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Im 20 years old. College student in Northern VA/DC suburb area. I work full-time at Dulles International Airport with a security firm. I have big dreams and concrete goals. I am an overachiever and like to have a fun time once in a while like every other human being, but I know work comes before play!

  • What was the name of the NCAA hockey player who broke his neck and then wrote a book?

    He broke it in the first game he played with them. I thing he played for a Michigan team, but I could be wrong on that. He is still paralyzed to this day, and he was featured on hockey central earlier on this seasoon.

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  • What associates degree program should I take at community college if I plan on majoring in anatomy at a 4-yr?

    I am in my second year of community college and my degree program right now is social sciences. I had no idea what I wanted to do academic-wise until now. I want to be in the sports business of injury rehabilitation, therapy, etc. not sure of exactly what specialty, but definitely in that area. My question is what I should change my degree program to in community college to get the right curriculum in place. I have most of the core classes/electives out of the way already (English, Alg, Environmental Science, PED/Health, other electives) Just need to start focusing on the BIO and Anatomy classes I think. I have a decent GPA and a lot of extracurricular stuff so Im confident in my transfer ability, but I want to transfer to Penn St, at the hershey center and take classes there and play for their ice hockey team. Thats kind of my goal, to be living that by 2012 latest. What can I do to ensure that happens?

  • Can I play hockey on percocet and pk's?

    I have bruised ribs and scapula, the doc gave me percocet and codeine. im only taking the percocet though. Can I play hockey on percocet or will I have a heart attack or something? Its real competitive ice hockey, not street hockey either. I got them hurt cause some jerk off cheapshotted me from behind while the refs werent looking. We play them in a few weeks again though so I got his #.

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  • How can I keep my feet warm while playing Ice Hockey?

    I have a slight circulation problem in my left foot, half way through a game my feet are completely numb and I feel like Im getting frost bite. After the game my feet are in pain as sensation slowly comes back to them in the locker room. My teamates think Im playing so they just give me the ol "suck it up" and "stop whining" but they dont have the same health issue as me so they have no idea the pain or the lack of strength that comes with playing competitive ice hockey on frost-bitten feet.

    I wear warm, dry, special Swiftwick hockey socks, I clean and air out my skates after every game/practice, I do everything your supposed to do. My question is for ppl who have been through the same issue. What did you do? Are there small heat packs I can put above my toes in my skates where there is that little bit of space? will that work or will that not work? Any info you can give that will keep my feet warm and not backfire on me will be appreciated. If heatpacks will burst and infect my toes with nuclear poisoning than just forget it, but if its safe, than Im all in.

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  • How can I gain more weight and strength quickly?

    I am looking for answers from somebody with experience and/or knowledge on the subject, athletes preferred. I am a 20 year old hockey player trying to make a college roster. I am 5'11.5" 169LBS. and have a fast metabolism, not to mention I do a lot of aerobic excercise seeing hockey is one of the most anerobic sports out there. I want to get to about 190-195LBS. within 6 months. I know ppl who have gained 20 LBS quicker so I know it is possible. But this has to be healthy weight so please dont say eat more ice cream and drink a bunch of soda, that is not healthy. Please anybody who can help me with gaining weight speak up.

    Also, I do a lot of resistance training and lifting. I can bench a decent amount but I usually stay within 145lbs total 15 times. I can curl 45lbs on each arm 10-15 times. Triceps about 35lbs on each arm 10-15 times. Legs are very strong, can easily push double my body weight 10-15 times. I can also do about 15 pull-ups at a time, and 150LBS on the fly-machine comfortably 15 times. Im looking to increase my bench by 35LBS, my Curls by 15LBS, Triceps by 15LBS, and Fly by 25LBS. How quickly should I increase the weight I lift to gain max strength without injury. And how should I increase the amount I lift? Should I lift my target weight for maybe 3-5 reps, and then finish with 10-12 reps of my regular weight? and gradually increase my target weight reps as I go along and get stronger? or should I try to be the hulk and do as many as possible? Any advice on that would be wonderful. I extremely appreciate anybody who shares some good and productive knowledge on this subject for me and anybody else in my situation. Thanks so much.


