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  • Themed Christmas party team name..?

    My job has an annual Christmas celebration/competition. It's called 12 Days of Christmas. The team I'm on decided to go with a Christmas tree theme for our day! Our team supervisor name is Mr. Payne. Can anyone please give me a very catchy/creative title for our team that incorporates Payne and that tells what our theme is. So far, we came up with Payne's Christmas Tree Wonderland. Any ideas..? And of course 10 points for the best answer!

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  • What are the names of these movies? 10 POINTS! Best Answer!!!?

    The first movie is a Lifetime movie I saw a few years ago. I tried Googling (lol) it but couldn't find it for the life of me. It's about a man that is married (or in a serious relationship) with this woman who has a younger sister. They went to take pictures one day and the man purposely loosened the screws on a ramp so that his wife can fall and die. However, the sister was walking along the ramp and she died. The sister also had a scarf on and I think the scarf fell when she fell. Through the rest of the movie, the woman feels as if she is going crazy when in actuality, her husband was staging things to make her think she was going crazy. Somewhere in the movie he admitted to her that he meant for her to die and not her sister (I think he was in love with the sister.)

    This other movie came on TV and my 11th grade Biology teacher showed it to us which was about 5 years ago. Anywho, all I remember is these children were somehwere maybe in a jungle or island, I'm not sure. They were told not to eat these berries and either the little boy or the little girl ate the berries and it got him/her really sick. We didn't finish the movie it was just something to watch to make the time go by so that's all I know :(.

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  • HELP with this question if you know the answer!?

    Does anyone know how the hiring process is in a state prison? I applied to be a correctional officer at a state prison. I applied online and got a call just a few days later for an interview, so did my sister who applied the same day as me. We went to our interview and turns out they called 40-YES 40- other people. Only about 12-15 of us showed up. Well they gave us a tour of the prison and explained how its operated. We then filled out another application (the first one I filled out was online). It's not like an application I ever filled out because we had to do an application, fill out a W4, forms for verification of employment, beneficiary papers, and we even filled out papers for Insurance with the job. We were also given a packet about the training academy correctional officers have to attend. We were drug tested then they told us our results. Afterwards, we had our interveiw. I got all my questions correct and the interview went great..I mean the Sgt. that interviewed me literally wrote GREAT! at the top of my packet. I also had to give them bank information (either a Voided check or a letterhead with savings account number and bank routing number) Is this process normal? I swear it felt like we already had the job but I'm worried because I haven't heard anything yet and plan to call tomorrow to check on things.

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  • QUESTION...Please Read and Answer!?

    I'm a student at Everest Online. When I go to I have a negative balance. What does this mean? Is this the Amount I receive in stipend or what? Someone said when the amount goes to $0 that means your stipend check has been sent out. Is this true?

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  • HELP! What should I name.....?

    I need creative names for a website/blog spot I want to create I will be reviewing urban literature! PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • What is the name of this movie? HELP!!?

    I can't remember the movie but I remember seeing it several years ago. I'm going to assume by this scene that I remember that the movie is a comedy....

    Theres an old man lying in the bed and there's a few people in the room with him. They're moving a dresser chest. When they move it a certain way, the man is alive and when they move it another way, the man dies.

    I know it sounds silly but if any of you know it, please let me know.

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  • What's this movie? PLEASE!?

    I can't remember anything about the movie but either at the end or at the beginning a man records other men doing something (I'm sure is illegal) and they found out he was recording them some kind of way. I'm guessing they ended up killing the man or trying to kill him.

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  • Name of movie title? 10 points for the answer!?

    I need to know the name of a movie I haven't seen in about 6 years and I remember next to nothing about it.

    The movie starts off with a lady who sister comes to her house and her sister has a baby girl. She allows her sister to take a hot bath, I think while she held the baby for her. Her sister was supposed to go into the bathroom and take a bath but she ended up leaving, leaving her child behind with her sister. The lady ends up raising her niece and the movie shows a few years later I'm not sure what it is about the little girl but there's something about her (maybe she sees demons or has some sort of power, posessed or something ?).

    If I can think of anymore information I will post it but this is all I know SORRY! I do remember when the sister was going to take her bath she said something like "Mom always said a hot bath will take all the pain away"

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  • What is the name of this movie if anyone remembers .... PLEASE let me know! ?

    It's just like The Players Club.. It's about a girl that's working in a diner. Two people come in and they pretty much down her job and tell her that she can make more money working as strippers at the club they work at. The girl ends up working there and all I remember is a fight with two of the strippers. If I'm not mistaken, a stripper was killed. If you've ever seen The Players Club, it's very much like it but that's not what I'm talking about


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