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  • Romantic Aquarius? Compatible?

    I always thought of them to be cold, and a bit standoff-ish with their emotions and unromantic (at least compared to my ideals or expectations in relationships). But this one Aquarius guy I know is really romantic, it's like a constant thing for him and I don't know if it's just a unique situation or if this is common for Aquarius men. When I see him, it's just intense. The feeling of "Where have you been?!", yin to my yang type of thing from the start.

    His sun is Aquarius, moon in Aries, Venus in Capricorn. I don't know if that makes a difference. I'm not sure what his rising is, and he doesn't know his birth time.


    Sun - Aquarius

    Moon - Aries

    Mercury - Aquarius

    Venus - Capricorn

    Mars - Capricorn

    Jupiter - Virgo

    Saturn - Aquarius

    Uranus - Capricorn

    Neptune - Capricorn

    Pluto - Scorpio

    Eros/Psyche: Pisces/Virgo

    I'm a Leo, Rising Leo, Moon in Libra. Venus in Libra.


    Sun - Leo

    Moon - Libra

    Mercury - Cancer

    Venus - Libra

    Mars - Capricorn

    Jupiter - Pisces

    Saturn - Sagittarius

    Uranus - Sagittarius

    Neptune - Capricorn

    Pluto - Scorpio

    Eros/Psyche: Aquarius/Leo

    In your opinion, would we be a good match - astrologically speaking?

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  • Could someone please help me with my Natal Chart?

    I saw that SaggiMC suggested in another question that we give background information, interests, etc. So, I'll just say that I'm a true Leo, probably the truest/textbook Leo I (or anyone who knows me) know. My career interest is focused on acting (film, not theatre), but I don't even know if that's in my chart. My intuition, dreams, tarot, numerology and 2 psychics say that I'm meant to be an actress, but my natal chart threw me off. So, I'm hoping for answers here. I went on a few websites to try to learn and figure it out myself, but it just confused me even more. Some things even seemed like they were a contradiction. I'm fascinated by it, I just wish I understood it.

    Basically, I'd just like to know if my passion for acting will or won't be a waste. I know, life lessons and such, but I'd like to know if it's something that I'll succeed in and be lasting, or if it'll just crash and burn. Anything else you can tell me about my chart would be great, career related or not.

    Link to my chart:

    In case you want to check out the chart yourself through whatever site or program you use:

    August 10th, 1986; 5:31AM (NY; EST).

    I don't know if this information is useful or necessary to include, but I have this too:

    Ascendent: Leo 11.50

    II: Virgo 2.16

    III: Virgo 27.44

    IV: Libra 29.43

    V: Sagittarius 6.30

    VI: Capricorn 11.46

    VII: Aquarius 11.50

    VIII: Pisces 2.16

    IX: Pisces 27.44

    Midheaven: Aries 29.43

    XI: Gemini 6.30

    XII: Cancer 11.46

    Also, if a career in acting wasn't "written in the stars" when I was born, is it possible that the course has changed?

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  • What does this symbol mean?

    I was watching a show and I noticed a symbol on the book of shadows they were holding. I tried to Google the symbol but I couldn't find any information. Anyone know what this symbol means?

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  • How can you convert a two-family home into a single-family home?

    How can you convert a two-family home into a single-family home? I'm wondering how much it'll cost and what would need to be done to convert it. Links would be greatly appreciated. I tried looking, I couldn't find anything.

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  • Climbing Vines on a House?

    What are the pros/cons to have climbing vines on your house?

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  • Hot Flashes. Instant Relief, or lessen?

    I saw this one commercial for hot flashes recently, but I forgot the name of it. Supposedly it has a fast, instant relief. It's some kind of liquid, and you dab it on your wrists and I think behind your ear lobe. Can anyone help with the name of it? Or, does anyone know of anything that could help? My mom is suffering from them, and I wanted to help her out.

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  • Cake problem, groom doesn't like it. Help?

    I am helping my sister plan her wedding. Her fiance does not eat cake at all (even ice cream cake). What other tasty treats could be used? She's still doing a traditional wedding cake, but we all think he should at least have some kind of tasty treat while everyone else is eating their cake. Any ideas? Thank you.

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  • Video Editing Program, best?

    I am working on a video project, and sadly enough I am using Windows Movie Maker. What I want to do with this project is add fireflies, moving stars, balls of light... but I wanted it to be where I can place it myself, something that is already set to a certain area on the video.

    Basically, I want to have the same effect as a Within Temptation video, Mother Earth with the stars, and fireflies

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  • "About Me" is rather dull, ideas?

    I am sick of using the "About Me" heading on my websites. I mean it's rather dull, and I can not think of anything creative for the life of me. Anyone have ideas on what to use instead of "About Me"? Please, do not be rude, childish, or sarcastic.

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