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  • Is it too late for me to retake my SAT's?

    I am a 21 year old in my 2nd semester of community college. I am interested in playing NCAA Men's Ice Hockey, but in order to do that you have to be of the elite class academically and athletically. They are really looking for the best "student athletes" where as in football the $ is the big picture. I guess hockey is viewed as more gentile or something who knows. All I know is I got my GED and am getting good grades in community college. I took my SAT's in highschool years ago and did average, but now I believe I can do a lot better especially if I actually study for it this time. I need to have above average SAT scores and keep my college GPA up to get into a good 4 year school that has D-1 Ice Hockey. Is it too late for the SAT's or should I add that on my list of things to accomplish. Any advice you have would be appreciated, I'm just a college kid looking for some direction, thanks so much.

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  • where should I go to play hockey?

    I am 21 years old and in my 2nd year of community college trying to get my grades good enough to be accepted into a 4-year school. I played hockey when I was real young up until I was about 15 and was really good but due to an injury and then a vascular issue in my lower extremities have been off the ice for about 4 years until I was 19. I got back into hockey and joined a beer league and got my skills back and believe i am ready to play with my friends who are now on college teams. The problem is they have been on college teams since they graduated and their grades were better than mine. Is it possible for a person who hasn't played college level, to tranfer from community college and walk onto an ncaa team? I know they do a lot of scouting but only in the juniors which the injury kept me from participating in (and it haunts me to this day the fact I couldn't play juniors, nightmare of my life.) What should I do to prepare myself for possibly joining an ncaa team, and until then, where should I play for the rest of this year to keep my skills in order, maybe AA league adult at a rink with a decent recreational program? any input you have would be great and appreciated, thanks.

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  • How do I setup my Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander?

    I have a Linksys wireless-B Router and a 2004 model Linksys wireless-G range expander. When I try to setup the software on my Dell laptop it says "site survey fail" and wont allow me to continue with the configuration. So I tried the autoconfigure button on the expander itself and both lights are blue, so supposedly it is working. Yet I still have low connectivity on my laptop and cant connect my ps3 at all. Please let me know how I can change this. I can add details as needed.

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  • Do I have Shin Splints or Compartment Syndrome?

    I went on a very rough hiking trip about a year ago and ever since than I have had serious serious pain in my feet/ankles, calfs, and shins. I remember trying to play football 2 days after the hiking trip and about 5 minutes into the game I started getting this annoying pain in my feet which eventually spread to my shins and calf muscles until it was too much to bare. Unfortunately I just now got health insurance and got into see a podiatrist, but they have not been much help. They think it comes from having flat feet, but if so, I'm 21, why is it only starting to hurt now? makes no sense since my feet aren't very flat anyways.

    I used to play Junior hockey and was very competitive, now I can barely play at a pick-up game. My feet go numb and there is a lack of circulation about 15 minutes in. My feet feel like someone is taking a jackhammer to them, not to mention the crippling pain in my shins and annoying tension in my calfs. I got my feet x-rayed and apparently they are fine. When I'm not excercising I have normal circulation but when I lace em up and hit the rink my blood flow stops and pain ensues. Some ppl say I have shin splints, some say compartment syndrome, some say I inhaled pollutants from the camp fire and it gave me a circulation problem. i even heard I have buergers disease or possibly a pinched nerve in my spine or a neurological issue. It all makes no sense, doctors are giving me the runaround cause they want to milk the HMO I got for all it's worth. Somebody help me out please, I beg you, I dont want to never b able to play again. Thanks.

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  • What is wrong with me? Are people scared of me? Or is something wrong with them?

    Ok, this is going to sound strange for some maybe, maybe not for others. It is kind of long but worth reading and would be very appreciated, I will def. return the favor if you leave a link to one of your questions.

    I am now 20 years old, yeah a little too old for this freshmen in highschool question huh. But the thing is I have always had a problem making friends and developing good and healthy relationships.

