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Gentle help

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  • Would it be weird to give a coworker (who I have a crush on) a gift who is leaving for another country?

    So long story short he s going to move to another country for a few years. But I ve had the suspicion that he liked me, and I like him (being an idiot when it comes to flirting) I just forget how to human around him.

    But I wanted to buy him a gift to give him at his farewell, which he kind of asked me to go to, as it s not on a day that I m usually in the office.

    What do you guys think? Would love to know

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  • So my boyfriend is saving himself for marriage what else can we do that's not against his religion?

    My boyfriend is a some what religious guy and being brought up in a traditional Christian home he wants to save himself for marriage. I would like to heed to his wants.

    I have a severe lack of knowledge when it comes to religion and tried to look up online what we can and can't do sexually but there was very limited information.

    So if anyone can inform me on what we can do like is it only oral sex that he can't do and everything else is okay or are there other things he can't do too.

    I appreciate your help:)

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  • Please help!!! I need a woman's many as possible?

    I'm doing a survey to find out the 5 top characteristics that woman are attracted to in a man. I need as many opinions as possible.

    What are the five things that attracted you to a man, a boyfriend, your hubby or a character in a movie or book. This can be both physical and emotional.

    Thank you so much I'll really appreciate your answers


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  • Alright ladies, your turn to shine:)?

    Alright so I need to know the top 5 things you find irresistible or alluring in a guy and it would help to know why. I need it for a survey as many answers as Possible would be great.

    Think both physically and any characteristics

    Much appreciated


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