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Weejee Is Lost

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Atheist, and that's why everyone in Religion & Spirituality section hates me. Teenage girl, guitarist, humanoid (hopefully), otaku. YES I AM A POKEMON AND YOU LOVE ME FOR IT. Bisexual (like it or lump it haha :D) Memebase fan.... aspiring memer. I like Green Day! :D And yes, I like Justin Bieber. :l I USED TO HAVE OTHER ACCOUNTS. I'VE BEEN A YAHOO-IAN SINCE I WAS 8 OR 9. My favorite questions are in Polls & Surveys; Religion & Spirituality; Comics & Animation; and Mental Health. Yup. See ya in the questions. Feel free to ADD ME or EMAIL ME, hate mail NOT APPRECIATED but you guys apparently LIKE TO SEND ME IT. HUMPH.

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