    My parents are divorced and I come from a tragically broken home, dont want to get into it, but you wouldn't know it just by looking at me anyways. I dress mainstream, take great care of myself and am very athletic and spiritually healthy as well. I do volunteer work where I have met some decent ppl but no friends I would go have a drink with if you know what I mean. I go to community college only because I graduated a year late and had a lot of trouble, I'll start in 9th grade when my mom kicked me out and I had to move to a pretty bad neighborhood in the outskirts of Baltimore MD. (My mom kicked me out because she was having financial trouble and never had enough time to raise me properly reguardless, I knew my guidance counselors better than her, at least it seemed that way many times.)

    I started another new school knowing only 1 person from my neighborhood who promised to look after me but sadly forgot his promise after about the first 2 days. This was about the 6th new school I have been to in my adolescence by the way. Had a dfiificult time making friends, got bullied a lot, got in a lot of fights, got arrested, suspended, you name it it happened. By 11th grade we had moved again and I was in about my 9th new school cause I was always getting kicked out or moved around. Not because I was a troublemaker, but because ppl always started stuff with me and many times I was forced to defend myself, yet the school staff always took the side of the kids they knew, plus I had a wrapsheet by this time and not even my dad believed me anymore.

    Anyways I got sent to boot camp, I did 3 months in a rehab and another 8 in a halfway house even though I wasn't an addict it was court ordered. I did a month in county detention, I also did a wilderness program for 4 months which was really wierd, yet strangely I miss the Utah dessert these days, very serene out there and non-hectic, I could use a weeks relaxation. But all this aint do nothing for me except toughen me up more, harden me, and actually give me some stress issues which led to a heart condition for about 2 years which i am still getting over. Way too young for all this ****, I am 20 going on 75. Way too streetwise, way too wise in general, way too god damn spent for my young age. I dont even have the want to go out and party or do things ppl my age do, those type of frivilous things just annoy me, yet I used to party hard and have a good time. The only thing I want to do is play hockey, which I am really friggin good at, but the ppl my age who play think Im a creep or a criminal or something because of how I am, they have'nt seen a fraction of the **** Ive seen and have practically no baggage on their shoulders when I got the world on mine and Im getting tired out from carrying it.

    I've seen at least 20 therapists, none have helped. I've been evaluated, i tried depression meds for a bit even though I dont think Im depressed, needless to say I transitioned off them cause they made me even more numb than i already was. I have a younger brother who dislikes me cause I'm no fun. I only have one-night flings, no relationships cause girls are attracted to me cause I look good but after we do the do there is nothing there because they just want to go out and have fun when Im like more worried about how Im going to pay my bills etc etc. and that **** scares them cause they still with mommy and daddy or have a close knit group of girlfriends at their disposal. Me I got me, myself, and I and thats it. Finito, nada, nobody else except a dad who throws me a few bones when I need it if he can spare it. The only companions I can ever make are ppl usually more messed up than me and just drag me down and create more turmoil which I honestly cannot deal with anymore, I'm hangin by the skin of my teeth and I spend so much energy trying to hide it, it's so pathetically sorry.

    In my college classes ppl seem scared of me, on the rink ppl rarely even acknowledge me or pass me the puck and in the locker room they just sit with their heads down when I come in, I feel like I drag everybody down emotionally just by existing and like I'm not welcome pretty much anywhere other than a rehab facility or a therapist's office or a church maybe, but even ppl there give me looks of disgust and/or pitty. My dad just says Im paranoid and I'll be fine, which is good to hear, problem is thats all he ever says and nothing changes anywhere in my life, so I have lost faith in his advice pretty much. Ahh what else can I say, help me out if you can. i

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  • Do you think I possibly could play NCAA level ice hockey?

    Ice hockey is an expensive sport, and to be honest, usually (85% of the time) only the wealthy elite even get the opportunity to be recognized by the NHL or make a good NCAA team. I heard in Canada they get these kids at age 7-8 and groom them until they are 16 where they join a semi-pro league and are drafted by the time they are adults. Well a lot of people never had those chances, and there we're some few exceptions along the way, even a handful of players in the NHL now didn't even start playing ice hockey until they were in their mid-to-late teens. So with that added knowledge on the topic of ice hockey, please hear me out.

