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  • What do you think of these names? What should baby #5 have as a middle name?

    Daughter 1: Spencer Catherine (called Spencer Kate)

    Son 1: Oliver James

    Daughter 2: Eleanor Grey

    Son 2: William Beauregard (called Beau)

    Daughter 3: Caroline ___?

    As you can tell, I like classic names, so nothing too trendy! Thank you!

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  • What would you name five children?

    Three girls and two boys -- each boy must have two middle names, but girls need only one middle name.

    Boy first names: Oliver, James, Leo, Spencer

    Boy middle names: Henry, Beau, Theodore, Alexander, Brooks, Dempsey, Duke, Lee, William

    Girl first names: Caroline, Catherine (Kate), Lucy, Nora, Spencer

    Girl middle names: Belle, Elisabeth, Elodie, Francesca, Grey, Harper, Jane, Juliet, Lee, Lauren, Seraphina

    Try to stick to these names, but if there is a name you really think would be better, feel free to add it!

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  • Baby name help? A few questions...?

    My top two girl names are Catherine and Caroline -- are they too similar? I don't want my kids to have matchy-matchy names. What about Caroline and Kate? I don't like Katherine with a K, so don't suggest that.

    My other top name is Lucy. How do you feel about the name? What about Lucy Catherine?

    What about middle names for Caroline? I like Caroline Juliet but I also want to honor my best friend. Her name is Hannah. Is Caroline Hannah pretty? Or is there another way I could use the name Hannah?

    Thanks so much!

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  • Which name better completes this sibset?

    The siblings' names are:

    Catherine Grey

    Oliver Lee James

    Leo Spencer Camden

    Caroline Romilly

    Does Nora or Lucy fit better with this sibset? And what middle names?

    Ideas: Nora June, Nora Madeline, Nora Juliet; Lucy Charlotte, Lucy Eleanor, Elisabeth, Lucy Meredith

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  • Help me make some names?

    Make as many names as you'd like! Feel free to comment on the names, change spellings, and give suggestions. I obviously like classic names and preppy names, so if you have another one you think I'd like, add it in!

    Girls: Caroline, Charlotte, Scarlett, Eleanor, Juliet, Lucy, Madeline (MAD-eh-line), Nora, June, Catherine, Elisabeth, Evelyn, Romilly (ROM-ill-ee), Meredith, Lauren

    Boys: Oliver, Leo, James, Spencer, Beckham, Camden, Henry, Bennett, Preston, Felix, Davis, John, Jack

    I also really like the name Grey for a middle name, for both a boy and a girl, so you can use it wherever you see fit. Thanks in advance!

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  • How do you feel about the name Romilly?

    I recently came across this name and immediately fell in love. It's unique without being made up, and it's cute while also being sophisticated. I pronounce it ROM-ill-ee, but I've seen someone say it's pronounced ROME-ill-ee. I prefer my pronunciation, but correct me if I'm wrong! What are your opinions on it?

    BQ: A family friend recently had a baby girl named Hallum, after her grandmother's maiden name. They call her Hallie. I think it's an interesting way to use a family name -- what is your opinion on the name?

    BQ2: Can Leo be used as a name in itself, without being a nickname for Leonardo or Leopold?

    BQ3: Any middle name suggestions for Caroline?

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  • Thoughts on the name Romilly?

    I just came across this name for the first time today, and I actually kind of love it for a girl! I think it's pronounced ROM-ill-ee, but correct me if I'm wrong. I like that it is unique without being made up or "yooneek." What do you all think?

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