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  • Where can I get a Windows 7 Driver for my Wireless?

    I recently got a Toshiba Satellite C55D-A5150 Laptop, and it came with Windows 8.1

    I kept it for a bit, but eventually decided I should get Windows 7 on it, so I used double driver to backup my drivers.

    After installing Windows 7, the computer seems to be running fine with most devices installed correctly, but my Graphics Card and Network drivers didn t.

    I don t know which driver is for my network and graphics cards, but I have a backup of all my drivers which I made with double driver. How do I identify which drivers correspond to which device?

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  • What is that little kid's cartoon movie/show with house cleaning objects?

    I remember from my child-hood of a movie I loved. It was this adventure story with a rag, a broom, and such. I don't remember details. Yes, this is important to me.

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  • Should I go for the kiss?

    Really cute girl. She has an older sister who's my age, and I tried to date that older sister in 6th grade, but didn't work. Last week she (the younger one) talked to me for a while and I found out that she's really cool. She's about a year younger than me, but we have a lot of common interests. Today after school we got into a pretty lengthy hug, (at least 30 minutes long) and she started just rambling. At one point she looked up at me, and I forgot what she said, but when I looked down at her, she stopped talking, and we just stared at each other, kinda straight into each other's eyes. I was only about 2 inches away from kissing her. Should I have kissed her?

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