    I played inline & street hockey since I was about 10, and was very good, even made a national travel team, but the competition was no where near the level of ice hockey. I started doing ice clinics around age 15 but never joined a league, just practiced and did very good given the limited experience. Age 17 I broke my ankle and tore some ligaments and didnt get back on the ice until I was 19 almost 20. At this time I'm working AND attending college and can only hit the ice maybe twice a week if lucky. But it gets better..

    I have been practicing and hitting the gym a lot, and I'm at an ideal size and in very good shape. I am actually really good, people give me all sorts of compliments saying how I should play college. I have never played in an ice hockey league, but this A-league team wants me to join but because of my busy schedule I cant. I have as good a shot as any college player, I can hit, I got attitude, I can drive, I'm great at passing and love being part of a team, I'm not a showoff, I got hope that I can play NCAA level. I get my associates degree in 2010 and plan on transferring to a good school the following semester. The only thing I got to work on is my skating when it comes to sharp turning, crossovers, and stopping on my bad leg. I feel if I can get some professional training and guidance on that, I will be more than good enough. Well, not to be cocky, I hope I dont come off as that cause Im really not at all, but do you believe I have a shot. Be honest, you wont hurt my feelings trust me...

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  • Anybody in the DC Metro area want to buy capitals tickets?

    I got good ones starting at 140.00 email me @ m

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  • I am considering buying season tickets to a hot sports team. How much $ could I make selling half?

    I will be paying about $200.00 per month for 3 admission tickets to every home game for the entire season, and all seats are in the same row making it easier to sell all 3 at a time if need be. There are about 82 games in the regular season, over half of which are home games. To sit in this section costs about 120.00 at the gate and atleast 90.00 if you buy them ahead of time. I will be starting sales at 145.00 on the net. Seats will be in a better than average part of the arena and the team is in the highest demand it has been in over 22 years. Almost every home game, even in the regular season, has been sold out. If you have ever been a season ticket holder and know what its like to sell tix, about how much do you think I could make a month during the season. Atleast enough to break even on the 200.00 or maybe more, or maybe ALOT more??? I really need to know quick. Thanks.

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  • Why do my legs and feet hurt and have trouble functioning properly and recovering from minimal stress.?

    This may be a little long but please bare with me as I am very worried and have no health insurance and would like some educated responses if available.

    I was always very healthy, led a healthy lifestyle, was athletic, smoked cigs for a short period of time in highschool but quit by age 19 and never smoked heavily. I also have very very minor scoliosis which I was diagnosed with in middle school, but it never ever affected me or kept me from playing sports, and the curve is still to this day barely noticable and I have no back pain. I have NO underlying conditions or illnesses that I know of, other than a possible high-stress life due to some uncontrollable family issues but that is another story...

    I am 21 years old. I feel about 81. When I was 18 I went on a 4-month hiking trip in the rocky mountains for a military training program I applied for trying to get into a good military academy (still trying to get in I might add). During the trip we experienced very very cold conditions (50 below freezing at night and 100+ in the day) and we hiked miles every day with half our body weight on our back in supplies. We also may have inhaled alot of smoke from the campfires and stuff as well but I dont know if that is real bad or not since many ppl go camping and breathe in smoke and are fine afterwards.

    Anyways, ever since I got back from that trip, I have had pain, weakness, numbness, tingling, change of color, tightness, and just disconnection with my lower extremities. It started in the sole of my feet and now its my feet, achilles heel, calfs, shins, and sometimes lower thigh and buttocks. I have become clumsy and have less balance than I used to have.

    I used to play hockey and had great balance and coordination but now I feel that is almost completely lost. I dont know what happened, and why or how it happened so fast. People have toled me I have everything from advanced Achilles Tendonitis to PAD to HIV to Buergers Disease to just plain ol "flat feet and underdeveloped leg muscles due to lack of excercise" Most of these theories are wrong due to the fact I have tested negative for all STD's including HIV, I quit smoking, I excercise daily with a professional trainer, and I am only 21 and have a healthy lifestyle and PAD seems very very unlikely and my blood pressure is normal.

