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  • Should I let him ?

    Should I let him finger me ? I don't think I should because alot of my friends have had that done to them and they end up getting really bad reputations. But then again I lead him on sooo much and then I never let him get anything. What should I do ?

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  • Guys have you ever done this and girls has this happened to you???

    So one day in march at the end of class the guy (who i really liked ), was sitting at my desk right and he wouldn't get out until i told himwhat i wanted for Christmas (rmbr hes asking this at the end of the day in march). So he made me sit in his lap and tell him what i wanted for christmas or i couldn't get my desk back.(heres how the convo went

    me: ok i'll sit in ur lap

    him : i think u've been a naughty girl

    me : im a good girl

    him: i think u need a spanking

    me: uhh no ,can i get off now

    him: yah but ur getting coal this yr)

    Now do u think he likes me becuz i do or he just really wanted me to sit on him . But then he told like the whole guys locker room that i sat on his lap and stuff and he thinks i have a really nice body but come on if u were a guy would u tell the whole locker room if u were a popular guy and she was a popular girl would u feel the need to tell the whole locker room.


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  • how do u hide friends on myspace?

    please help i dont know how 2 and i don't want my friends getting mad at me

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  • What's the best straightner to get?

    Well I'm going to get a new straighter this summer and I would like to know if u know what that hair dryer that also straightens your hair is called or any straightners u would suggest. thanks for the help

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  • Does he liek me ?let him loose or keep him (Guys answer suggested , girls answer welcomed)?

    I really don't know if he frecking likes me cuz we used to flirt alot in the beginning and it was fun and his friends tell me he lieks me but he's been avoiding me lately and i tried to talk to him about it but its not working. SO i either need suggestions of how to flirt more obviosly, or let him loose.

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  • Guy Help Please ?

    Like I nee help I like this guy "Bob" and well my best friend says he like me and this other girl "anna". She only knows this because she asked "Bob's " best friend "tom". Tom told her bob has liked me for two years and i want to know what I should do next. So please help.

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