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  • The song Anthem Part Two in what movie?

    It has been bothering me for a while, a "teen" movie had that song in it. I can not remember the name of it. If you can list any movie you know has the song in it I will be grateful. Thank you.

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  • How much fat do you burn running?

    I run 7 miles almost every day. (ten minute miles) and I would like to know how much fat I burn. thanks.

    20 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Can you help me find the name of this movie?

    It was a movie from the point of view of a new student at a private school. she roomed with two girls who were a couple together. when one of the girl's sister finds out she brakes it off and the other one kills herself. the one who kills herself had a pet bird that she would visit in the woods. that is pretty much all i can remember, if you can help me it would be very much appreciated. thank you.

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  • What do you think of this poem i wrote?

    Everyone here is opinionated so i was wondering what you thought of something i wrote. please ignore all grammar and spelling errors.

    On the roof, say goodbye

    spread my arms and begin to fly

    you did your best for all its worth

    regret your words as i hit the earth

    all i wanted was to obtain your heart

    foolish and selfish from the start

    better to be burred in the ground than alone

    visiting my grave wishing you could have known

    falling; my only thought was you

    and why i couldn't make you love me too

    lying alone you cry yourself to sleep

    holding a secret you wish you didn't keep

    you have always loved me and always will

    now on the floor forcing down each pill

    although numb, you feel the pain

    thinking back to that day in the rain

    you said it was over and left me alone

    no sign of regret ever shown

    if only you turned around and held me tight

    we would be together through this night

    your last breaths are drawing near

    relief overwhelms all of your fear

    the pain will be gone and ou wil miss me no more

    you will fly away with me and together we'll soar

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  • King of Prussia movie? ?

    i was watching a tv show with an interview of an actor in the movie The King of Prussia. i cant find anything on it though. if you know when it came out, or when it will, it would help a lot. thanks. i think the name of the show was the best interviews of 2008. thanks.

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  • What is the best medieval (in the renaissance time or earlier) movie you've ever seen?

    We need to watch something!!!! (we're not schizophrenic!!!)

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  • What song is playing in the movie idle hands?

    when Anton is knitting what song is playing on the TV???

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh???? i need help. . .?

    if your monster cards are in the spell trap position, can they move into the attack position and attack. (using the crystal abundance)

    if it doesn't say it on the card.

    5 AnswersCard Games1 decade ago
  • a name of a movie?

    i cant remember the name of the movie. what happened is a girl gets mugged at a store and she goes to the police station to file a report and the police officer (later becomes her boyfriend) tells her to work out. she then becomes a body builder. i don't know who is in it, but if you have seen it and know the name of the movie, please tell me. thank you.

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  • second time asking... what's a good ending to this joke?

    okay the joke is::

    there was a boy with a rich father, and he said to his son that every time he graduates from a school he will give him one thing he really wants. so the kid graduates from eliminatory school and the father asks him "what would you like?" and the boy responds "60,000 neon green golfballs" so the father gives it to him. when the boy graduates from middle school the father again asks "what would you like?" and the boy again replies "60,000 neon green golf balls" he does the same for high school and collage. the boy then gets into a really bad car accident and is dyeing in the hospital. the father comes to see him and says "there is one question i have always wanted to ask you, what did you do with all those golf balls?" and the boy responds "I..." then he dies.

    the joke is meant to make you aggravated because you never know what happened. i would like to hear different things you think he did with the golfballs.

    thank you

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  • what could be an ending to this joke?

    the joke is:

    a kid with a rich father told him every time he graduated a school he would give him anything he wanted. the kid graduates from eliminatory school and the father asked "what would you like" the kid replies "60,000 neon green golf balls" so the father gets it for him. when the kid graduates from middle school the father asks "what would you like" again the kid responds "60,000 neon green golf balls" he does the same thing for high school and collage. the kid then gets into a really bad car accident and is in the hospital dyeing. the father sees him and says "i have one question for you, what did you do with all of those golf balls?" the kid replies "I..." then he dies.

    the joke is mean because you don't know what he did with them, what do you think he did?? plz, i want to know what you think about that.


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  • eating disorder?

    my friend is eating breakfast, but for lunch everyday she is only eating one pice of fruit. (one banana or one apple) she doesn't eat a lot and looks on the back of containers before eating anything. is this a start of an eating disorder? if so how should i help if she gets mad at me for bringing it up. i am really worried. thanks for any advice.

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  • why is the movie called dogma?

    iv seen that movie, but i dont know why its called can someone plz explain.

    thank you<33

    3 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • why do you like someone?

    is there a sientific reason or something explaining why you like someone (and by like i mean are attracted to them) just wondering

    any answer would be helpful


    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • boring days. . .?

    Everyone says to hang with your friends when your bored, but we're STILL BORED??? What can we do?

    *nothing illigal, or anything invoulving sex, or any lesbian activity. thank you

    22 AnswersFriends1 decade ago
  • What song is playing in scary movie two when...?

    in scary movie two Cindy is on her way to the house and she is singing along with a song...whats the name of the song? if u know can u also tell me the singer...thanks a lot =)

    3 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Phantom of the opera... Raul vs Phantom!?!?

    okay honestly who thinks that the phantom is so MUCH better than raul?! and plz tell me why he loved christien and she was a loser and chose the gay person who can jump on a horse without feeling any pain?! (and i dont know if anything is differant in the other movies so i am refering to the 2004 phantom of the opera)

    3 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Make up tips?

    I want to know how to put eye liner on the uper eye lash. i have seen people do it but when i try i fail horibly. so any tips would help. also if you have any tips besides eye liner, that would be great also. i like trying new things.

    3 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago
  • when someone asks you how much you like someone on a scale 1-10...?

    what do you think each number means? i know it depends on the person, but i want to see different people answer this.

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago