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  • DD-214 and Mogadishu story?

    This is a follow up question from an earlier question. I recently got back in touch with an old highschool friend. He never stops talking about Mogadishu.

    He claims that he was a sniper in the rangers and that he jumped out of a heli in the battle of Mogadishu.

    He showed me his DD-214.

    MOS 92G10 - Food Service 1991

    12.a shows Date of active service 1994. the DD-214 seems to cover only reenlistment dates other then the food service 8 week course in 1991.

    Military education shows RIP and Basic Airbourn in 1998 no Ranger tabs or airborne tabs in the decorations box. From a previous question I see that Ranger tabs come with graduation Ranger School. But the RIP just allows you to be stationed with the rangers. Is that correct?

    1)Would he have been a sniper with the rangers in the battle of Mogadishu in 1993 with the RIP in 1998 and MOS Food service?

    2)What constituted Active Service?

    3)Does a DD-214 just cover reenlistment periods?


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  • DD-214 is he an army ranger?

    on a DD-214 box 2 it says Army/RA. is that Army Rangers or does the RA stand for Regular Army? box 14 shows Ranger Indoctrination program and Basic Airborne. But there are no tabs or decorations listed. Also would an E3 paygrade be appropriate.


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