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  • Can you drive a freshwater boat (wakeboard boat) in salt water?

    I have had the urge to buy a wakeboard boat recently to try to help with the soul crushing boredom of being 20 years old in northern Washington. I want a Malibu Wakesetter boat and id be primarily driving it on the Puget Sound between Bellingham and Friday Harbor and Orcas islands. Im not interested in sailboats and the lakes up here are so damn cold idk if I could stand to swim in them. Is there a reason I wouldnt be able to put this type of boat on saltwater? The water is like glass most of the time.

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  • Would you quit a good job to go to college?

    Im 20 years old and have a job with a company as a carpenter and they are really interested in promoting me. I make about $23 an hour now and I would probably make about $26 by the time next year came around. The problem is they always talk about it and talk to me about it but every time I talk about "signing papers" they kind of just blow it off. So ive always been interested in business and have recently been thinking about quitting to go to college full time. Id like to have the "college experience" and I hate the town that my company needs me to work in and miss home (1500 miles away where id be going to school). What would you do?

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  • If I have an idea for a movie that I think could be incredibly profitable. Who would I pitch this to? A producer? A studio?

    So I had this idea for a movie, but its not just some stupid horror movie that might break the budget in sales. I think this is like a movie that actually might win some awards, assuming its filmed and written correctly. My questions is who would I pitch this idea to? A studio like Paramount or Sony? Or a producer like Jerry Brukheimer or someone similar to that? Im really not interested in going through a 3rd party and im not particularly interested in writing my own screenplay, but I may want to help with the creative direction with filming. But id definitely like to leave the majority to the professionals. Id like to sell the idea with a percentage on the box office and dvd sales. Im pretty confident with public speaking and sales so im not worried about the actual pitch, im just curious who I would target with the pitch. The way I see it, if they say no, Im still on vacation in California. Haha. Thanks guys

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