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  • What's a good windows controller?

    I am looking on Amazon for a wired controller I can use for PC.

    What's a good durable one... a controller that will last and not break easily.

    I don't wanna have wire issues where the controller won't connect.

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  • Which of the following is incorrect about the Babylon under the rule of Hammurabi?

    Human worth was determined by a person's wealth and status in society

    Written law was considered more rigid, with fewer exceptions allowed, than oral law

    It was believed that Hammurabi received the law from the god Shamash

    Women had no rights or protections under the law

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • Which of the following is incorrect about the Paleolithic era?

    It is named after the Greek words for old and stone

    It was characterized by humans living in small, nomadic groups

    Humans during this era were mainly hunter-gatherers

    The era was marked by the beginnings of agriculture and livestock

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  • Humankind's earliest known civilization was called? And where would that current area be today?

    Babylon, Iraq

    Sumer, Iraq

    Judea, Israel

    Ur, Iran

    Anyone have any idea?

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  • Why don't women like me?

    For our job, there's going to be a "party" because our division hit certain numbers.

    And for the nearly 3 years I've been doing this job and if there's a party... I go but it's starting to look weird that I'm never seen with a woman.

    It's not that I'm desperate, I just wish I could get dates and spend time with people and I'm not looking to latch on to someone or even expect sex.

    I don't think I'm ugly and I'm not fat. But I just always figured I was ugly cause I've asked out a lot of women and they always tell me "no".

    I've asked out probably between 60 and 70 women over the course of 5 years.

    I've had misleading experiences like this one girl would always sit on my lap and then when I wanted to take her out, she tells me she's with someone.

    It's just confusing.

    Are some men just ugly?

    You can be completely honest.

    I just feel bad because it's not normal and even my boss has jokingly made comments about always being alone at parties.

    So, yup.

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  • Do women tend to look up guys on Facebook?

    Basically, if you find out a guy's name and are interested.

    So it could be someone you see at work (example) and don't know that well.

    Would you try to find him on Facebook?

    And if the interest level is really high, would you add him or message him?

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  • Is Skyrim on PC an enjoyable game?

    I like RPGS, however, I heard that Skyrim is an empty game.

    It's suppose to feel very lifeless, yet there's an in-depth skill system.

    Is Skyrim a good game? Keep in mind, on PC there is mods. So, I'm not sure if that helps.

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  • How do you know if you're attractive?

    For example, I've never once had a woman show interest in me and I am 24 years old.

    While I have a friend that's 29 and hasn't had a job in 8 years but so many women like him because he kind of looks like Ian Sommerhalder.

    So as the question states, how do you know if you're attractive?

    Is it based on the attention you get?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • If you like a guy, how long till you make a move?

    If you like a man and he is pretty appealing to you. And let's say you can just add him on Facebook and start talking to him.

    How long does it take you to make a move after seeing him. Let's say it's a guy in a college class or something. You may not know him that well, but you're interested.

    Or, would you not do anything and just hope for the best?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • Facebook question?

    The job I do gives me a fair amount of exposure.

    This is really weird but there's a girl that kept starring at me at this store I was at.

    She took my credit card for payment and by looking at that card, would know my full name.

    On Facebook (a few days later after seeing this girl), when it suggests people, her name is always up top and we have no mutual friends whatsoever. And this city isn't really close to the city I live in (nearly a 50 minute drive).

    I'm not trying to sound all obsessed and weird, does Facebook recommend people that constantly look at your profile?

    That's kind of what it looks like.

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  • Has anyone worked at Krogers overnight?

    From my understanding, if you have experience you can get higher pay as a night stocker.

    If I have 4 years of experience with retail and being a vendor.

    Could I expect 10 dollars an hour?

    Keep in mind, this will be a second job and I'm trying to accumulate as much money as I can.

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  • Can a nice body make a man more attractive?

    So I'm curious.

    If you see a guy that is cute. If that same guy had a bulkier build with bigger arms and just more muscular. (nothing extreme, unless you like a massive body).

    Would that make that guy a lot more attractive or as long as the face is cute you're good to go?

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  • Does anyone know of a good overnight job?

    My hours I could offer would be 6 pm up to 4 in the morning.

    I realize no one knows where I live... but, does anyone think this could land me something?

    Most grocery overnight jobs want 10 at night to 6... or even worse, midnight to like 10 in the morning.

    What do you guys think?

    4 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment5 years ago
  • Hello, questions about PC gaming (mainly STEAM)?

    Ok, so I found a pc + a monitor with a low response time for my little brother for Christmas.

    Next, I'm still not fully understanding which games on Steam allow you to use an Xbox 360 controller.

    For anyone that has experience using STEAM, is there a way to know which games will support the 360 controller.

    Thank you...

    Last question regarding PC, this is giving me a headache.

    3 AnswersPC5 years ago
  • If someone cannot get a date, would you consider that person "ugly"?

    If a man or a woman is exposed to a fair amount of people from the opposite sex throughout the entirety of their life and let's say by the age of 30 has never been able to get a date. Or have someone attracted to them.

    By just hearing this, does this person sound like an "ugly" person.

    And also, would you consider it harder for less attractive people to not only date but to fit in with society?

    I'm in college and have a summer school equivalent thing going on over winter (Wintermester). It's awesome.

    One of the two classes I'm doing is a Psychology class.

    We're able to pick from a few topics and one has to about people being isolated in society kind of.

    We're able to zero in on something that's applicable.

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  • Is this SYBER VAPOR K a good gaming PC console?

    If I buy this and use a nice tv as the monitor instead of a computer monitor... is there any negative impacts?

    1 AnswerMonitors5 years ago
  • Hey guys, some questions with bulking?

    Here's the questions.

    I've been working on and off which is really bad. But, I've noticed that I have retained my strength.

    1) If I finish work out and as I'm driving home (15 minute drive) and feel pretty sore and even want to lay down sometimes. Is that a solid indicator that I pushed myself enough?

    2) I heard you're suppose to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of desired weight?

    So, since I am right under 6 ft (5'11) and weigh like 195. Do I really have to consume 190 grams a day?

    Man, I can only drink so much protein + eat canned chicken.

    3) how many days a week would you recommend working out? I would love to only go 3 times a week, but that may not be enough.

    4) are things like a sauna or a steam room beneficial? Is it worth sitting in them ever?

    5) Is it worth taking a few shirtless pictures of yourself each month just to try to keep track of progress?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness5 years ago
  • Someone help with a gaming computer please.?

    I got 3 greats answers last night about the computer.

    Can someone recommend a fairly large monitor that would be good.

    I found this guy,

    And then this one is more expensive,

    If anyone has experience with computers and pc gaming, is it ok to utilize a large monitor?

    3 AnswersMonitors5 years ago
  • Someone help with a gaming computer please.?

    Hi there, my little brother would love a high-end computer for Christmas.

    I know this sounds stupid. But can a computer basically be like a "console" where it can be connected to a large TV and be like a PS4/Xbox one but just pushes prettier graphics and better frame rates?

    I know it sounds dumb, I don't think he would be into sitting in front of a computer to play games.

    I believe he is under the impression he can have a controller and be sitting on a couch... just looking to clarify. And he is also telling me games look and run a lot better on a PC.

    This is the computer I would consider getting him -> ASUS G11CD G11CD-US008T Core i7 Gaming Desktop with GTX960 (if you google this, it should come up to an amazon page and the computer is 999 dollars).

    Please help me out!

    And finally, is an xbox 360 windows controller... is that what people use as a controller for PC?

    3 AnswersDesktops5 years ago