    I have been to vascular doctors, orthopedics, and regular doctors, they have totally confused, frightened, and bewildered me with all types of conclusions and suggestions on what the cause could be, yet NONE of them are sure. I have had examinations where they inject ink and check my blood flow and they said everything seemed to be pretty normal with the exception of a little bit of shrinkage in my capillary veins which they said could be treated with good diet and excercise.

    I have never eaten healthier or worked out harder, yet my feet and legs still trouble me. At night they fall asleep and I fear they are not getting enough circulation. My hands have also become the same way lately, and they get numb and fatigue easily. My grip has even seemed to have weakened slightly. This stuff scares me and I would like to know what the cause could be. I will research any and everything you relay to me. Thanx for your care and consideration. I want to play hockey again someday but first i need to figure out whats wrong with me and how I can change it.

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  • I want to apply for the Air Force Academy?

    I am 20 years old and already have a semester of community college under my belt. What can I do to get started on transferring to the AFA and what do I have to do to get a nomination? I am now 110% focused and hell-bent on getting in, which means I'm getting in, I just need some help with the technicalities. Any info, whether you feel it's helpful or not, is like striking oil in the 20's for me. Please leave your insight. Thanks.

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  • How hard is it to get accepted into the Air Force Academy?

    I have a good highschool GPA of about 3.58, I have extracurricular activities, I have one semester completed of community college where I got all A's and B's, and I also spent my junior year at Massanutten Military Academy where I had straight A's and graduated my JROTC program. I still believe it may be difficult for me to get into, is there anyone who knows for sure? I also am in very good physical condition, have no medical problems, and a clean criminal record etc. etc. If you have any info please share and give me some tips on how to get into the AFA without attending their very expensive prep school which I cant afford seeing as I come from a lower-middle class family, sucks but Im used to it... Thanx

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  • How long did it take you to learn how to hockey stop in ice skating?

    I am 20 yrs old, played professional inline hockey (which doesn't pay anything except bragging rights) but am looking to play ice for college. I have a great shot/stickhandling/passing/speed when skating/ability to throw weight around/and know how to be a leader and all that good stuff. I DO know a lot about ice hockey even though I have not much more experience than pick-up games at the local rink. I have a lot of difficulty trasitioning from inline to ice when it comes to hockey stopping/sharp turning/crossovers/skating backwards/and transitioning. These are HUGE aspects of the game and I only want answers from experienced players. I am taking some clinics for adults but am still having trouble with stopping/sharp turing etc,,, how long is it going to take me to learn? How long did it take you?

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  • Why do I keep getting disconnected from Killzone2 ?

    I just bought Killzone 2 for ps3. When I first got it about a month ago it worked fine and I would only get disconnected from the Playstation Network maybe once a week, nothing major. Now I cant even stay in a warzone game for 30 seconds. It says game host not available at the bottom of the screen, then I get disconnected from the killzone server and then disconnected from the PSN all together. I checked my net connection and its near 80% which is real friggin good. I also tested my d/l and u/l speed online and I was waaay above average for my area. I am completely stumped as to what I could do to stay connected to the games and enjoy them seeing as I payed enough for the game and the PS3 and all the other equipment needed to make it work. Im really pissed I cant play Killzone 2 for an hour or 2 after work just to relax, instead I frustrate myself trying to find a solution to this extremely tedious problem. Please help beforeI pull all my hair out, Im 21 too young to go bald. Thanx alot

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  • Do I need some type of license to purchase a gun in VA if I am of legal age and a legal citizen etc etc?

    I am 21 yrs old, clean record, legal citizen with all the documentation to prove it, but I dont go hunting so the weapons would be kept at the home for self-protection purposes, is there some sort of problem with that in Uncle Sam's eyes? I know Obama doesnt even want us to own pea-shooters and sling-shots but aye, who cares about constitutional right or giving your legal citizens more privelges than Jose from Ecuador who sells nickel bags of dirt weed from behind a local elks club.

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  • Is this a scam or is this legit?

    a company from Germany is gonna cut me a check to post an add in the paper for them. They say rates are twice as expensive for them than American citizens. They sending me 1500 and I get 200 off the top which leaves the needed 1300 for the add-fees. Is this cool. Only personal info they have of me is name, address, age, and e-mail address. No ssi info or anything like that. I think it might be legit but I unno...

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