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I am a widow with kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and pets. I enjoy life. Life is to short to be miserable so find happiness and move forward. Love the ones close to you, you never know when they will be gone.

  • Does anyone have a recipe for chocolate funnel cakes ?

    I would like to try different flavored funnel cakes. Does anyone have a recipe for chocolate, German chocolate, or any other flavor that would be good.

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes7 years ago
  • 87 astro Van starts, but when it is given gas, dies.?

    There has been a new fuel pump put on, fuel filter, egr valve, plugs. Starts each and every time, but when you give it gas it just dies. Your ref it up and it dies, shift into gear and it dies. What could it be? Been dealing with this for weeks and can't figure it out.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • 87 Chevy van runs but when given gas falls on it's face.?

    A new fuel pump was put on, new gas filter. when it sits and idols it runs fine, take it out on the street and if falls flat on it's face and won't go. Was running fine and broke down on hwy. Got it towed but just can't seem to figure out why it won't really move.

    5 AnswersChevrolet8 years ago
  • Why don't people follow the rules?

    I come on here to answer questions thinking I might be able to help some people, I also have USA questions only, because I don't know what laws or conditions are like in another country. So why do some many people come on this forum and ask about everything other than marriage and divorce? Why is every other question re-posted from India? Why bother with some of the questions that are re-posted at least once a week, and sometimes once or twice a day? Guess this is more of a rant about marriage and divorce section, and it really shouldn't be on here, but what the heck no one else follows the rules why should I?

    8 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 years ago
  • Ask on one site then another,Why?

    Why do so many people come on here and ask in one section ( India , United Kingdom etc. ) then come on U.S. section to ask the same question? So many of them are things that most of use haven't got a clue to, not knowing their laws or traditions, so why jump from section to section? I know people come on here and post the same question day after day, week after week, why is that also allowed? I know there probably isn't an answer to this, but I still had to rant. Thanks for indulging me.

    5 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 years ago
  • Does anyone have the recipe for Apple Pie drink?

    Does any one have a recipe for an alcoholic drink called Apple Pie? I know that it is cooked part way but don't know all that is in it. Would love to surprise my son-in-law with this, he has gone out and had this drink but no one will give him the ingredients.

    2 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • I am looking for a cookie reciepe from the late 40's to early 50's?

    When I was young we made a Cookie called Starlite Mint surprise. You used a Rockford mint wafer ( they don't make these any more) and wrapped dough around them, placed them on the cookie sheet and topped with a Pecan. I would love to find the dough recipe for this as I can substitute a different wafer I have found. I think they where baked at 325 but really don't remember. They where such a good cookie, but have lost the recipe for them. I would love to have this child hood memory back.

    5 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • How to make cupcake wrappers?

    I would like to make some cupcake wrappers for a party, but don't know how big around I should make them. Does anyone have the size of a standard size cupcake and how big around it is plus how tall to make the wrapper. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, Thank You.

    1 AnswerCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • How to find an air leak in a Western Star semi truck?

    A new valve was put on, put the air pressure will not hold up when parked, in the sleeper. It loses air, when parked over night, but only drops slowly. Started out 1/8 inch below, but was down to 3/4 inch next morning. Does any one know what could cause this, a mechanic is scratching his head after 3 1/2 hours under truck.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • What part do I need to get for a 94 taurus transmission to have it shift at the correct time.?

    It starts and runs fine, but won't shift when it is suppose to. This drove fine, and when I went to go to the store the following morning it wouldn't shift. Could some one tell me what part I need exactly. Was told it is on the side of the transmission and was a sensor, but the parts guy said there is not sensor for a transmission. Please give me any information you have, it would be greatly appreciated.

    4 AnswersFord1 decade ago