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  • Do Killifish need heaters?

    Do Killifish (My BFF fish) need heaters? And how much gallon tank do they need, because I heard they can grow up to 6".

    2 AnswersFish9 years ago
  • Can snails or ghost shrimp eat brine shrimp?

    I put a tiny brine shrimp in my tank and the fish missed it so its in the gravel, I have 2 snails and one ghost shrimp and I'm wondering if they'll take care of the problem?

    2 AnswersFish9 years ago
  • Do certain types of fish REALLY need heaters?

    Do some kinds of fish really need heaters or does your room have to be warm? I put my finger in some of the tanks at the pet shop with a heater with them and they didn't feel any different from tanks that doesn't have heaters.

    6 AnswersFish9 years ago
  • Do fish have terroritories or something?

    I have a black moor that recently spends most of his time in this cave decoration and sometimes come out for some food. Do fish take territory with places that they can go in? No other fish ever goes in there and the fish doesn't bother anyone.

    3 AnswersFish9 years ago
  • Is it alright to feed goldfish ants?

    I feed my fish ants every now and then when I see 'em around. I just toss one in the tank and they just eat them with no problems. Is it alright for them? Do they get enough protein or anything beneficial for them? The ants try to run away and go back to dry land and its funny :p

    One of my fish held the ant in his mouth, went to the bottom of the tank, let it go and the ant was trying to go back up to surface when another goldfish just came and eaten it with one bite! heh heh

    4 AnswersFish9 years ago
  • Are young blue orandas supposed to be gray or blue?

    Nearly a month ago I went to the pet store and I decided to get some fish after the death of my betta. My betta wouldn't eat and it would just lie down often. It died 6 days later after I got it. So, I got 2 blue orandas and all of them are gray. Are blue orandas supposed to be gray or is it rare to get an actual blue oranda? I'm fine with the gray ones because they're nice and they have two tails. Please tell me.

    2 AnswersFish9 years ago
  • Am I overstocking on my tank?

    I have 7 fish, 2 common goldfish, 1 black telescope/black moor, 1 comet goldfish, 1 gray goldfish and 2 blue orandas. I have a 15 gallon tank in my room and I have a good filter. They are young and they're doing well right now. Will it be a problem when the get older?

    Also I recorded them:

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Do you think these Pokemon cards are fake?

    Uh, I bought a Platinum pack from the deli near my school. When I went home, I realized that HG/SS cards were packed in there. Do you think these cards are fake? They are also rough when I scroll through them (Moving cards to my left hand to view the next card).

    4 AnswersCard Games10 years ago