want your opinion on those leagues as well as Ligue 1, which you will really have to sell me on because there is only one game on a week here in French (I speak enough French to understand), but I don't really want to pay CAN $2 just for that.

    Also I don't just want leagues that are good now. I want to watch ones that over the course of time are generally good.

    Thanks for your input everyone.

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  • What are some good songs by these bands?

    Ok I'm not very familiar with these bands, but based on the songs I've heard before I like them. So I want you to give me a list of a few good songs by each.

    Avenged Sevenfold

    Between the Buried and Me

    Bullet for My Valentine


    If you can think of any other bands that are similar to these, then include some songs by them too. I don't want too much screaming though. Thanks

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  • Who is the best Snowboarder in the World?

    Thought I'd ask. I get the feeling Shaun White will get almost every vote. He gets mine.

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  • What Trade Would You Like To See Your Team Make?

    At the trade deadline. Be serious, it actually has to make sense for both teams.

    For Ottawa I'd like to see them get LeClaire, which I heard could happen. I think Vermette and picks were being thrown around as going to Columbus. As long as they don't trade this year's first pick, I'd like that trade. If they don't get him, I don't mind them waiting until summer for Backstrom or Khabibulin. I think that they made their big trade in getting Campoli to help the defense.

    Also I've been gone for a long while, I just haven't had the time to come here with school and other things. I hope I have the time to come here more often during the playoffs. And its nice to see only hockey questions in the hockey section.

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  • How good are my fantasy hockey teams?

    Team #1

    Forwards - Crosby, Frolov, Cammaleri, Hossa, Alfredsson, Staal

    Defensemen - Jovanovoski, Kaberle, Meszaros, Kronwall

    Goalies - Turco, Price

    Reserves - Drury, Schneider, Selanne, DiPietro

    Team #2

    Forwards - Jokinen, Briere, Iginla, A. Kotitsyn, Michalek, Morrow

    Defensemen - Keith, Schneider, Souray, Zidlicky

    Goalies - Bryzgalov, Theodore

    Reserves - Boyes, Huselius, Gonchar


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  • Canadians, Who 'won' the debate last night?

    I didn't watch all of it, and my french isn't great. For these reasons I won't pick a winner. However, as soon as Harper said that the Canadian banks are very strong, and the Canadian economy is strong, I thought, "This is going to really hurt Harper before the election is over." So I think Harper was the 'loser' of the debate. I have other reasons for this too including how everybody bashed him, especially about listeriosis.

    Some other thoughts,

    May did better than I expected. She looked a little nervous at first, after about 10 minutes she settled in and started talking more.

    Duceppe did a well needed good job.

    Dion, he's as hard to understand in french as he is in English to someone who isn't French.

    Layton, it appears he really thinks hes got a good shot at becoming the official opposition. He went right after Harper, and he was maybe the most involved early on.

    As I said these are based on the first 30 minutes, that's all I watched. Thoughts?

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  • New York Islanders Rookie Team Question?

    I'm thinking of going to see the Islanders rookie team vs. UNB on Wednesday. On their website it listed a few players that could be on the NHL team, including Mark Streit. I'm wondering if anyone knows whether these players are playing with the rookie team or if they are playing with the actual Islanders team?

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  • Any Def Leppard fans in the Hockey Section?

    This is actually a hockey question. Anyway earlier today I asked if anybody had any information on the HNIC Launch Concert which will take place in Detroit. Well I've been able to answer my own question. It will be Def Leppard playing that show, it will be held at the Fox Theater in Detroit. This makes an exciting night, more exciting for me. Anybody else excited to see it?

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  • Are you going to see any NHL preseason games?

    Since there are only about three hockey questions on the front page, I decided to ask one. If you're not going to see an NHL preseason game, will you go see a Canadian Hockey League or University game in the next month? Or any other league?

    I might go see a game or two at the University of New Brunswick's Fall Classic tournament this weekend. Also the New York Islanders rookie team will play the University of New Brunswick next Wednesday, I might go see that.

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  • Who Should I start; fantasy football?

    at WR I need two more. My choices are.

    Chris Chambers, Wes Welker, Joey Galloway.

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  • Who so you think will win the Canadian Election?

    I'll ask this a few times over the next month.

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  • What NHL game are you most excited about this year?

    My top 5 would be.

    1. Hall of Fame game - Montreal @ Toronto - November 8 - CBC

    2. Opening Day - Tampa vs. Ottawa - October 4 - CBC

    3. Hockey Day - Ottawa @ Montreal - February 22 - CBC

    4. Winter Classic - Detroit @ Chicago - January 1 - CBC/NBC

    5. Chicago @ Montreal - March 31 - TSN (no reason besides original 6 matchup in Montreal's 100th season)

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  • What do You Prefer Beach or Indoor?

    I ask this because I have always enjoyed watching the indoor game at the Olympics. It is the original. However, I do enjoy the beach game as well. Mostly because the indoor game isn't really on TV, except for the Olympics. While AVP tournaments are on all the time.

    I think Indoor wins for me.

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  • What % of the questions in the hockey section are about hockey?

    What do you think the percentage is? I think maybe 50% hockey questions, 25% AT&T questions, 25% other questions.

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  • Fantasy College Football Draft Help?

    I have the #3 pick in my College Fantasy Football draft later this morning. I'll admit I don't know a lot about College Football, I only have the time to watch the odd game on TV. With over 100 teams its hard to have saw all the top players play. So who should I draft? I'm thinking either Tim Tebow or Chase Daniel. I think they are worth drafting with my first pick. To me the other option would be Knowshon Moreno. Thoughts?

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  • Fantasy Football Draft This Afternoon; Who Shoud I Pick?

    I have the 12th and 13th overall picks, in a 12 team snake draft. I'm thinking Marian Barber and Randy Moss. All of the really big players should be gone by then. Then I'm hoping either Brees will fall far enough I can get him with the 24th pick. Sound like a good idea? If not what are some players I should consider who may be left by then?

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  • How Good is My Fantasy Baseball Team?

    I want you to tell me if I need to improve any positions for my team. If you think I do who should I trade? The trade deadline is Thursday. Here is my team. I need one starter at each position, 3 at outfield, and a utility player. The other players are reserves.

    C - Doumit, Bengie Molina

    1B - Morneau, Conner Jackson

    2B - Kinsler

    3B - Chipper, Glaus

    SS - Young, Theriot

    OF - Markakis, Ramirez, Hunter, Bradley

    I also need seven pitchers. Right now I have.

    Harden, Ervin Santana, Maine, Broxton, Lilly, Wagner, Wainwright, Jered Weaver.

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  • Help with Fantasy Baseball Trade

    In my Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball League a team is offering me Manny Ramirez and Chipper Jones for Dice-K. I think this is an amazing deal. Should I do it?

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  • What is the best Men's Curling team in Canada?

    Since there are no real curling questions in the curling section I have to ask. I'd put Kevin Martin #1.

    2 AnswersCurling1 decade ago